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Why does that website take forever to load? Clues: Three syllables, starts with a J, rhymes with crock of sh...


Re: Your JS can KMMFA.

USENET just called and said you are full of crap.


Re: Your JS can KMMFA.

Wow, is it 2004? Funny that old canard about "you don't accept advertising and therefore you are a thief" still gets trotted out.

The D in Systemd stands for 'Dammmmit!' A nasty DHCPv6 packet can pwn a vulnerable Linux box



/sbin/init never had these problems. But then again /sbin/init didn't pretend to be the entire operating system.

Get the FTP outta here, says Firefox


Re: "That was the point of the web in the first place."

Uh you realize what the "U" in URL means right? Universal. The web was designed to pull all these protocols together. It was not a "design flaw" at all.

After Microsoft calls out HP Inc over stalled Windows 10 logins, HP bounces back with a fix


And still no real fix for random 0xc00002a blue screens.

(other than the microsoft standard "reinstall from scratch" non solution).

systemd'oh! DNS lib underscore bug bites everyone's favorite init tool, blanks Netflix


Systemd is shaping up nicely to become the world's most advanced malware hosting platform.

Don't panic, but your Bitcoins may just vanish into the ether next month


How about caps?

Seriously Bitcon is as bad as paper fiat. Let's hust go with bottle caps like Fallout taught us.

Silicon Graphics' IRIX and Magic Desktop return as Linux desktop



SGI died when Rick Beluzzo, long time Microsoft munchkin, took over the company.

What is dead may never die: a new version of OS/2 just arrived


Re: Reasons OS/2 didn't catch on

Has Steve Ballmer ever admitted he was "Steve Barkto?"


Re: The only thing I didnt like about OS2

Ah, the good old days of USENET and the OS/2 fanatics. Even long after it was dead you would still have the inevitable "OS/2 is making a comeback/Microsoft is running scared" discussions.

MP3 'died' and nobody noticed: Key patents expire on golden oldie tech


Re: MP3 is dead?

You might want to, all the gapless parts on the White Album sound like crap on MP3.

Hasta la Windows Vista, baby! It's now officially dead – good riddance



Windows 2000 was the last GOOD version of Windows. It's been downhill ever since.

But on the plus side, Windows Vista's greatest contribution to the world of computing is it's enormous hunger for resources finally pushed us all into the 64-bit era.

Lenovo: If you value your server, block Microsoft's November security update


Re: An OS update that changes your server's firmware?

It shouldn't have.

Bungling Microsoft singlehandedly proves that golden backdoor keys are a terrible idea


Re: Misplaced quotation marks

No, rather you mean the Microsoft Linux-Blocker, because that's all "Secure" Boot is.

Even in remotest Africa, Windows 10 nagware ruins your day: Update burns satellite link cash


I repeat: why the hell is this legal? Why is Microsoft allowed to get away with this? The disasters of the Win10 virus are just starting...my super-high-tech dentist has his advanced dentist chair running off Windows. I saw the "upgrade" icon on the screen. Wanna bet Win10 won't work with his highly-specific equipment? Same deal at my vet's. I don't want to see what's on-screen in my local hospital.

True believers mind-meld FreeBSD with Ubuntu to burn systemd


Re: Systemd @ Stoneshop

You got it. Borg is right. And I'm pretty damn sure they learned from Microsoft's Munchkin Brigade to promote it. You heard it here first: The SystemD people used astroturfers. And they all use the same language so they're not hard to spot.


NO, there was no evolution. SystemD was FORCED in place, and dependencies on SystemD were SHOVED up our asses. There was no "choice," there was no "evolution." It was largely unwanted, with good reason. Look at Pottering's other messes, like Pulse Audio.

WHY exactly does a so-called "init" replacement need access to iptables? Oh give it a few minutes..the breathless SystemD people will announce yet another module. And the SystemD astroturfers will be out in force.

This is exactly why I started looking at FreeBSD. I didn't need Microsoft-like astroturfing and megalomaniacs like Pottering and Red Hat.


FreeBSD already "neatly" starts up. Oh I don't want to hear about it about the RC* files. The SystemD apologists wax lyrical about startup time but they all ignore...this is UNIX. When the fuck do we actually reboot? Not very often.

Pottering is an ass. Forget SystemD, let's talk about his other abortion, Pulse Audio.


Try harder then. Seriously. Actually take the time to use FreeBSD. I'm a long-time Linuxer. I played with freebsd. I had to play with it a while before I realised...shit, it's better. Much better.


Re: Haters gonna hate

Who f*cking CARES about startup. This is supposed to be UNIX where we don't spend our time rebooting like in the Microsoft world. It's a fake, plain and simple.

I so can't wait for the first SystemD exploit. It's like a ready-made rootkit.



Either this is a backdoor attempt at getting Pottering's idiocy into the BSD world, or Canonical is making the same mistake Red Hat made with "RMS Linux" (if anyone remembers that stupidity).

Why would anyone take apt over BSD's native pkg system? pkg is far superior and much faster.

No, I think this is more about establishing systemd in the BSD world. Just watch and wait. It will happen.

Microsoft finally ties the knot with Xamarin, snaps up mobile app biz


Miguel finally got his dearest wish..to be a Microserf.

How Microsoft will cram Windows 10 even harder down your PC's throat early next year


Re: Ha Ha

Aw I hurt poor Steve Barkto's feelings here. I've hardly "gone to bat" against Windows 10. Just stated it like it is, as have many on this thread. It's a piece of rancid dingo's kidneys and I should know, having to administer a brace of such monstrosities for my full time job.

Read my lips: Microsoft has done NOTHING to make my job easier with the garbage they've been pumping out since Windows 8.

And outside of work they've fucking made it a nightmare amongst family and friends who have come to me wondering why the hell their previously working Windows 7 machine has turned to poop. I put a lot of effort into getting my elderly mother's laptop up and running, previously bulletproof, with Windows 7. Along comes Microsoft to forcibly FUCK THAT UP.

And nevermind that she's on a bandwidth-limited DSL connection. The idea that they can just shove gigabytes of this shit onto people's laptops is screaming "class action lawsuit" as it burns through bandwidth caps.

Got it? Every bit of my loathing of Windows 8+ comes from real world experience. Slashdot? What the fuck is a Slashdot? As I said before Barkto, get out of the '90's.


How's the taste of that astroturf this morning?


Re: Idiots

Hey same situation here. I remotely administer my mother's laptop and that god damned icon keeps popping up. At some point they're going to force the update aren't they? And then totally fuck things up.

My wife's Windows 7 laptop just received a huge update...I can only assume it's Microshit's spyware bundle. It totally fucked up the laptop.

She turned to me last night and said "I want Linux on this laptop when you get a chance."


Ha Ha

It amazes me just how much pain Windows users will continue to put up with. Even when they get a pineapple jammed violently into their rectums, they continue making excuses.

The only thing FUNNIER are the handful of "Steve Barktos" coming here to astroturf for Microsoft. Boy do you guys ever stand out in a crowd. Here's a hint fellas: It's not 1995 anymore and no one is buying Microsoft's bullshit.

Pixel C: Google has a crack at the fondleslab-with-keyboard game


Re: Have we forgotten the Asus Transformer?

The TF101 was GREAT until Ice Cream Vista hit it. Then it became an unusable pile of junk that randomly crashed, locked up and otherwise didn't work. I never heard ANY concrete reason why although it was strongly inferred to be caused by the NVidia chipset.

The TF700 was awesome...for a while. Then it starts to get slower. And slower. And slower. No amount of resetting, rooting and putting on new ROMs will ever fix it. The last I heard is that the SDRAM, which was already criminally slow, actually deteriorates in these things until you really can't use them anymore.


Hey it worked out GREAT for Asus

Too bad Asus makes shitty, buggy hardware (as in the TF700 and it's regressively slow sdram that actually deteriorates physically until the tablet is nothing but a useless slab).

I loved my Transformer. It was a great little travel laptop with an unprecedented battery life. But after watching my TF700 turn into an unusable pile of junk, i won't be getting another.

XCodeGhost iOS infection toll rises from 39 to a WHOPPING 4,000 apps


Re: Apple Pie

That's right. It HAS to be someone else. A nefarious competitor. It's NEVER Apple's fault. Ever. Google is just so jealous that they hired a chinese hacking team to compromise Apple tools. Sure. Must be. Apple is perfect. Steve is perfect. All hail Steve.

Chrome, Debian Linux, and the secret binary blob download riddle


Re: Ban Hammer

That's not the Debian way. They'd probably make lots of noise, complain a lot, and then re-label Chrome as "The Laminate Browser" or something silly. And yes, Iceweasle is fucking silly.


Re: minor quibbles

"Sponsor" with a desire to steer the ship. They've been trying to since Redhat 5.0 and the early Gnome debacle.


Look, a systemd astroturfer.

(And yes I mean Astroturfer. It's funny how the systemd fanatics sound just like the Microsoft Munchkins.)

Megaupload overlord Kim Dotcom: The US has radicalised me!



Let me guess...you're one of the brainless turds who used to fawn to Lord Kimble of the Kimpire on his sadly-defunct kimble.org ego site back in the day? I can smell a true believer from here...you swallowed Kimble's line of bull about being a "leet uber hacker" hook line and sinker...you believed he was a super-dooper billionaire building "Kimpanies" and using his super-dooper-hacker-brain to Dataprotect your data, right? And you probably believed him when he founded YIHAT, his super-dooper-leet skript kiddie "hacker" group who were gonna git that bin Laden guy with their incredible batch-file writing skills.

Get it yet? Who's the moron who's been HAD here? Or were you even aware that "Dotcom" is really Kimble the charlatan all along? Did you really believe the big fat fraud was some kind of big fat Robin Hood?

Good grief! Have you seen BlackBerry's square smartphone?


Re: "keyboard doubles as a capacitive multitouch trackpad"

The add-on keypad for my PS3 controller had this as well. Just pretend the keypad is a touchpad...you drag your fingers over it and it moves a mouse pointer.

Apple's big bang: iPhone 6, ANOTHER iPhone 6 Plus and WATCH OUT


What, the big screen behind Jobs Jr started playing that "HAHAHA AMERICA" video from youtube? Somehow that would be fitting.

Furious MyCloud users descend on WD website as borkage continues


The first mistake

...was trusting Western Digital.

I've avoided them since 1995 due to their total lack of quality. Decades later, nothing has changed. My daughter's brand new laptop had a total HD failure after a month. I wasn't surprised to see "WD" on the drive when I opened it up.

BlackBerry and T-Mobile try $100 bribe to lure BBers to their side


Fuck T-Mobile

I don't like Blackberry but hell...T-Mobile stabbed them in the back by saying "Hi guys, trade in your blackberries and join the iphone cult." I'm with John Chen...fuck T-Mobile. Kick them to the curb. When your 'partner' pulls that kind of crap...

Is Google really mulling building a US cellphone network? Allegedly, yes


Dear Google

Please build your network in Canada. We badly need it.


All of Canada.

Is this photo PROOF a Windows 7 Start Menu is coming back?


Re: Still hate the tiles and the window decorations

A bit late for that. As a PC gamer I was vividly aware when Microsoft took the knife and stabbed PC gaming in the heart when the X-Box started to sell. Their laughable "Games for Windows" pledge a few years later only proved how cold the corpse was.

Fortunately Valve was paying attention as well. I wouldn't say that Windows has any killer feature in gaming anymore given that most current Windows games are terrible console ports. And getting old Windows games going...well, that's hit or miss since Vista.

Oddly enough, it's getting SO much easier to run old Windows games under Linux via Wine. I've got Thief: The Dark Project (and it's sequel) running flawlessly, DeusEx, System Shock 2, Fallout 1 and 2... The number of Linux and Mac games on Steam is quite frankly impressive.

Microsoft is trying to catch the horse long after it bolted and the barn burned to the ground.

GNOME 3.12: Pixel perfect ... but homeless


Re: But if XFCE already does what I need......

Beauty is entirely in the eye of the beholder. XFCE as shipped with Linux Mint (including Whisker as a launcher) is a lot like KDE or GNOME before they married Yoko. And it looks just fine to my eyes, I could care less about jumping, dancing, shiny animated buttons or slippy-slidy transitions. I just want it to work without eating up all my RAM and not piss me off. XFCE does that. Every time I check out the latest KDE or GNOME I end up angry and wondering why my hard drive light doesn't go off.

Facebook swallows Oculus VR goggle-geeks. Did that really happen?


So much for kickstarters

This has to be the biggest "fuck you" to all the people who donated money for this thing...only to have it shunted off to the sewer of the web before it even breaks the champaign bottle. Someone got REALLY RICH off all that free kickstarter money, and anyone who donated got a proverbial kick in the goolies. Notch of Mojang pretty much said the same thing. I doubt he'll be the only high-profile dev to say it. I have a feeling Mr. Carmack woke up feeling like "someone made him his bitch."

The land of Milk and Sammy: Free music app touted by Samsung


Re: Waste of space on the phone.

TuneIn is crap. The android app is riddled with bugs and they refuse to fix them. I paid for the Pro app for the recording feature...worked fine until they broke it with a 'new' release. Repeated e-mails to their support people have been fruitless. Just look at the reviews on Play, lots of very angry people.

Brit Bitcoin dev: I lost 'over £200k' when MtGox popped its socks


That brings back memories

Once, back when I was playing Ultima Online, some guy like TOTALLY broke into my castle and stole all my gold coins. I wrote a stinging letter to EA about it, demanding that they do something.

Facebook pays $19bn for WhatsApp. Yep. $45 for YOUR phone book


Re: I've poisoned my phone book

You're obviously some kind of fucking idiot. Seriously. You have two kinds of phone but you "don't upload" to one just to spite them? And you believe the Almighty Hallowed Be Thy Name Apple is somehow better?

It takes a SPECIAL kind of zealot to do the shit you do. But here's good news: you haven't made ANY difference whatsoever.

Android console on the way? Amazon slurps gamehaus Double Helix


I just don't get it.

Outside of XBMC, Android as a "set top" OS is awful. You basically need to attach a USB wireless mouse to it because EVERY application responds to a remote control differently (if at all). Gaming? Sure you can get a PS3 controller working nicely with Android but...every damn game responds to the buttons differently...if at all.

Now XBMC + Yatse as a remote...that's awesome.

Oh and Shiny entertainment? Earthworm Jim was Doug TenNapel's baby. You know, the guy who created the Neverhood. Having Doug back making games would excite me...oooh wait, I see he's got a kickstarter for a new Neverhood game! Sign me the hell up!

Twitter shares tank as blabbergasm implodes in full glare of unforgiving investors


As above, so below

This is the secret of the Dot Bomb. I don't know why anyone seriously thought they could do a re-play of 1999 and get away with it. Oh right "Web 2.0" and all that rot, that made it all better.

The revival of survival – the gaming genre that refuses to die



Have always hated PvP since the days of Diablo and Ultima Online. While I enjoy a good 3d shooter deathmatch, PvP in anything else usually degenerates to cheaters or other associated @ssholes that wreck the experience. Wait, I just described Call of Duty...

Turkish president mulls $4.5bn Apple fondleslab school deal


And yet

Both of you fanboy idiots on either side of the aisle comparing penis size seem to be incapable of asking the 45bn dollar question: what makes anyone think a tablet of ANY brand is "good for education?" I've yet to see a single example where a stupid tablet has done anything other than provide distraction in the classroom. A school not far from me blew the budget a few years back first on Playbooks (don't laugh) and then, after throwing those in the landfill, on ipads (creating an even bigger crater in the school's budget). And yet Johnny still can't read or do basic maths.

Slurped self-destruct selfie slinger Snapchat so sore, suddenly says sorry


Oh honestly...

...to loosely paraphrase Denis Leary...you're 23 years old, you don't know sh1t about sh1t (or anything about proper software engineering)....and PULL UP YOUR PANTS. Snapchat is the junkfood of 2013. Next year the kids will have moved on to the next over-hyped piece of junk.

Ghosts of Christmas Past: Ten tech treats from yesteryear


Re: Big Trak

Hey I had a Big Trak back in 1979. Mine came with a dumptruck attachment that you plugged into the main unit. So you COULD use the thing to bring a gin & tonic, as long as you didn't program it to "dump." Mine broke an axle as well (must have been a common failure point). And actually mine was a dark shade of gray, not white like in the picture.