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RIM is really in trouble when even Windows Phone 8 looks great

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The main reason for BB's success with the teens was

Tight parents providing contracts with limited text allowances or pay as you go sims.

This made the Blackberries main appeal BB Messenger, completely free of charge and very functional.

Microsoft shoots Windows Live Messenger, brings in Skype IM

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Re: If they cancel it...

Then they wouldn't get their upsell for skype credit would they

Microsoft promises Metro developers 'fame and fortune'

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Reversable Fail

All Microsoft need to do in case of massive Metro hate is send out a hotfix making Metro an option, crisis averted?

Samsung rakes in record profits as HTC sales dive

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low end

Cheap low end crap devices have ruined the images of the phones, so many people have the attitude now of HTC = crap never buy again.