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Boy wrecks £22k worth of MacBooks by weeing on them


My sister-in-laws Acer laptop survived a Jack Russell relieving itself on it, we'll she said it was the dog but knowing her kids I would not be shocked if it was the youngest one of them. The local computer shop charged her £50 to clean it. There was no way I was doing it.

O2 declares 4G trial success... with 1000 users


South East Kent

I think they will also find South East Kent does not loose its analogue signal until June either. That's very south of Watford!

Dixons cuts Ice Cream Sarnie ready Xoom to £225


I got mine yesterday in Currys

I got one yesterday in Currys for £249 as was unable to pay online and pickup instore. If you went in store and picked one up they would still charge you £349 for it..