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Delphi RAD tool (remember that?) gets support for Linux desktop apps – again


Re: Kylix in use here

If you want a backup copy and are anywhere near Scotland mine runs MandrakeLinux 10 (i think) on a P4. Free for the taking away. I still have the big poster with all the classes listed on it too!


A former Kylix user writes

I still have a P4 with a working copy of Kylix 3 cluttering up my flat. It was in continuous use from 2003 til 2012 and despite being adapted for Linux by nailing Delphi 5 to a wineserver it actually worked pretty well. Now coding in Java I occasionally yearn for the days of no dependencies whatsoever and near instantaneous compile time. However as most of the other posts here note, the only likely market for Embarcadero's products these days given their high price, is maintaining legacy code. My last employer's core product was in Delphi though they were actively trying to transition to C# and Angular. I wonder how many genuinely new projects are written in Delphi. My guess would be not very many. Meanwhile I really should get rid of that old P4...

Blighty’s beloved Big Ben bell ends, may break Brexit bargain


Another breakdown

It was also stopped for a year around 1975 when a brake failed on the striking train causing the mechanism to disintegrate fairly violently.

Live or let dial - phones ain’t what they used to be


If the numbers were clockwise

The dial would have to turn counter clockwise which is not only counter intuitive but according to some is associated with the devil. Maybe they *did* know what they were doing back then...

The Sons of Khan and the Pascal Spring



Nice though I'm sure Embarcadero's stuff is, my understanding is that the IDE will only run on windoze even if the executables will run in all sorts of places. So I'm still faithfully sticking to 10 year old Borland Kylix. And if anyone's about to suggest Lazarus: don't, just... don't...


You mean...

there are languages where you don't need to do that?!


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