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LOHAN ideas..

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Measure the balloon diameter.

If you know the largest diameter the balloon will get to before busting, you can use this to trigger the release. A length of string fixed at the top of the balloon down one side to a pull release switch fixed at the bottom would do it. As the balloon expands it gets to a point when the tension pulling on the string around the balloon pulls it taught. You could use a grenade pull pin type setup at the bottom as a release mechanism. This way you get to the highest altitude that the balloon can get to before releasing rather than a fixed altitude.

Boffins unimpressed by LOHAN's sizzling thruster

Helium Frog

Too advanced to be of interest?

I agree with a few posts here that the project is getting away from the "Men in Sheds" appeal of the PARIS project. Powder laser sintering is expensive and beyond most to replicate. Has anyone considered using a RepRap machine as this is within most peoples reach and would bring back the appeal.

Also this is a British project, where is the Union Flag? Come on guys RJ Mitchell and Barnes Wallace will be turing in their graves.

Currently it seems to be dressed in Italian livery, which is almost certainly more chic, but may make the aircraft less reliable!


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