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Microsoft execs warn of PC sales drop in crucial Q4


Paying the bills through extortion

Microsoft and company and failing quickly. If the US or EU would break up the Microsoft monopoly we would all benefit. Microsoft is depending more on extortion from companies using Linux/Android. Microsoft's agressive bullying attitude and product churn that costs compatibility and money but add no new functionality does not attract customers.

Microsoft sharpening axe for marketing heads - report


On time because no new functionality was added.

Ballmer's thinking is a millimeter deep. Windows 7 was and is a failure. The fact that it ships on all new PCs is the only reason its selling, not because anyone wants it more than XP. If Steven Sinofsky is Microsoft's star, because he "shipped Windows 7 on time" it speaks volumes about Ballmer's lack of intellect. Windows 7 shipped on time because Sinofsky stripped every bit of promised and hyped new functionality out of it. If XP was still available you can bet your last dollar that XP would be selling more than Win 7. Vista only ever reached 14 percent of the Windows desktop market in the years it was being shovelled off on computer buyers, and I'll bet that Win 7 is only doing marginally better despite Microsoft's monopoly.