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Can't agree on a coding style? Maybe the NEW YORK TIMES can help


Oh grow up...

Style guide rules, to disagreement lead.

Disagreement to anger leads.

Anger, to the Dark Side leads!!

... (quoth Yoda, with a fine disregard for English syntax style guides)

Samsung scribbles in UK Galaxy Note II debut date


Great Hardware - Poor Software

I tried the pen input on the Note 10.1, and it is very good: the rubberised pen gives a very good "feel".

Sadly, the S-Memo/S-Note software is half-baked. Anyone who has used Windows Journal, or MS OneNote with handwriting input, will immediately see that Samsung have missed some really obvious killer features:

- Enable "handwriting search" over all notebooks. If I entered notes as handwriting, I usually leave them as handwriting. Later, I forget where I noted something. With the MS solutions, I can search, over all notes, for handwriting that matches my search term. Can't do that on a Galaxy Note.

- Select, Copy and Paste of handwriting is missing. With the MS apps, I regularly copy a diagram I've drawn, and paste it somewhere else, maybe enlarged, to add detail. Can't do that on a Galaxy Note.

- Interoperability with the MS apps. Copy from a note fron the Galaxy Note, paste as handwriting into MS Journal or MS OneNote. Can't do that on a Galaxy Note.

MyScript Notes Mobile (http://www.visionobjects.com/en/myscript/note-taking-and-forms-applications/myscript-notes-mobile/description/) seems to do these things, and Samsung have a splash page (http://www.samsung.com/sg/business/resource/business-products/mobile-device/case-study/the-ultimate-in-script-recognition?modelCode=GT-N7000RWAXSP) about MyScript having "arrived" for Galaxy Note, but no indications of how to get the missing functionality.

I've emailed Samsung about this a few times, but they don't reply. Which says bad things about their customer support.

Quite disappointing, because with those missing features, the Galaxy Note would be a real killer solution.

Tablet tech is really a Psion of the times


Re: All I want

And bluetooth, for an earpiece.

And a belt holster, to stop it falling out of pockets.

To me, everything went backwards since the Revo.. Less functionality (embedded drawings in docs?)

GAGA prepares to inhale some grass

Thumb Up

3D printing?

Why don't you work up prototypes by 3D printing? e.g. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-16503443. Surely that is a more future-driven approach for any project you undertake? When you finish, you can publish the design, and anyone will be able to make one...