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Blighty's schools shake on new 3-year deal with Microsoft

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Re: Kids taught to use Windows, which is inferior proprietary software

Except I know a lot of confessed Linux users that didn't understand the difference between basic computer concepts such as "ROM vs RAM" and why a modern operating system expects a swap file.

Using Linux doesn't magically teach you the underlying principle of how a computer works, which hasn't really changed since I was mucking about on a hand me down BBC Micro in the early 90s.

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Re: Should be free

And what is exactly wrong with Visual Basic?

I learn't to program using BBC BASIC and Then later Java before I moved onto VB.NET and C#. I've mucked about with Python, Ruby, Perl and a bit of C.

While I agree VB has some syntactical problems and oddities it has you can still practice all the basic concepts which are transferrable to any langauge.

'SHUT THE F**K UP!' The moment Linus Torvalds ruined a dev's year

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Re: The Kernel of Linux

It doesn't mean you shout and scream at developers.

I get pretty frustrated with certain developers I have to work with, I speak to them politely and if I get really frustrated I usually just leave them to it for a while while I make myself a brew.

Linux is acting like a child once again.

Rampaging gnu crashes Microsoft Store, hands out literature

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Re: A little fed up with all the Linux bashing

Surely it would be easier to port it to Mono?

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Re: less pranks, more apps

The point is that if something doesn't work on Windows it is usually a matter of going to the manufacturers website and getting hold of executable that will automate the installation.

If something doesn't work in Linux, I have to spend some googling. Try getting Spotify up and running on something that isn't Ubuntu.

Valve chief confirms Steam-centric console-killing PC

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I don't want to use bloody Linux

After being an ex Linux Admin, tried pretty much every distro ... I settled back on Windows as my OS of choice. I don't want to use linux with all it fragmentation between distros, libraries and all sorts of other crap that tend to break, I can't be bothered with it anymore.

Windows 8 works perfectly fine, the chap that reckons he was having problems is either lying or shouldn't be anywhere near a computer. Every game that has worked with a version of Windows NT has quite happily worked with Windows 8 so far, I even install Alien vs Predator 2, Unreal Tournament and even the original Unreal.

Games that need Admin rights are trying to save to the Program Files directory than in My Documents as they should.

Lets see how much money Valve can throw at beating not on Windows, but Xbox and PS3 for their Steambox to become reality.

German city dumping OpenOffice for Microsoft

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Re: Is there a decent wordprocessor

Obvious troll is obvious.

If you are a programmer and have that many problems with a GUI interface, you really should stay away from the keyboard.

Valve: Games run FASTER on Linux than Windows

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Re: Direct X 9.0c is slower than Direct X 10+

Quite a few games use Direct X 10.

Battle Field 3, Crysis 1 & 2, Resident Evil 5 (though I didn't see much difference between Direct X 9 and 10 rendering) off the top of my head.

There are some real advantages using the new Direct X over the ageing 9.0c. OpenGL has stifled recently because of the want to keep it backwards compatible as possible.

I am a Steam user (Windows), I probably won't be interested in Steam on Linux, it was hard enough getting Spotify to run properly on Fedora 16.

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Direct X 9.0c is slower than Direct X 10+

The source engine uses the Direct 3D version with Direct X 9.0c which is about 8 years old now.

Microsoft with Direct X 10 and 11 have put in several improvements that reduce CPU utilization. Most of these are listed on the Direct X Wikipedia Entry.

If the games were running at about 200+ FPS, it is likely that the GPU really isn't getting the stressed and the process is CPU bound. So the improvements in Direct X over the years would have probably patched over the gap.

All this means is that modern OpenGL implementations runs better than and old version of Direct X.

It would have been more interesting to see Direct X 11 game running in OpenGL on Linux and Direct X on Windows.

Microsoft explains bland new Windows logo

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Re: @ web specialist

A super computer is soo comparable to a desktop/notebook PC ... oh wait it isn't.

Windows works pretty well as a web server and a desktop OS.

Met Office cuts off Linux users with new weather widgets

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5% ... more like 1%. I don't know one single guy that runs Linux on a desktop, and I work in a web development company.

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They charge money for their an XML feed (which is basically giving you an FTP read access to a DAT file), that is why they won't have a XML/JSON api.

Symantec 'fesses up: 'Code theft worse than we thought'

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Many eyes make bugs shallow myth

Firstly do you guys ever actually write any code. I am pretty proficient at Java,C#, VB (Don't laugh), PHP and JavaScript. While I admit they aren't the most hardcore languages, Even crappy indenting can make it difficult to read these languages, compound the problem with the number of lines of code, misleading comments and documentation (which exist in every project) and this "many lines of code makes bugs shallow" myth seem absolutely ridiculous.

There is another saying "too many cooks spoil the broth".

As for all source code being open and freely downloadable, how is anyone supposed to make profit? Sure you can sell support, but there is nothing stopping someone like Microsoft from undercutting you (Which is what Oracle do to Redhat with unbreakable Linux).


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