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Portsmouth student peeled in potato laptop scam

Caspah Scottorn

Saw this for real last year in Scumpton

I saw this happen to a pair of Chinese students in the back of East Street in Southampton. I couldn't believe my luck seeing this scam in action as I was walking by. The guys doing the sale jumped into a beaten up Astra and made a very quick wheel spin exit while the students opened the bag and found a yellow pages.

Brain-sucking parasitic killer menaces warming lake waters

Caspah Scottorn

Nazis at the Roman Baths

This explains why the guards (customer safety staff) at the Roman baths in Bath shout at all the small kids when they touch the warm water.

Trevor Baylis cranks multimedia up a notch

Caspah Scottorn

Sliced Bread

If he made a wind up toaster we truely would have the next best thing since sliced bread, something to toast it in.

iPhone variants on the way?

Caspah Scottorn

Iphone Shuffle

I await the Iphone shuffle, with just one button it will randomly dial any of your contacts. Great for people who want to talk at other people and not really listen for any responses.


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