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Opera tries to out-do the iPhone

Guybrush Freepwood-Stokes

v4 Beta shows real promise

I was playing around with the Opera Mini v4 Beta on a Samsung D600 yesterday, and whilst it did crash on me after about 20 minutes of use, I was very impressed with it. Once the bugs are ironed out it will provide a decent 'everywhere on demand' browsing experience, even on relatively unsophisticated hardware.

To go off-piste a bit here, I'm a bit of an Apple apologist at the best of times, but this nonsense about the iPhone being the first time you have "the whole Internet in your pocket" has really riled me. Given that this has been possible on a variety of devices for a while now (for example using Opera Mobile 6 on an SE P900 over two years ago), Apple's claim is simply wrong. Safari on the iPhone might have a slightly slicker interface, but its not providing a greater degree of access to content than has been possible with othr devices for ages. What's more, with the HTC Tytn that I've had for nearly a year now, I've had access to the full Internet at 3G speeds - and the same is true of many 3G devices if they're running one of Opera's mobile browsers, but is certainly not possible with the iPhone. On this issue, Apple fan-boy that I am, I've got to hand it to Opera.

Now if someone would just write a nice iPhone-coverflow-iPod style interface for Windows smartphones... ;-D


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