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Crack team of boffins hash out how e-scooters should sound – but they need your help*


Something like this, perhaps?


Do(ug)h! Half-baked security at Panera Bread spills customer data


He has form

And the mentioned Mike Gustavison, Director of Information Security for Panera bread - his last job was...

Senior Director of Security Operations at Equifax



HPE coughed up source code for Pentagon's IT defenses to ... Russia


Re: Did I understand this right?

Yes! RFC3514 as the solution for all security problems.

Missed patch caused Equifax data breach


Re: Typical problem of many large organizations

What about a compensating control? You know that a system is vulnerable, and the risk of patching outweighs the [quantitively measured] risk of compromise, but you put in place a compensating control that mitigates the problem temporarily until a patch can be applied. IDS/IPS anyone? Snort SIDs 41818 & 41819 were available from March.

So, Nokia. What makes you think the world wants your phones?


Re: Well...

The difference is that for a DECT phone is that you rarely (if ever) put it in your pocket and go out for a walk. That's why slimmer is considered better for a mobile.

"The problem today is that all the manufacturers are focussed on bringing out essentially the same product." - this I couldn't agree more with.

Retiring IETF veteran warns: Stop adding so many damn protocols



This was immortalised a bit over 20 years ago in RFC1925 - The Twelve Networking Truths

(12) In protocol design, perfection has been reached not when there

is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take


Microsoft has crafted a switch OS on Debian Linux. Repeat, a switch OS on Debian Linux



Well, I never - a flying pig.

RFC 1925.

(3) With sufficient thrust, pigs fly just fine. However, this is

not necessarily a good idea. It is hard to be sure where they

are going to land, and it could be dangerous sitting under them

as they fly overhead.

Lock up your top-of-racks, says Cisco, there's a bug in the USB code


Denial of service

So, what they are saying is that, given physical access, someone with a specially crafted USB key can cause a denial of service. What about just pulling the power cord? Denial of service achieved, and much less time-consuming than going to the lengths of creating that magic USB key.

NZ Uni EMC broke considered ditching EMC before SNAFU


Is that all?

600 terabytes? Is that all?

Trustwave's off to Singapore as Singtel slurps security company


Not purchased; issued:


Everything is insecure and will be forever says Cisco CTO


Re: Security is easy

...and there was me thinking that Reg readers read and understood things before commenting or up/downvoting.

Thanks for pointing out the publication date of the RFC. It's an amusing read.


Security is easy

There is an RFC that makes network security a trivially easy thing. All that we need to do is update it for IPv6:


We just need to get EVERYONE to fully implement this RFC, and the network security problem is solved forever.

Vendors coalesce around 'MGBase-T' 2.5/5 Gbps Ethernet


This looks like marketing puff. There is absolutely no content on the MGBase-T Alliance website - could this just be a PR exercise, whilst the real action happens elsewhere?

Is this just a ruse to distract people from where the real action is? There is also the NBase-T Alliance, which purports to do the same thing - deliver 2.5Gbps and 5Gbps over twisted pair. This is backed up by actual work being done at the IEEE - and was reported on by The Reg: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2014/11/11/ieee_turns_crank_on_new_wired_ethernet_standards/

Methinks the MGBase-T Alliance are bandwagon jumpers.

Cisco COO: 'I actually thank God that we had a crisis'...


Re: I think they still need to make some cuts

"...get a 2-blade chassis, a router blade and a 24-port switch blade." Cisco are years ahead of you. They have this now: get a Integrated Services Router, with 24 port PoE switch blade. And firewall. And IP PBX. And voicemail. And WAN acceleration. And a mini-server-on-a-blade.

IANA starts handing out recovered IPv4 addresses


Re: Wrong argument

explain how that works? How can we possibly be out of routes?

Cisco sends TrustSec offspring to IETF dating site



Amusing reference to RFC3514, bravo. But RFC3514 uses a packet header in the Layer 3 packet, whereas Security Group Tags are inserted into the Layer 2 frame header.

Grinning devil's head to signify the evil intent of applications in RFC3514.

RM CEO: We didn't even try to sell PC biz before killing it


Re: istuff

What nonsense. I agree that devices running iOS are closed, but have you ever actually used Mac OS X? Do you not realise that it's a UNIX-based operating system, and just by opening Terminal you have access to the real 'guts' of the machine, far more so than a Windows PC? Yes, a lot of Mac users are computer-illiterate, but most of the developers/admins/engineers that I know use Macs, for the very reason that it's a UNIX-like operating system.

Highways Agency tracks Brits' every move by their mobes: THE TRUTH


Re: Compliance and Annoyance in One Easy Step

"How can this possibly be cheaper than setting up the traditional pneumatic cross-lane traffic counters?"

Tracking mobiles enables you to get information about the whole journey that was taken. Getting the same info using pneumatic cross-lane traffic counters would mean that every road would need to have them - surelt that's got to be more expensive?

Cisco coughs $2.7bn for Sourcefire


Re: almost 3bln ?

Just one change to NAT syntax - around the 8.2/8.3 software releases - that's a long way from 'each ASA F/W upgrade'.

FWIW, configuring NAT on Cisco ASAs is now loads easier than it was before.

After seeing the bad joke that is Cisco's latest 'CX' update to their ASA platform

The 'CX' bit is pretty good, crappy management notwithstanding.

BT to rent cheaper FTTP lines to ISPs - if they stump up £1k a go


Re: I am currently pricing up for new offices

Yes - it's still an asynchronous service, so it's only 30Mbps upstream.

Your 100Mbps leased line will be the same upstream and downstream.

Cloud upstart Nirvanix bins another round of US sales bods


Re: Simply too expensive..

Erm... the article was about Nirvanix, not Nutanix.

Cisco eats Cloupia to control freak clouds


Re: Cool

What - CLI doesn't do it for you?

Cisco offers pint-size cell relief, lets mobile data spurt freely


"...boost Wi-Fi transmitter output..." And potentially break the law. There is a limit of 100mW EIRP transmit power for 2.4GHz radio in the UK.

Apple's skinny new iMac line: Farewell, optical drives


Re: Why I want my optical drive

Erm... are you talking about the same product here? This is the iMac - might be a bit tricky to balance on your knees on a plane/train/ferry.

Oh - and if a Blu-Ray drive is important for you, then buy a product that includes a Blu-Ray player. Simples.

Apple Mac OS X Server for Mountain Lion review


Re: ok...

Sure. Just point them in this direction:


A successful business based on rackmounting Mac minis!

Euro NCAP to mandate auto-braking in new-car test


Re: Unbelievable bunch of stoneage arseholes

Well said (except for the 'dispair' bit). And how many commentors actually read the NCAP article in question? I reckon none, given the ignorance of some of the comments on here.

Personally, I would like to see more of the details and statistics and think about it, rather than coming to a knee-jerk reaction approx. 8 seconds after reading a 300 word Reg article. I reckon that the folk at Euro NCAP have given it a lot more thought than *everyone* reading this article.

Lazy password reuse opens Brits to crooks' penetration


1Password and DropBox works for me

1Password on the two different computers (and one smartphone) that I own, with the encrypted password repository stored on DropBox. Easy synchronisation of password info on all computers, and all of my web accounts have secure, random passwords.

Until there is low-cost, universal multi-factor authentication available, we are stuck with passwords :(

Berkshire bigboy 2e2 in the pink - apart from crushing debt burden


Who do 2e2 bank with?

If the interest owed is LIBOR + 16%, why don't they just ask their bank to manipulate the LIBOR rate to, say, -17%, and have the debt paid off for them?

LINX 'downed by ethernet loop' on external network


Re: Bah!

Er... are you confusing Ethernet with Token Ring?

Exercises to keep your data centre on its toes


Being pedantic...

"... Ethernet and packets at the Layer 2 level" - the correct terminology is a Layer 2 datagram or frame. A packet is a Layer 3 concept.

Good to see OpenFlow getting some exposure.

IPv6 networking: Bad news for small biz


Re: Ci$co and IPv6

Sorry chap, but the RV220W is not a 'real' Cisco product. Says Cisco on the box, but this is a continuation of the product development done by Linksys previously. Designed as an easy-to-use (i.e. graphical user interface) product, and not a 'proper' network device.

For less than £100 more, you could have bought a 'proper' Cisco router/firewall, like an 861W, and had 'proper' IPv6 support.

Data centers to cut LAN cord?


EM interference?

Some good points raised here, particularly around bandwidth, cost, and security concerns.

Here's one more point - wireless networks can be seriously degraded by EM radiation. A datacenter is one of the most challenging RF/EM environments that one could possibly imagine. I would be very surprised if you could get consistently reliable connections, without frame drops. Think of all the EM interference!

Finally, there is constantly a drive within the datacenter for [consistent] low latency. Wireless technologies have higher latency than wired equivalents. Is this technology going to actually be useable?