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US Marines seek a few supposedly good men ... who leaked naked pics of a few good women


Re: Let's look on the bright side

Or big Brenda's server full of naked gay female marines. I wonder what the gay/straight ratio of the marines is compared to the general population?

USS Zumwalt gets Panama tug job after yet another breakdown



Kirk on the bridge but no Scotty in the engine room - there's your problem right there ...

Cynical Apple gouges UK with 20 per cent price hike


Re: Which bank was that again?

Great. I can cut 'n' paste that first paragraph and apply it to so, so many things ...

Samsung are amateurs – NASA shows how you really do a battery fire



No, no, no!

The intern is not responsible.

The person who gave the intern that responsibility is responsible.

OnePlus phone fanbois flock for a shiny phondle


Re: Are you sure it's about the phone?

Two Americans will start a war?

Bill Hicks: 25 years on from the cult comedian's big break


Well known in Britain

He did some wonderful material.

I was trying to find his Lennon/Yoko rant but can't seem to find it.

Oi, idiot fanbois. DON'T buy this gun-shaped iPhone case, mmkay?


Re: Probably not the best idea to buy one...

"I fired my iGun and it blew up in my hand, taking my hand with it. Turns out the problem was the third party bullets I'd used."

You are holding it incorrectly ...

Assange™'s emotional plea for asylum in France rejected


Too Late

The problem is that he has been in the Ecuadorian Embassy for years.

If he were to walk out and then the Swedish charges are dealt with in a few weeks he will look incredibly stupid for spending all those years squatting in a cupboard.

People would laugh at him (even more) ...

Chill, luvvies. The ‘unsustainable’ BBC Telly Tax stays – for now


Re: Am I the only person...

I opted out of the licence fee two years ago by filling out the online form. Since then I have received no communications from the licencing authorities or anyone else. They did mention in the form that they could come and inspect me but so far nothing ...

Why OH WHY is economics so bleedin' awful, then?


Re: Nobel prize?


"one theory that all Nobel Laureates who work as macroeconomists"

They are not Nobel Laureates!


Nobel prize?

There is no Nobel prize for economics because Mr Nobel did not set one up.

The so called "Nobel prize" was set up by a bank in 1969.

A sham prize for a sham profession.

The Apple Watch: Throbbing strap-on with a knurled knob


Re: send a brief recording of your heartbeat

Yes what would Granny have to say about the iWatch and the people who wear them?

I suppose we'll never know now ...

RIP Sir Terry Pratchett: Discworld author finally gets to meet DEATH


I Aten't Dead

If only ...

Windows 7 MARKED for DEATH by Microsoft as of NOW


Re: Year of Linux on the laptop

I use an old scanner with XP drivers with Windows 7. MS supplies a handy virtual XP machine free of charge...

NASA preps lobotomy for Opportunity rover to cure amnesia


Re: Necessary XKCD Reference

Yes, what if your existence depended on MS software. One bad "upgrade" and 500 years of memories vanish.

What if you only existed in a Google server. They could sell you stuff by analysing all your brain functions on a millisecond basis...

Ex-Soviet engines fingered after Antares ROCKET launch BLAST


Re: Soviet Products

Ah, Soviet "Champagne".

Once tasted never forgotten...

Just don't blame Bono! Apple iTunes music sales PLUMMET



Bono is not a nob.

He's a knob.

Moto 360 wristputer batt boob, elderly internals revealed in teardown


Re: Is it just me?

Perhaps those parts are decoupling caps and the device tested OK — but may throw up glitches in certain circumstances?

'I think photographers get TOO MUCH copyright for their work'



ARM survives by selling IP.

No copyright, no company.

Leaves the market dominated by those with production facilities.

Much as I love Intel ...

Cracking copyright law: How a simian selfie stunt could make a monkey out of Wikipedia


Re: Nah

This is all irrelevant. Your examples involve HUMANS not monkeys.

In this case a solution would be arrived at by negotiation between all parties or resorting to lawyers ...



Copyright laws apply to HUMANS. What a monkey did or did not do is irrelevant. The only person with any creative input is David Slater.

Also Slater as a professional photographer would have worked in RAW format. He would then have processed his "negative" in (say) Adobe Lightroom to produce the final result.

He owns the copyright of this final work irrespective of the mad ramblings of the US Copyright Office Office and Jimmy Wales.

US Copyright Office rules that monkeys CAN'T claim copyright over their selfies


Mad, mad, mad ...

The copyright laws regulate the behaviour of humans.

Any image made on my camera belongs to me if no other human was involved in its making.

Also David Slater as a professional photographer would have worked in RAW format. He would then have processed this "negative" in (say) Adobe Lightroom to produce the final result.

He owns the copyright of this final work irrespective of the mad meanderings of the US Copyright Office.

No more turning over a USB thing, then turning it over again to plug it in: Reversible socket ready for lift off


Re: Proof that there is a god


The turtleneck moves ...

Simian selfie stupidity: Macaque snap sparks Wikipedia copyright row


Who takes the picture?

A lot of wildlife photographers set up cameras which are triggered by animals. Are all these now copyright-free because they were "taken" by the subject?

Scottish independence debate: STV player flops under weight of viewers


Re: Worth noting

Fred Dinenage — How?!

Korean vendor launches wearable RPi clone


Any links for this "new Pi"?

Asteroid's DINO KILLING SPREE just bad luck – boffins


Re: Genuine question

It appears to be in North Texas ...


That stirring LOHAN motto: Anyone know a native Latin speaker?


Re: Why Latin?

Welsh is in a persistent vegetative state. As soon as life support is removed it will die out completely.

I say that because it's true. However I also support all these minority UK languages and am perfectly happy for my tax money to be spent to keep them going.

I also detest the homogenising effect of the internet and other modern media on regional accents and other regional differences. I also recognise that my detesting it will make no difference whatsoever and in the long term.


Why Latin?

Why not an English motto.

Or if you must have a dead language why not one closer to home such as Welsh or Cornish?

El Reg nips down IKEA's 'I've Got A Screw Loose Street'


Re: Seagate's HQ

Armadillo Willys — a fast food concept too far...

Microsoft compliance police to NHS: We want your money


Re: NHS deserves to be ripped apart

You've forgotten to take your medication again haven't you...

Measure for measure: We visit the most applied-physicist-rich building in the UK


Re: "Like an ass whose back with kilograms of Concorde bows..."

Measure for measure.

For, like an ass whose back with ingots bows,

Thou bear's thy heavy riches but a journey,

And death unloads thee. Friend hast thou none;

Tech talk bloke compares girlfriend to irritating Java tool – did he deserve flames?


Re: Wow, talk about humour erosion..

Offense = USA.

Offence = Rest of the world.

Both mean the same.

Ex–Apple CEO John Sculley: Ousting Steve Jobs 'was a mistake'


Camp ...

Why do they look so camp in the photo?

And how can you tell if they are wearing suspenders?

Inmarsat: Doppler effect helped 'locate' MH370


Re: 19th Century Physics Fail.

So Reg, a fundamental schoolboy error!

Now you know how Stephen Fry feels.

Except that he is not a reporter on a tech publication.

Bletchley boffins go to battle again: You said WHAT about Colossus?


Re: Colossus is in H Block

Who are Colossus Rebuild Limited?

I can't seem to find exactly who they are, what they do and who are the owners ...

Tornado-chasing stealth Batmobile set to invade killer vortices


Re: Bloody Merican mutilation of English

It's it's not its.

Star Wars movie to start shooting in UK this summer


Re: 'Star Wars movie to start shooting in UK this summer'

Correct—but I think you meant knob...

ZEPPELINS to replace Goodyear blimps in American skies


Re: Yes it's a blimp.

I remember that gay used to mean homosexual.

Muslim clerics issue fatwa banning the devout from Mars One 'suicide' mission


Ars Technica

This story appeared in Ars Technica two days ago I expect rather quicker cutting and pasting er... I mean reporting from The Register.

Apple marks '1984' anniversary with iPhone-produced un-commercial


Re: "the square root of negative yo momma."

The square root of minus one has been trademarked by Apple.

Antarctic ice shelf melt 'lowest ever recorded, global warming is not eroding it'


Re: Nice article

All squids are at the very least damp.

Perhaps you meant damp squib.

BlackBerry CEO John Chen: Y'know what, we'll go back to enterprise stuff


Re: The proof, of course, will be in the pudding.

Which comes from a time when alcohol was "proved" (i.e. tested) to ensure it wasn't watered down.

Perhaps the journos have been at the electric soup?

Or perhaps standards of literacy ain't wot they used to be ...


The proof, of course, will be in the pudding.

Of course it won't because this is nonsense.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Proof in this sense means test.

'F*** off, Google!' Protest blockades Google staff bus AGAIN – and Apple's


Re: Why not follow the lead of that other chocolate factory?

Unfortunately Cadbury was sold out to the Krap Corporation by its disgusting senior management.

El Reg Contraption Confessional No.1: The Dragon 32 micro


Re: One suggestion

No. Just No...

Britain’s forgotten first home computer pioneer: John Miller-Kirkpatrick


Bought one... Still got it...

I bought a Scrumpi kit. £60 for a kit was a very large sum at the time.

Power supply not included. You had to program in binery since both data and address buses were shown by LEDs and data set by switches. I wore out the right hand “Step” switch.

It eventually ended up in college in a Differential Pulse Polarography rig.

It had a very expensive 12 bit A/D converter and an 8 bit D/A (output to a chart recorder).

I interfaced a bought-in board so that I could record/read data from a cassette recorder. I sent off to have a 32x8 PROM programmed which was used to boot from. I expanded the memory with SRAM on a bit of veroboard. I think to 1.5k.

The whole lot was self-funded from my grant (remember those!) as none of my lecturers knew WTF I was on about.

Still got the whole thing somewhere. Must find it and see if it still works…

Doctor Who: From Edwardian grump to Malcolm Tucker and back again


The new Doctor

Well why not a woman?

Why not Bonnie Langford as Dr Who?

Microsoft touts SCROOGLE merch: Hopes YOU'LL PAY to dump on rival


Another mug...