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Telly makers failing to turn punters on to smart TV


I brought a nice big flat pannel 1080p TV 2 years ago it was billed as the next great revolution and not 6 months later 3d came out.

I have had lovefilm and Iplayer streaming on my PS3 for over a year but my broadband carnt do hi-def

So when I look at the new smart TV's I have to ask myself how long will it be before there out of date none of them seem to do everything they havent even worked out a standard that allows my AV unit to use the same controll as my TV or my playstation unless I buy a 3rd party controller.

But more basic than that I have to ask whould I even be able to use them the basic infrastrcture here in the UK isnt upto it, I hear about fiber this and fiber that but at the end of it isnt there BT have sold us short ont he whole thing fiber to the cab isnt upto this type of servece and that if it ever even gets here. and without a decent 100meg service any all smart TV/ Streaming service are next to redundant.

So Im not about to jump onboard just yet