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Will.i.am gets CUFFED as he announces his new wristjob, the PULS


Accidentally appropriate acronym?

I presume D.A.F is referring to Dissolved Air Floatation, everyone's favourite method of ensuring the the crap rises to the surface in your water treatment plant/ technology venture.

iOS 6.1 KNACKERED our mobile phone networks, claim Vodafone, Three


Am I being stalked by a bunch of fanbois?

Despite not owning an iPhone I've had issues with Vodafone for a little while now, is this a sign I'm being followed by a gaggle of iSheep?

Vodafones network is an overloaded tottering pile of junk and this is a handy excuse.

Google founders, James Cameron, go asteroid mining


Mining a well documented resource

The consortium have set up to mine one of the worlds greatest resources: Idiotically enthusiastic venture capitalists! Next week I predict a press release containing the words "Nano-tech", "Green Energy", "Sustainable" "Counter-terrorism", "Unlimited growth potential" and "Untapped market".

GAGA prepares to inhale some grass


Test bed needs a few gears!

You'll probably want to gear the test bed up a fair way as I'm not convinced your drill will spin it fast enough for a really good cut.