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Major London problem hits BT broadband across southeast


Makes you wonder if Anon got cranky over their blocking TPB and decided to nuke them.

Skynet emerges in Greenwich, monitoring hearts to light switches


Considering most of Greenwich can't even get high speed fibre from BT or Virgin, you'll excuse me while I laugh about the smart cities of the future. Oh sure, the exchange is wired they say, now try to find a cabinet.

Third of Blighty stuck on snail-speed broadband


Superfast across the UK?

They can't even get superfast broadband to all of London. Instead we're told

"At his time, there are no immediate plans to extend the network into new

areas if this requires main build - as this is very expensive."

It Greenwich. We're not out in the sticks here. Yet, sadly, no fibre, and speeds trundling along at 4 megs on a good day.

Republican pol rips online piracy bill, defends Google


Other side of the coin

They're all bought and paid for. Issa by Google and Lamar by the Hollywood studios. You can't get elected in America without hundreds of millions in campaign contributions. The only place to get that is big corporations. If you don't do what they tell you to, then that money goes to their opponent in the next election. The lesson gets learned quickly!

SOPA is a dangerous, and worse, ineffectual bill. But have no doubt, they'll push it thru and then come back for more power when it fails too.


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