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Boeing's Starliner capsule corroded due to high humidity levels, NASA explains, and the spaceship won't fly this year


Re: an issue with the spacecraft’s valves

...but if they want to stick with valves with proven reliability and performance and some grunt I have 4 KT88's that I never got around to using if they want to give me a call? All that germanium stuff will never catch on.

Canon makes 'all-in-one' printers that refuse to scan when out of ink, lawsuit claims


Re: To be fair all *home* printers are shit

I used to depend on 3rd party printers for photographs and images but became frustrated by the lack of appreciation most of them have for colour rendition. Getting back prints where the known pure white areas have a green, purple, whatever.... tinge and the 3rd party thinking that was perfectly acceptable drove me to distraction. I bought my own ink-jet and after some experimentation I can get pretty good results.


Re: To be fair all *home* printers are shit

@David Nash: My Xerox Phaser 6510 is fine for including images in documents. For photographs and scanned fine art water colour images, where colour rendition is vitally important, I use an Epson ink-jet printer where I use ICC profiles per paper type.

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Re: To be fair all *home* printers are shit

I've had a Xerox Phaser 6510 for a few years now. I don't print a lot but it has been 100% reliable and produces good quality documents and the occasional image. The toner seems to last and last. If it died tomorrow I would probably try and get it fixed or buy another (equivalent model). I have no connection with Xerox.

Microsoft shows off Office 2021 for consumers ahead of the coming of Windows 11


I'm still on...

...Office 2007, have been since, well, 2007! It does all I need and I think Office 2007 and Windows 10 will be the end of the Microsoft line for me. I'm using LibreOffice on Windows 10 and Mint more and more.

Logitech MX Keys Mini: Svelte keyboard takes cues from Apple in more ways than one



£100 (GBP100), for a mini wireless keyboard! I'll pass.

What is your greatest weakness? The definitive list of the many kinds of interviewer you will meet in Hell


Re: My greatest weakness...

I went for a job interview with a company a was not really sure if I wanted to work for them. Anyway, I thought "What the hell". I turned up and was kept waiting for over an hour, not even offered a machine coffee. Went into the interview room with some sort of business manager and an HR person - where's the tech person I thought? Anyway, they asked me 3 "trick" questions in a row and were just starting on the 4th when I told them I have a life to live and needed to go and live it and walked out. That final act was so satisfying!

Revealed: Perfect timings for creation of exemplary full English breakfast

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A FE side dish.

If at a caff, order with 2 or 3 fried eggs and two slices of bread and butter. Then construct yourself an egg banjo as a side dish. Heaven!

LG intranet leaks suggest internal firesale of unsold, unreleased smartphones as biz exits the mobile market

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WebOS on LG Tvs, tell me about it!

"Perhaps more ironically, given the circumstances, HP ended up selling WebOS to LG, which adapted the tech for its smart TVs."

I, unfortunately, paid for one of these "WebOS" TVs. It sat around in its box for almost a year while my "TV room" was being built. When I eventually switched it on the picture and sound were not too bad, but the WebOS UI was simply appalling. I kid you not, it takes at least a minute to change channels most of the time, and sometimes considerably longer. Just scrolling thorough the channels it can take 10-15 seconds to display the next page. Pathetic. I tried to return it but by then I had the thing for over a year. Of course, LG were totally disinterested with my complaints.

I have managed to get the thing working much better by connecting a Raspberry Pi based Kodi media centre and effective not using the WebOS "smart" features at all.

UK government gives Automated Lane Keeping Systems the green light for use on motorways


I have used this...

...technology in the US. It was some sort of Chevrolet rental with "Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning". It drove me absolutely crazy with constant beeping and flashing warning lights for no apparent reason. I turned it off and tranquility returned - and I am still alive!

Zorin OS 16 beta claims largest built-in app library 'of any open source desktop ever'


Me too...

Took me a week to fully recover (it was a couple of days before my next backup cycle). You should have heard me scream, cuss and curse :-)

Another Windows 10 patch that breaks printers ups ante to full-on Blue Screen of Death


Re: "in some apps"?

I fondly remember the PDP11/40 (32Kbytes memory) with two RK05 drives (2.5Mbyte each) running RT11 and providing a medium-size business with all it's compute needs!

Oh SITA: Airline IT provider confirms passenger data leaked after major 'cyber-attack'


Another BA cock-up

I got an email today from BA that my data, given to them in good faith, had been given to SITA and had been hacked!!! The email advised me to log into my BA Executive Club account and change my password - the only problem is that my BA Executive Club account has been disabled, and I cannot get in to change my password. I called BA and their IVR system refused to allow me to wait in the queue and cut me off- hmmm. Apparently this hack occurred on the 24th February and we are only finding out about in now!

I can only assume that BA is run by a crowd of useless jokers and clowns. Have they never heard of due diligence?

Samsung Galaxy S21: Lots of little downgrades, but this phone is more than the sum of its parts


Re: Well worth it?

Likewise. I am no Samsung fan-boy but I picked up a Samsung A40 some while back for just under £200 and I cannot see that this S21 is four times better. Nearly £800 for a phone is crazy - to my mind.

Backers of Planet Computers' Astro Slide 5G phone furious after shock specs downgrade


Sounds familiar.

Dr Janko Mrsic-Flogel - is this the same person involved with the ZX Vega+ fiasco? No surprises here then.

Useful quantum computers will be impossible without error correction. Good thing these folks are working on it


Re: There are no basics of quantum error correction

..or both.

Right to repair? At least you still have the right to despair: Camera modules cannot be swapped on the iPhone 12

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Re: That's what you get

I had a similar experience with Quad (the audio company). My Quad power amplifier stopped working on one channel and I fancied a go at repairing it myself. I wrote to Quad about the problem and they sent me a full set of schematics and the specifications of all the electronic components in the amplifier. I found a dud transistor and replaced it. Seriously impressed with Quad. (This was several years ago, I hope they are currently as helpful).

Remember, remember, the 14th of November (if you're an astronaut): NASA names the date for Crew-1 mission to ISS



... should tell them to take off their Wellingtons before entering the spacecraft.

HPE bags $160m to build 550-PFLOPS super for Europe out of tomorrow's AMD Epyc processors, graphics chips



...HPE. It will be late, over-budget and will not function as specified. Not sure about the Joke icon :-)

British Airways fined £20m for Magecart hack that exposed 400k folks' credit card details to crooks


Who will finally pay for the £20M fine...

...That's right - the customers! It's obvious that they will just load up their prices to recover the £20M, plus a little bit extra for their trouble, and there you go.

This has always been the case with this fines to the big companies, it's always the customer that pays in the end. There is, presumably, someone responsible for the security of customer data and someone accountable when they do not do their job properly. It is this person that should be held to account and personally fined and/or jailed. Typically this would be a board member.

Of course this will never happen, but I can dream.

IBM to spin out Managed Infrastructure Services biz – yes, the one that was subject to all those redundancies


Re: NewCo

It has the ring of CostCo about it.

TalkTalk, Three, and Virgin Media, come on down! You've all won a prize for... not being that great at something!


Virgin Media Internet

>>>A spokesperson at Virgin Media said the company is "always looking at how we can further improve our customer service.

How about answering your phones once in awhile. Earlier this year I had to make numerous attempts to contact you and eventually got a response 4 weeks after my initial attempt.

How about giving your customers and alternative method of contacting you apart from phoning you - since you seem reluctant to respond to phone calls?

To be fair, your internet service has been quite reliable up until the recent outage but your customer service is absolutely hopeless.

HPE hopes COVID-19 clouds will pass as UK limb's sales down for third year in a row


Turnover down...

...profits down, R&D spending down, .... It appears that HPE Ltd is on a one way street to oblivion within 5 years or so. Sad.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we'll begin. Hang on, the PDP 11/70 has dropped offline


Those were the days.

I worked on the 11/70 back in the day. The lights and switches were wonderful diagnostic aids. Unfortunately DEC introduced the lightless and switchless remote access front panel which you drove via the console device. Fault finding then became much more difficult and in extreme circumstances we resorted to putting back the "old" lights and switched front panel to get a grip of what was going wrong.

Tony Blair tells Russian infosec conference that cross-border infosec policies need more gov intervention


I don't know what it is...

.. its not political, but whenever I see him on TV, in the papers or on the web, I feel a rising tide of anger. Strange.

Smile? Not bloody likely: Day 6 of wobbly services and still no hint to UK online bank's customers about what's actually wrong


I did some IT consultancy...

... at several banks a few years ago and almost every one of the senior managers at these banks considered IT to be an "overhead" rather like its cleaning services, catering, building maintenance, etc... The emphasis was always on containing day-to-day costs. But if anything went wrong...

Apple launches incredible features everyone else had more than a year ago – this time for the 'smart home'


Thank you...

...for this thoughtful, expansive and deeply considered contribution to this thread.

In Hancock's half-hour, Dido Harding offers hollow laughs: Cake distracts test-and-trace boss at UK COVID-19 briefing


Re: The Cake is a lie !

I seem to remember that it was reported that her favourite question at board meetings with her directors at TT was "What's for lunch?" Has this woman got a food fetish?

SpaceX Falcon 9 and Dragon cleared to hoist real live American astronauts into space


Re: EST not EDT

RE: RobThBay

Check again!

HPE's Black Thursday: Staff face pay cuts or the ax, office closures to save $1bn+ after coronavirus slams IT titan


I must agree that...

...Fiorina was the beginning of the end of a once great company. Since her disastrous time there have been a succession of slash-and-burn CEOs, and one a notable crook, and the latest one has the perfect excuse for continuing this tactic "Well, it's the coronavirus, what else can I do?". The perfect excuse of another CEO with no vision, ambition, plan or drive to see further than keeping stockholders (i.e. gamblers) happy.

Where have all the real leaders and innovators gone?

Users of Will.i.am's Wink IoT hub ask 'Where is the love?' as they're asked to pay for a new subscription service


My VeraPlus...

...(not withstanding its foibles) cares not at all if the internet connection goes down or does not exist as far as its home automation tasks are concerned. Obviously it needs a connection for me to access it remotely, send me notifications and also for it to perform its automatic backups to a remote server, but otherwise it makes no difference to its automation duties if it has a connection or not.

I have no connection with Vera Control Ltd and quite capable of slagging it off for some of its 'features'

IBM to GTS staff: Not volunteering to leave with a redundo cheque? We'll give you a helping hand


When they did this at...

.. HP (pre-HPE) HR were almost killed in the rush and buried in EoW (Expression of Wish) request forms :-) Mind you that was before Covid-19.

Wall Street analyst worries iPhone is facing '2nd recession' after 2019 annus horribilis


After 3 years my iPhone...

... started to die, the battery lasted less and less time, the device would start behaving strangely and just hanging. I looked at replacing it with another iPhone but the prices seem crazy to me. So, I got an el-cheapo Android device. I would rate it subjectively as 80% as 'good' as an iPhone at 30% of the cost. Several family members and colleagues have taken the same route. I think this is a big problem for Apple as well as the pandemic effects.

The Adobe Flash Farewell Tour 2020: LibreOffice to axe export support for .SWF in version 7


Re: "Word 2010 users should upgrade to LibreOffice."

I'm still on Office 2007 - works perfectly.

BepiColombo probe swings by Earth on way to Mercury – the Solar System's must-visit coronavirus-free resort


Re: It is incredible

Yup, know what you mean. I have a friend that works for a Japanese camera company. She is working on a product that will not be available to the public until at least 2025!

Buy now, pay later: HPE says demand for financing jumps amid pandemic


Re: And Xerox?

It was HP Inc anyway, not HPE.

Listen up you bunch of bankers. Here are some pointers for less crap IT



...they should try reading the ITIL documentation, it tells them exactly what they should be doing.

Heads up from Internet of S*!# land: Best Buy's Insignia 'smart' home gear will become very dumb this Wednesday


Re: We shouldn't have skipped the time when it was the Intranet of Things

I've been using z-wave devices for over 7 years for this sort of stuff and devices I originally purchased still work properly despite the z-wave protocol being updated over the years. They are serviced by a z-wave controller that is the single point of access to the internet, so only one thing to worry about being well locked down. Even if the controller vendor, and it's servers, go belly-up I can still access the controller directly with a bit of jiggery-pokery at the router although some of the facilities delivered by the vendor's servers would go away.

Hubble grabs first snap of interstellar comet... or at least that's what we hope this smudge is


110,000 MPH ...

...relative to?

Let's see what the sweet, kind, new Microsoft that everyone loves is up to. Ah yes, forcing more Office home users into annual subscriptions


I know this a bit late...

... but I actually purchased Microsoft Office 2007 on DVD, err... back in 2007, and have used it ever since. Does all I want it to do and I haven't spent a penny on it for 12 years!

Another rewrite for 737 Max software as cosmic bit-flipping tests glitch out systems – report


Re: Without googling (of course) Hands up who knows about "Hamming distance" ?

"A classic case of the brainy and arrogant nerds designing something outside of real practical knowledge of the real world..."

I wonder if Boeing employed the same software engineers that programmed the chassis ECU on my BMW. When one wheel speed sensor failed it indicated all three GOOD sensors were faulty !!!

UK government buys off Serco lawsuit with £10m bung. Whew. Now Capita can start running fire and rescue


So, as I see it...

...the Government has just dished out £10M of our (taxpayers) money without giving us (taxpayers) the reason why they have done it. Have I got this right?

Must watch: GE's smart light bulb reset process is a masterpiece... of modern techno-insanity


Re: WTF?

Many (most?) domestic electricity meters in the US "plug in" to a fixed base mount. Ours was a smart meter that went unsmart and the tech replaced the meter in about 5 seconds - he did not even cut the supply.

DXC Technology seeks volunteers to take redundancy. No grads, apprentices, and 'quota carrying' sales folk


Re: What this really means

"Get rid of older, more experienced, more expensive people." another way of saying get rid of the people who actually know what they are doing.

Autonomy's financial reports? I didn't even read KPMG's due-diligence, says ex-HP CEO Léo Apotheker


It seems to me that...

...he said to himself "Result, got the top job at HP, now I can sit back, put my feet up, rake in the cash and do fcuk all. If anything goes titsup I can always blame some other stupid b'stard"

How'd your servers get that baby-smooth look? Dutch and Brit cool kids dunk Supermicro systems in synthetic oil


How about using...

...castor based oil that used to go into my old Manx Norton. You then get the benefit of the glorious smell.

Ethiopian Airlines boss confirms suspect flight software was in use as Boeing 737 Max crashed


It seems that the 737 MAX...

..is somewhat like the latest generation of military fighter aircraft. Fundamentally unstable and impossible to fly without the aid of a computer. When the computer (for whatever reason) makes a mistake it's time to bail out - difficult in a 737 Max.

DXC Security exec: Yes, I'd have thought we'd spend more on certs and laptop kit for staff, too


Re: Sounds like HPE mk2

I left HP (as was) a couple of years prior to you and it was just as bad then. Had to get VP approval, in advance, to travel to a customer site to carry revenue-generating work. The approval was quite often denied. Insane. Travel mileage was "checked" with Google Maps to see if you went by the shortest route, the whole place was crazy. No pay rises for 5 years, even if you "exceeded requirements". I could go on.

Excuses, excuses: Furious MPs probe banking TITSUPs*



...denied me access to my Natwest credit card account for about 5 days last week. When I called them they told me they knew all about it - well why the fcuk didn't you tell me Natwest? They said it was quite a widespread problem.

BTW - it was only after the 4th phone call that they admitted to the problem.



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