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White House mulls just banning strong end-to-end crypto. Plus: More bad stuff in infosec land



Instead of undermining the safety and security of every citizen on Earth for the sake of law enforcement laziness, how about they save a few pennies and build a collosal set of supercomputing clusters and put some work in. If the governemt wants encryption to be used that only they can break, then make use of the only tool they have that the world's criminals don't: taxpayer dollars and unlimited land to build Mecha-PC 1.

Is Google's new cloud gaming service scalable? Yes but it may not be affordable, warns edge-computing CEO


Re: so, uh

It still requires a GPU for sure, but it removes the CPU, RAM and storage requirements. Imagine being able to have a persistent, fully physical world for millions of players. I actually think a system like this would be great for MMO styled games.

The completely rational take you need on Europe approving Article 13: An ill-defined copyright regime to tame US tech


Google Better Gear Up

Looks like their ContentID system is gonna get a heck of a lot more use in 2 years time.

Meet games-streaming Stadia, yet another thing Google will axe in two years



I'm personally hoping Google do a deal with EA, Valve et al. to offer streaming my own game library for a few bucks a month. Would be great for travel and lessen the burden to maintain high-performance hardware.

So. To the question we really wanted answering: How real is 5G?


Re: Early Days

No idea. Probably the same types of things people were excited about them the GSM networks were being setup whilst people complained saying they had phone booths where they needed them and FM radio everywhere else.


Re: Early Days

Oh days! One of the awesome changes tho is the size of antenna, because they are only about an inch or so tall, you can cram a bunch into a unit smaller than most Wi-Fi APs. The idea would be to install 5G cells literally everywhere people would use it.

And for areas where this can't be done (for cost or secutiry reasons), the 5G spec still operates on sub-6GHz as well as on actual Wi-Fi bands. On top of that, 5G also uses 4G LTE for handshakes and as a fallback. So once 5G is installed, the worst that you could expect is exactly what you already have, no worse.


Early Days

I highly recommend reading the official white paper outlining the actually changes that make 5G distinct from 4G. It's boring, but most of the changes are around massively increased client density. I think it's a shame that the 5G advertising material is so heavily focused on speed, when it'll be the quality of connection that will really see a substantial benefit.

Things like OFDM and the move to sub-6GHz and super-24GHz frequencies are expected to drop network latency from approximately 20ms on LTE down to sub-1ms on 5G. The 5% low for expected network speed also increases from around 10Mbps on LTE to a flat 1Gbps.

But the vast majority of improvements require a substantial increase in the number of cells and antenna in a given region. This is going to be a very expensive upgrade, and it's going to take a long time.

Turn on, tune in, drop out: Apple's whizz-bang T2 security chips hit a bum note for Mac audio


Re: Who Actually Wants the T2?

Oh why can I only upvote this once


Who Actually Wants the T2?

Don't get me wrong, I understand in principal why it is good from a security standpoint. But for that added security you:

1) Can't use 3rd Party SSD replacements,

2) Certain components can't be repaired without the blessing of Apple,

3) Alternative Operating Systems have somewhere between no ability to see the internal SSD and intermittent support

Personally, I find the whole idea behind the T2 chip a little terrifying. It's the SSD controller, fingerprint controller, boot-loader, an image processor for the webcam, an audio controller for the microphones, sensors to detect if the lid is closed on laptops, etc., a whole lot of security in one neat place. The day that chip gets cracked, I wouldn't want to own a modern Mac that's for sure.

WWW = Woeful, er, winternet wendering? CERN browser rebuilt after 30 years barely recognizes modern web


Re: No https for you

But, as everyone should know, The Register works perfectly, minus an overly long list of links before the body of the article.

Bloke thrown in the cooler for eight years after 3D-printing gun to dodge weapon ban


But Background Checks Don't Work!

Hopefully stories like this can help change that narrative and allow the US to actually do something about gun violence.

Use an 8-char Windows NTLM password? Don't. Every single one can be cracked in under 2.5hrs


The Usual Response...

*Use passphrases, not words, "AworldinwhichIdieonTuesday" is stronger in basically every way when compared to "trump3t"

*Make them nonsensical, mix case and use word and numeral representations, "TacosEngraveSixFlying9s" over "tacosengrave6flying9s" or "tacosengravesixflyingnines"

*Throw some punctuation and grammar in, "WhyIdon'tmindifU2!"

*And then use a local, opensource passphrase manager without cloud syncing or cloud backups.

Mini computer flingers go after a slice of the high street retail Pi


Not Just a Store

It'd be fantastic if they allow an area in the shop to be used like a hacker-space. Maybe a couple of monitors, mice and keyboards and an assortment of Pi. Let the kids try before you buy, or even set up the Pi in the shop and hit the ground running.

Have nothing but good will for the Pi Foundation, I'm a frequent customer of their's and if you ever open a location in Australia I'll be the first in line!

Almost £5k for a deskslab: Microsoft's Surface Studio 2 hits UK


Re: And we thought that Apple stuff was expensive tat

Me! Me! I have a reason, I use the pen input for drafting work as an engineer. Touch is just an added bonus that I don't really use too much, but when I have the pen already up to the screen, it's nice just to tap UI elements with a spare finger rather that reaching down for the mouse or moving the pen across the whole display.

It's bloody expensive and I far prefer desktops I build, but it's actually cheaper than building your own.


This is the only >24" pen display worth its salt, and it's more expensive than the entire Surface Studio despite using the same pen and digitizer system.

From Firefox to fired cocks: Look who's out to save you being shafted by insecure Internet of Dingalings – it's Mozilla!


Re: Bag O'Shite

Hey! The Reg is a beacon of hope in my dreary world.

But yeah I came into this article blind to the meaning behind the triple pun headline.

Senior slippery sex stimulator sales exec sacked for shafting .org-asmic cyber-space place, a tribunal hears


What a slip up.

At least he wasn't fired for lube conduct?

El Reg talks to PornHub sister biz AgeID – and an indie pornographer – about age verification


The Onus Should Fall on the Gov

If they want to enforce age verification for such sites, the government should offer an "Over 18" psuedo-anonymous code. Yes there'll still probably be a database of names and IDs, but if it's government controlled then the MPs will hear no end of it losing the one handed keyboard warrior vote.

Apple files yet another appeal against $503m FaceTime patent payout


I'm no Lawyer...

But if Apple had to change parts of FaceTime to ensure it was not violating the patent, it certainly would seem they violated the patent.

Also, appeals should work on a Double or Nuthin' system to prevent this endless abuse of the legal system.

Megaphone because the latest FaceTime bug turned nearly every Apple device into one.

As netizens, devs scream bloody murder over Chrome ad-block block, Googlers insist: It's not set in stone (yet)


My Machine, I Decide What Runs


Core blimey... When is an AMD CPU core not a CPU core? It's now up to a jury of 12 to decide


Re: /proc/cpuinfo Never Lies (or does it?)

Man it must be easy to score goals with the posts strapped to your ankles.

Wow, fancy that. Web ad giant Google to block ad-blockers in Chrome. For safety, apparently


Google Can Fuck Right Off With That

Glad I already made the transition to Firefox on Android. It's gonna be slow going, but I'm gonna find a way to purge as much Google from my life as I can.

Got a Drupal-powered website? You may want to get patching now...



Start trek, the next generation: PCie 4 flash controller demo flaunts speedy peripheral vision


Re: Woo!

Agreed, but if you're on a mainstream Intel desktop chip with only 16 PCIe lanes available, having the speed of those lanes doubled effectively gives you the same speed with twice as many lanes. Once you have an NVMe SSD (x4), a modern GPU (x16) and some spares for the chipset IO (x2 or thereabout), you've used at least 22 of your available 16 lanes and will have to rely on a PLX chip, which will be a bottleneck. AMD having 20 lanes on their desktop platform somewhat alleviates this, but a doubling in speed would still be beneficial.

*taps on glass* Hellooo, IRS? Anyone in? Anyone guarding taxpayers' data from crooks? Hellooo?


We're 14 days into 2019 so far...

And the US government has been closed for 24 days. I wonder if this is how the world ends, not with a bang or a whimper, just a huff and a tantrum.

Dozens of .gov HTTPS certs expire, webpages offline, FBI on ice, IT security slows... Yup, it's day 20 of Trump's govt shutdown


Re: Oh God

Hopefully no debt collectors


Oh God

If this public facing stuff is already falling apart, what the hell is happening behind the scenes? I doubt these US Government Agencies have systems able to handle being left alone for more than a few days...

Huawei CEO defiant on security claims, vows to be so good, 'no market can keep us away'


I hate spy stuff...

Cause you can never have a serious discussion. Germany says there's no evidence of Huawei doing wrong, but The Five Eyes all act like they are. Is it because The Five Eyes have information Germany does not, or is it because The Five Eyes are wrong, or is it totally malicious reasons like economics and xenophobia? Nobody is going to say, because even their secrets have secrets. So all we're left to do is shurg our shoulders, have a pint and wait for all this to blow over.

Apple yanks iPhones from sale in Germany – and maybe China, too – amid Qualcomm spat


Re: What I don't get is...

I'm not well versed in the details, but I believe the patent suit is in relation to software, hence why Apple is claiming to have fixed the infraction in an update. I'm not certain what software, perhaps a technique for communicating with a modem chip that Qualcomm "owns".

P.S., While I find patent debates ridiculous and stifling to innovation, I personally hope Qualcomm succeeds in getting some compensation here, as if they go bankrupt the market will have significantly less competition.

Tumblr resorts to AI in attempt to scrub itself clean from filth


Let the Prisoners go Free!

Either ban all nipples or allow all nipples! Viva la Nip! I never understood the fear of the feminine nipple myself. Also Tumblr has opened a can of worms it cannot possibly deal with. Tumblr is infamous for obscure subculture, and not all of its pr0n is obviously pr0n.

When's a backdoor not a backdoor? When the Oz government says it isn't


Re: The Holy Trinity

What, do you support paedophilia?




What are the proposed rules for temporary communications? I.e, if Alice hands letters to Bob, Bob reads and then burns them, they cannot be compelled to supply the information lost surely?

Game over for Google: Fortnite snubs Play Store, keeps its 30%, sparks security fears


Rude on Epic's Part

Of course they'll do anything they can to maximize profit, but Google is doing exactly what Apple does, they just have the decency to allow 3rd party installation

Who had Intel in the 'discrimination lawsuit' pool? Congratulations


Damn Intel

They really didn't need more bad press, I hope this is settled soon. If the complaint filed is accurate I hope she gets a seat on the board as compensation.

Oi! Verizon leaked my fiancée's nude pix to her ex-coworker, says bloke



It could've been a Verizon problem with some very coincidental events, or maybe she sent the same pictures to her fiancé and ex-coworker.

I know where my money is...

Here we go again... UK Prime Minister urges nerds to come up with magic crypto backdoors


You want a back door?

Best thing you can have to a backdoor would be for all the western nations to chip in a build a colossal supercomputer and just brute force the encryption. You know what's great about this? Only nation-states could ever use such a method, cause I don't think there are enough grains of sand to make a computer that big once, let alone twice.

Offshore metadata storage fine by me, says Malcolm Turnbull


Re: No compelling argument?

Unless we're talking about media. Do you know how much it costs an HD movie's worth of bits over fibre? So much that only Telstra should be able to. /s

HBO shocks US pay TV world: We're down with OTT. Netflix says, 'Gee'

Paris Hilton

It's So Obvious It's Sad

If you want to know where consumers want their content, just follow the pr0n. VHS, The Internet, Blu-Ray, subscription plans, independent publishing, pr0n has been there and done that in more ways than Urban Dictionary will tell.

First gigabit-over-COPPER chipset lands


Flog that horse!

Flog it damn you! Flog it!

Nvidia's screaming new Maxwell GPUs bring 4K gaming to notebooks


Re: What about the battery?

I can't remember where I read it (Arstechnica maybe?) but NVidia did talk about battery life in relation to Battery Boost 2.0. With a 90WH battery and a 980M (about what the higher end Macbook Pros have) you will get about 45 minutes of unadulterated Tomb Raider with 1080p@70fps. If you turn Battery Boost on and set a frame cap however (30fps in the example) they were getting "2 hours or more as a conservative estimate" with the same settings and resolution doing the benchmark.

So no it's still not great, but considering that is their most powerful chip doing high end desktop-class work entirely on battery, even an hour is impressive for the same batteries we have right now.


Re: pcie?

The full desktop 980 "only" draws 175W at full load. But I do agree, it would be nice for them to also offer their mobile chips in standard PCI-E cards. Who knows, maybe even in single-slot variants too.

ARM gives Internet of Things a piece of its mind – the Cortex-M7


Coincidence or by Design?

Apple's co-processors designed to handle sensor data like this one describes are also called the M7 (and M8 now), I wonder if that's just a coincidence or have ARM named it after Apple or vice versa or perhaps they are made in conjunction with Apple?

EDIT: Wikipedia to the rescue! Apple's M7 is based off of the ARM M-3 chip, likely called the M7 because it was released at the same time as the Apple A7 CPU. And gosh they are tiny chips, 0.1mm square is nothing for such a useful chip.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus: GORGEOUS FAT pixel density - but it's WASTED



What number are they going to make bigger if they don't make the resolution bigger? Screen size is at the point of "Your hands just aren't big enough for this phone", we've already hit 2.5GHz quad-cores and even octa-cores (Yes they're ARM but still, big numbers) and the things weigh less than the sand they are made from.

What's that you say, focus on battery life? Why? Who wants all those features to last more than half an hour?

Apple iPhone 6: Looking good, slim. AW... your battery died


Regardless of Whether you like iPhones...

I wish, wish people would stop comparing silicon between Android mobes and iPhones, kudos to The Reg for using benchmarks to make a comparison instead. God, the number of times I've heard someone say "My phone has quad-core but your laptop is only dual-core (i7), why would you buy something half as powerful?"

What the 4K: High-def DisplayPort vid meets reversible USB Type C



I imagine they want type C for their Air Ultrabooks, I'd be happy but very surprised if they dropped the Lightning connector for something they have no control over.

Personally I just hope the Oculus Rift uses this instead of the 3+ cables it currently has...

A SCORCHIO fatboy SSD: Samsung SSD850 PRO 3D V-NAND


Re: 16GB of RAM

Yeah I aimed to build a low power draw rig for that purpose exactly, I intend to leave the thing on close to 24/7. As for data corruption, as it'll be mostly for gaming and all important data will be backed up to cloud storage, external drives and internal HDDs I'm not too concerned.


16GB of RAM

Well I'll be using RAPID on my build then.

Tasmania offered possible pay-to-connect for NBN fibre


Re: 2 nodes are better than one

Hey! I'll have you know most of Tasmania is fine, it's just the Ancestral Breeding Ground known as Smithton that has issues. Their family trees have a lot of little, tight circles...

The week in tech news with cracking coverage from Regina Eggbert


Please Continue This.

By god this is fantastic, egg-celent even. I'll show myself out.

Boffins: Behold the SILICON CHEAPNESS of our tiny, radio-signal-munching IoT sensor


The real question...

Will it run Crysis?

Payment security bods: Nice pay-by-bonk (hint: NO ONE uses it) on iPhone 6, Apple


Re: NFC useful or not debate Depends where you live

Yeah Commbank in Australia have been offering all of that too. You can get PayPass NFC Credit Cards that have the chip and the mag stripe as the new standard. You can use NFC from pretty much any new phone that has NFC or get a sticker that does the same thing. You can even use the Commbank app on your phone to get cash out of any ATM now remotely.

You request to withdraw money from the app itself, it gives you a code and a temporary pass key, you take both to an ATM and it spits out the cash. Really handy for sending money to friends and family.