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Google+ funny numbers mask falling growth


No, im not a G+ fan boy, but i do use the service as often as the rest. Im just sick of the comparisons between twitter and facebook. There is plenty of sharing going on on G+. I see thousands of post per day. I only have just over 300 people in my circles. If there is 90 million users on the service, it wouldnt take much to equal over a billion shares per day. even at 10 million it wouldn't take much. Of course friends and colleagues will be slow to adopt the service, the same as the rest of us were to adopt Facebook. I have been on Facebook since it was available for edu signup and you had to find people in your network. None of my friends were on it, and only part of my friends and family are even on it now. Oh and i forgot to mention that i was rarely active on the new social network. When your friends begin to post more on G+ and or they post more on G+, you will concentrate more time G+, its just that. You go, where your friends, colleagues, and family go. The service is still under a year old. And yes, the other services do have fanboys, and its ridiculous as Apple, Android fanboys. Im just saying that all these negative remarks about the service, people read, and maybe you are and may you arent intending to, but you are making people's choices for them by saying it sucks and noone is there. In other words, G+ has alot of options to offer its users, but they stupidly rely on media to tell them what is good and what is not. Ive even heard from people i know, that they are hesitant to join the platform, simply because they heard on the news or from opinions that there isnt that much going on there. Its simply not true. Its crap journalism that stifles growth, and the migration or sampling of new services. That's why i hate opinion news, its crap.


you are very wrong. it is going places, you just aren't listening. Man people really are on the Facebook, Twitter Fanwagon. It's pathetic. One day you will all deny ever having said that G+ wasnt going to be a major player. In fact, if you were a myspace user, you probably would have thought that about facebook in the beginning. Because it paled in comparison to features already in myspace. I get it though, people don't like change. And how many times do i have to say it. They are not the same kind of platform. G+ is a mix between the two, with much more features for businesses, and a knack for delivering for the user experience. Facebook is not, twitter is about the new users, not the old, hence their lame redesign, which i still havent gotten for myself. The game will change, and facebook isnt always going to be where your friends are. You might as well start accepting it now.


G+'s growth is exponentially greater than any other social network, in the same time, ever. Its still growing and still evolving. And who doesnt ignore robert scoble now? G+ is very much an alive social network, many of the people i follow and who follow me are very active on the platform. And i will bet that time spent and adoption of the service into everyday users will continue to grow. I remember the first time i set up my facebook or myspace, i didnt use those platforms either. Not nearly as much,until i realized my friends were on them. That is beginning to happen. Even in my family, as they find they like G+, they will use it more often. I don't think larry was overshadowing them missing quaterly "estimates" since Google, didnt make that magical benchmark for themselves. If they are confident in their numbers, and they no what's going on. Who are we to judge. If they miss 3 and 4 estimates, it may be a problem. But here's the thing. Because they under earned this quarter, investors are going to lower their outlook. Then come next quarter Google will blow that away. And then investors being greedy a holes will expect a little more, and a little more. Until maybe another 2-3 years from now, they will exceed Google's growth potential once again. There shares will sink a little again, and back through the viscous circle of greed we go. And by the way, Larry last quarter also opened with remarks about G+, reaching 10 million users, and they earned over the benchmarks investors set before them. Was he overshadowing then? No, you dear journalist, just like to hear what you want to hear.That's it. FAIL


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