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Kobo Glo illuminated e-reader review

Weirdy one

Don't understand how people can read book on an LCD tablet display, e-ink is better in every respect. Just no way you can read on a tablet in anything like normal daylight, either the backlights are not strong enough, or the reflective surface means you spend most of the time staring at your own face (not pleasant, in my case...).

If I'm really desparate for a bit of late-night lit without distubing the Mrs. I can just about tolerate the iPad with white-on-black text on minimum brightness for 30 mins or so, but Kindle Keyboard with a little clip on light for blackout scenarios does me great.

Also 10 hours might be good for tablet, but e-ink battery is measured in days, not hours. I use my Kindle every day but only charge once a month.

Incidentally, e-pub, mobi, whatever. Calibre renders the original document format completely moot as it can convert from anything to anything seamlessly and allegedly can remove DRM in the process, but I'm sure I wouldn't know anything about that...

LucasArts' Dark Forces

Weirdy one

Even better with enhanced graphics...

...and mouse controls provided by XLEngine.

I really like this game, but it is damn chunky on a modern monitor. The DarkXL overhaul makes it much more pleasant to play.

The early Lucasarts Star Wars games were great, Tie Fighter was their best title for me. Since KotOR every Star Wars game has been rubbish.

GooPad's eight-incher gives Apple fans cheap relief

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There is a cost though...

If you were at all concerned about the wages and conditions of employees building Apple products at Foxconn, think about the people working in the sweatshops where they can build tablets that retail for $99.

Given that the Nexus at $199 is apparently sold at cost, somebody is cutting corners somewhere...

Apple iPod Touch 5G review

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Re: Apple goes retro

Maybe I'm alone here then, but I think that it looks nicer than the iPhone 5. The coloured backs look fresher to me, if anything.

Game over for legendary 1980s games designer Mike Singleton

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Very sad indeed.

I can only agree with the other comments here. When I was 14 I spent many evenings making my own map of every square inch of the first LoM game (I think Crash! spoiled that bit by the time the second came out). Totally riveting and somehow managed that feat that newer games struggle with, that of creating an immersive world with just a few pixels. I think that the imagination filled in gaps better than any number of polygons can.

I'd forgotten Midwinter on Amiga, but that was eqully amazing in it's own way, with a scope that put it ahead of it's time.

Amazon Kindle Touch Wi-Fi eBook reader review

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Re: How?

You can add multiple items to a Collection at once, at least you can on my Kindle 3. Open the Collection, then Menu, Add to Collection. The list of books is shown and can be sorted by Author, Title etc.You can then select multiple times to add, then hit Save at the bottom.

If you use Calibre there is a Collection manager plugin you can add which allows more flexibility.

Two thirds of Brits crippled by mobile phone loss terror

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No worries here, only have one for work. It goes off at 5 PM Friday, on again Monday morning.

I sleep very soundly.

Also I have no friends.

Dixons cuts Ice Cream Sarnie ready Xoom to £225

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I can't find the Transformer for less that abut £330 quid, I wouldn't call that 'not much more', and that's for the 16Gb model. The keyboard dock is a great add-on, but without it the Xoom is a better device.

Early reviews of the Xoom mention the SD card port being disabled, but that is long since overcome by firmware updates, so thrown in a32GB SD an have a 64GB device for peanuts.

I got a Xoom off ebay just before christmas, and it's almost never out of my hands. Briliant for media and useable as a work device too. I'm not quite geek enough to hack it for ICS, I'll wait for the UK upgrade, but Honeycomb is still a great OS, and any limitations are easliy overcome by free apps from the market. Much more flexible and useful than the iPad (my wife has one, so I can compare side-by-side).

It probably wasn't woth the original asking price, but this is silly money.

If anyone manages to pick one up, I recommend this case on amazon, which is really useful and dirt cheap: