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Use of HTTPS among top sites is growing, but weirdly so is deprecated HTTP public key pinning


"By contrast there's almost no growth in the use of EV (extended validation) certificates, according to Helme."

Doesn't surprise me, they're a bloody con.

Windows 7 - ok, you've signed your code so I'll not bother annoying the user and let them get on with installing your app.

Windows 8+ - ok, you've signed your code, but oh wait...what's this...not with an EV certificate, so popup warnings here we come again. Want to get rid of them? Well, that'll cost you even more than before (despite the extra checks probably taking about 10 seconds), and you can forget about software-based signing too...oh no, now the key comes on a physical doodad, so you can only use it on one development machine at a time, oh and you can forget about remote desktopping into it, cos we'll disable it if you do that (thank god for vnc), etc, etc...

Windows 10: A sysadmin speaks his brains – and says MEH


If you're lucky/unlucky enough to have a laptop or monitor with a 4K screen, then Windows 10 makes sense over Windows 7. A lot of the HiDPI stuff is still seriously broken, even with Windows 10, but it's a lot better than it's been in past Windows versions.

Microsoft: This Windows 10 build has 'NO significant known issues'


Well the Feedback app is now just spinning and spinning its icon and never loading anything for me. Maybe that's why they think there's no significant issues.

Has Europe finally passed Peak Disk?


I paid £54 for a 2TB Samsung drive in the February or March before the floods. As far as I can tell, you still can't get that capacity for that sort price, so maybe that's why people simply aren't buying.

Are you in charge of a lot of biz computers? Got Java on them?


Re: Multiple computers, multiple users, multiple browsers, what an arse


You can install the JDK rather than the JRE. The former comes both with its own JRE (that will be local to the folder you install it) and a system wide JRE - that's the one that ends up in the browsers - but critically it can be deselected at install time.

Whether Minecraft can be made to work with it I wouldn't know, but can't hurt to try...

Ten... dual-band wireless routers



As these are likely to be left running 24/7, it would be nice to know how much power each one draws.

Ten... IPTV set-top boxes


@Ian Yates, you want to get yourself a Gefen HDMI Detective (see http://www.avforums.com/forums/home-entertainment-pcs/1156667-gefen-hdmi-detective-plus-any-good.html). It's not cheap, but will fix your problems, and probably cheaper than replacing everything your HTPC can do with separate components.


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