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iPhone app transforms speech to text

Rob Kidd

@ AC "This'd be great.. but"

Oh, do grow \ shut up.

Designer draws up digital camera-cum-punchcard printer

Rob Kidd


.. That's a bit pointless isn't it?

Apple gives Palm the boot - again

Rob Kidd

Why on earth would you even want to use iTunes?

I only use it because I'm forced to by my iPhone.. Getting music on and off the phone with more than one computer is not even worth trying. If there was any other way to get data on and off my phone, I would drop iTunes in a second.

And they're saying Pre owners actually want to use iTunes?? Folly, I tell thee.

O2 tells Apple fans to talk to the hand

Rob Kidd


I had this exact same problem yesterday in both Firefox and IE8. It was resolved within an hour or two.

Although that still doesn't make O2 look any better.

O2 Joggler family organiser

Rob Kidd
Dead Vulture

"good stereo separation"

No shit - you were testing it on headphones- Stereo doesn't get much more separate than that!

Harvard prof slams US nut allergy hysteria

Rob Kidd

A Solution

Feed every child in America a load of nuts. The allergic ones are eliminated, everyone else can go about their business. Problem Solved.

Rockstar confirms GTA IV PC edition

Rob Kidd


Firstly, almost all the noise made by the 360 is not the fan- it's the disk spinning. When the fall update comes you'll be able to install games and run them off the hard drive. No more noise.

Secondly, show me a PC that costs c. £200 that is a capable games machine and still will be in 3 years.

It's quite possible to spend into the thousands on a PC gaming rig if you want to keep at the top of the range over the lifetime of a typical game console (5-ish years).

My original point was simply that it's disingenuous and somewhat smug to claim that there's no point buying a console over a PC.

Rob Kidd


Meh. Each to their own. I was just calling out Greg's rather smug response that there's "no point playing games on a console when you can play them with better graphics on a PC" - clearly nonsense.

My point is that not everyone wants to blow hundreds / thousands of pounds to get enjoyment out of gaming in the living room.

Rob Kidd

@ Greg

Whoever said it was going to be a console exclusive?

And to me there's no point playing it on PC when you can play it from the comfort of your sofa on a massive screen, with surround sound whizzing round your head*.

*Yes, I know you can get surround sound for PCs, or hook up the PC to the telly. But who can be bothered? And all that cooling fan noise..

Yahoo! vows freedom for DRM prisoners

Rob Kidd

Unlocking content

Presumably Yahoo! have a set of private keys that they use to encrypt the content.. couldn't they provide customers with some sort of simple unlocking tool to remove the DRM from the tracks? Seems like this would save a lot of time and effort compared with dealing with customers individually..

Sony re-releases latest PS3 firmware

Rob Kidd

@ Mark

If it wasn't troubled, why did they yank it and release a (hopefully) fixed version? I'm really curious to know.

This has nothing to do with the 360 - no one's saying that doesn't have it's own problems.


Anyone else remember a time when comments used to be unbiased? Nowadays it's full of fanboys creating sensationalist posts in a lame attempt to stir up a flame war.

Firefox 3: now available bug-free, say devs

Rob Kidd

@ Steve Pettifer

"Oh, the arrogance. There is no such thing as bug free software. Stable releases with known issues resolved, yes, but I defy you to find something that can be classed as bug free from the outset and which never goes wrong and hasn't needed updating in some way."

Did you read the article, Steve?

"By bugs developers mean issues that they are aware of rather than every single problem with the application."

Microsoft proposes gadget feature disabling tech

Rob Kidd
Thumb Down

No thanks

Why would I buy a product which I knew would prevent me from doing what I want, when I want?

There's no way it will become a legal requirement for this technology to be implemented in every gadget ever made, so there will always be a choice - and who is really going to choose to be restricted?

Perhaps my inner tin-foil-hat-wearing tendencies are coming through, but couldn't this technology (for example) be used to repress critism of government by blocking all cameras and phones at protest rallies?

I suspect this idea is going to crash and burn.

Seagate ships first 1TB HDD of the SAS persuasion

Rob Kidd

How do they know??

Apologies for my ignorance here.. they state that the MTBF is 1.2 million hours.. According to my calculations, that's about 137 years.

Have they had these things running since 1870 to arrive at that number?

Windows 7 fake spotted on BitTorrent

Rob Kidd

Uh oh..

"Anyone running early Alpha versions of Windows on anything but a test machine are setting themselves up for all sorts of problems."

Incoming predicable Microsoft bashing! Run for the hills!

Xbox 360 could back Blu-ray

Rob Kidd

@ everyone talking about Sony

Sony does not own blu ray, nor do they have the right to stop anyone else making blu ray players!


Apple targeted in DRM monopoly suit (again)

Rob Kidd

Ho hum

Almost certain to come to nothing. Shame though- I might have bought an iPod by now if Apple had supported WMA.

Also- New Year's Eve?? Haven't these people got better things to do with their time?

Facebook accuses MP of impersonating MP

Rob Kidd

@ Anonymous Coward (Numptys)

Facebook users are clueless? Come on. If you took the time to use it you'd see it's great way to keep in touch with your friends and find out what they've been up to. Not like myspace with all those "pimped" profiles and the deluge of spam..

Trevor Baylis cranks multimedia up a notch

Rob Kidd

mono speaker - why?

Brilliant idea, though possibly a little bit niche.. My battery powered mp3 player serves me perfectly well. I can see people who travel a lot making good use of it though!

But for the love of god, why does it need to have a built in speaker?

1) The sound quality will be rubbish

2) It probably won't be loud enough to be useful

3) It will annoy people on buses/trains

4) It adds to the size and weight

5) It adds to the cost

Remove the speaker and knock £10-20 off the price and maybe I'd be sold.

Sony debuts dual-box HD-editing PC

Rob Kidd

Only 2Gb?

I would have thought at the price range and target market that at least 4Gb of RAM would be required?


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