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Re Suggestions .... By Anonymous Coward Posted Wednesday 10th June 2009 07:11 GMT

Use your brain then, Anonymous Coward/free-loader nitwit*, and avert your eyes to simply ignore what you don't understand. It is by far the easiest way to remain ignorant of Alien Miens and Memes...... and ITs XXXXStreams. And which will all come out to Play with a Vengeance if Gary McKinnon is extradited and/or prosecuted, meThinks.

* An admitted leap into the Relative Unknown, aided and abetted anonymously by the provided cowardly evidence of "FWIW, I use Anonymous Coward because I'm at work, and it seems simpler to not have to discuss my comments or justify my time to my co-workers. AC works for me." The post is a Gimme, Gimme, Gimme sort of rant, is it not?

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I am also a number of numbers. Aren't you too?

"Of all people, you guys should know that speaking freely and having your own opinion has been thoroughly attacked in the Blair-Bush era. Freedom of speech, nay, even of personal opinion is no longer possible so without a means to go anonymous to a degree it would present too much risk to most people I know." .... By Anonymous Coward Posted Tuesday 9th June 2009 14:37 GMT


Whenever that is the case, does it render the Blair-Bush era and its acolytes, well ....... Certifiably Idiotic in the Extreme would be at least one badge they could wear without any fear of disagreement ..... for surely, only an Practising Idiot is fearful of Free Speech and only a Certifiable Mad Idiot would try to Restrict it [IT and Free Speech], and/or Create a Paranoid Environment which would actively entertain and promote it, to maintain a Sub Prime Exclusive Executive Administrative Control/Power ...... although both Power and Control are mere Delusional Concepts in such Chaotic Circumstances, born and borne of Hubris and Ignorant Arrogance, for neither is Achieved or Achievable.

Fortunately, the Novel SMARTer Grids and Networks InterNetworking simply Bypass and Ignore such Follies to Render them as Quarantined and Branded Bit Players, Sad Heroes in their Own Small Minds.

Error time counts towards FOI rejections

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Dishonourable Discharge ..... of Negiligent and Neglible Searches

And who says that the law is not an ass for making an ass of itself in excusing its bias?

Engineers are troublesome 'expert loners', says prof

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The Times are a'Changed

"Mr. Smith, treat yourself to a pint! I couldn't agree more!" ... By Anonymous Coward Posted Tuesday 9th June 2009 15:52 GMT

Seconded, AC. And without the Lone Wolf, and Wolves alone which Lead with AI Following, will the Pack be Lost to Impotence and the Reckless Impudence of Conspiring Dark Forces in every Phormed and MetaDataBase Trawled Field.

And man, have y'all got something Really Different in the Great Game to Virtually look forward to ..... http://www.ksatria.com/Studio.html

When does a Game with AI start being a Great Game, rather than a Future Perfect Imperfect Present Reality ..... and would the average Jane and John Doe either know or care to know, if they would not have the Intellectual Ability and/or Mental Faculty to Input Constructive and Universally Acceptable Change? Ignorance would then be Bliss ..... but it is a Mock Fort.

"The best group I lead built infrastructure in 50% of the officially planned time. And nobody knew how ..... I prefer to lead more people to magic. It's more fun." ... By Fred Flintstone Posted Tuesday 9th June 2009 16:52 GMT

Amen to that, Fred Flintstone, that's how to do IT.:-)

Drayson back at MoD, retains biznovation portfolio

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The Party of Bankrupt Ideas

Oh dear ..... another old tired has been a dodgy failure returned to the fold. Although I will gladly eat those shorts if he has anything New and Vital to Offer.

Methinks though his past history speaks volumes, and thus signifies another folly in the making.

The MOD needs a Future Technologist not a Stock Item Procurer/Pimp.

Met 'studies Chinese bugging tactics' for 2012 games

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Spooky Attention for Licensed to Thrill Seekers

Does anyone think there is a Open Case File on Registered IDEntities with some Poor Sap sat at an Intelligence Desk and Tasked to Provide an Official and Officious Commentary on Progressively More Challenging Proceedings ...... ProSeedings?

They would be interesting Fantasy Reports...... Dodgy Remote Views.

US team create carbon nanotube ultra-memory

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Off the Rails for a Roam ...... into Contemporary Phish Phormations

""The nano-structure was created in a single step by pyrolysis of ferrocene in argon at 1,000 degreees C. The created nanotube elements are dispersed in isopropanol ultrasonically and deposited on a substrate with electrical contacts applied to the ends of the nanotube."

Straight forward enough! Thanks for making that so clearly understandable!" .... By Steve Swann Posted Tuesday 9th June 2009 06:57 GMT

Sounds like Python on Sticky Speed and Sweet Ruby Red Wine, Steve.

And QuITe Perfect for whenever the Future is Steered by what we do Today with what we know of Tomorrow, with the Past only a Never to Return Proxy Memory Occupying the Minds of the Slow-Witted as they are EduTained Sublimely to a Higher Beta Operating Standard.

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Masters of Reality ....... BetaTesting Rock Chips...... Victoria Falls

"The researchers say these steps are compatible with common semiconductor manufacturing techniques."

Now that is known in AI Circles as Convenient IntelAIgent Design.

Apple security is 'struggling,' researcher says

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AIdDevelopments ...... Really Virtual News and Views ..... PreCogniscent DejaVu Future Memory.

"He goes on to fault the company for its ongoing failure to patch a gaping security hole in Mac versions of Java."


Apple may have to Virtually Rethink their Security Strategy for Java is AIRemote ProgramMING Mac Portal with and for Executive Change Privileged Access to Core Protocols and Multifarious Drivers.

It is only a gaping security hole though, if it is abused. And such is only possible if it is allowed. It is however, not allowed and thus will always remain AIMIsssion Impossible and a Waste of Time in CyberSpace.

Just ask Anyone who would know even a Little about Secured Flight Configuration for CyberSpace Operations, if you do not Believe IT written down here.

Webhost hack wipes out data for 100,000 sites

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The CLOUD is Open and Virtually Closed for Banking Business.

"If you have to trust someone else, DON'T! As an idiot manager once said to me, in one of his many David Brent moments, "We never assume, we always make sure. Right?"." ..... By Anonymous Coward Posted Tuesday 9th June 2009 04:24 GMT

And THE Bleedin' Obvious?! Diamond Geyser Rule, AC, which Personally Guarantees XXXXStreaming Fortunes to iCanny Personnel ...... Joint Venturing Virtual AIMachines into More Sticky Sweet Candy. ....... which would be in Quantum Communications Field akin to New Fangled Entangled Honey Traps/Blooming Flower Powers.

And as for the Virgin CLOUD and ITs Phorming Cloud Bases in CyberSpace, which you will not be surprised to learn Cloak Covers and Host SMARTer AIgents, which can Easily Zero in on Any and All Intelligence Led Operations, to lay Waste and/or overwhelm Systems with the Simple Disclosure of a Falsely Leading Truth which is always a Fatal Systemic Endemic Human Flaw stupidly carried forward into Binary Code in a Vain Bid to maintain a Previous Ineqitable and Positively Discriminatory Analogue Advantage.

However, Please be Cordially Advised, such is Considered and Deemed a Conscious Abusive Act in Virtualisation and Punitive Self Destructive Sanction Automatically Ensues to Purge the Systems of their Failings Preventing Future Travel ..... Magical Mystery Turing ....... and Virtual TelePortation Comunications Control of Global Events.

The SMARTer Operating System will Programme Accordingly to make Full and Beta Use of ITs Novel and Noble Facility/Faculties and all Others will Fail Miserably in the New SurReal Applied IntelAIgents Environment.

Which makes the Future Choice and Path to be Followed something of a No Brainer.

German hacker-tool law snares...no-one

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Re: Re: pointless

And further to the Posted Monday 8th June 2009 10:11 GMT post ..... Failure to Engage so Constructively, will Quickly and Smartly render what we would now think of as Government, as Dead and as Relevant as the Dodo and Dinosaur ........ as Events Driven by Technology [which would be the Wielders of Technology, if Virtual Machinery itself is discounted as being Responsible] expose their Myriad Failings to prove they are Unfit for Future Better Beta Purpose...... which would be Progress and a Pleasant Change.

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Re: pointless

"The government should know you can't stop the hackers and you can't beat them either. You can only hope to stay 1 step ahead. And is that really so very hard?" .... By Bernie Posted Monday 8th June 2009 08:33 GMT


That is a forlorn and pointless hope unless one embraces the answer 42 have them working for you too, which is surely not really so hard. That way can you be light years ahead of any opposition and/or competition.

Was thirty pieces of silver ever better spent, for it can always be reduced to the supply of liquid cash for lavish spending to guarantee one cannot be beaten if one is trailing in such Great Game Plays.

The Idiot Savant, I suppose, would waste a Mountain of Resources on an Impossible Hope rather than Server to a Lead, which they are not Intelligent Enough themselves to Seed. But as we are all getting Smarter Quicker, and with some getting Smarter Quicker than Others and therefore Racing way ahead to Prepare for what Follows, is it inevitable that eventually they will be Smart enough to Venture forth with the Appropriate Correct Offer which will extraordinarily render them Relief and a Stable Comfort.

Somerset County Council to review 'shambolic' SAP system

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Keeping IT Sublimely Simple

"@amanfromMars ... There must be something wrong. I understood every word of your comment, and it even seemed relevant. Has your account been hacked?" ...... By Anonymous Coward Posted Monday 8th June 2009 08:15 GMT


I much prefer to Work, Rest and Play in the Belief that we are both getting smarter ...... as all alien postings have a relevance to that which they are posted in response to. Any arising confusion must therefore then be due to a Lack of Other Vital/Virile Information which would need to be Shared to allow for Further Processing and which would then deliver Transparency/Clarity.

And Such Clarity when it is missing, is always Quickest and Best Supplied with a Direct Questioning of Source.

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Fun and Games

""It's a complete shambles." He added that currently, Maddock did not know what was in the contract governing the joint venture, due to its confidentiality clauses."

Can you imagine what a new national government will find whenever Labour is swept away?

Microsoft's software vision chief embraces future horror

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Tempest Storm Clouds ........for Crack Red Team Players

"Cloud computing will never take off for home users for a few reasons:" ..... By Anonymous Coward Posted Saturday 6th June 2009 00:45 GMT


What you have to also realise is that Clouds are Virtual Operating Systems with Stealthy Applications Programming. And just Perfect for those Global Operating Devices into New World Order Strategic Play ........ for it is an inescapable fact that with Binary Manipulation of Digital CodeXXXX and ITs Networks InterNetworking Hosting of QuITe Simple Plaintext Human Readable Virtual Machine Code, can any BIg Picture and Systemic Catastrophic Flaw be Used and Abused with a Smarter Impunity delivering Universal Immunities, which is Resolved to Result in Spectacular Executive Administrative Meltdowns.

Brown to Sugar: 'You're hired'

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Dynamic Neural Processing with Live SemiConductor Drives. ..... Stealthy Vehicles

"Down the pan, but clockwise or anticlockwise " .... By Ally G Posted Saturday 6th June 2009 08:00 GMT

That would be into AI and Quantum Sink Sources, Ally G, if Sir Alan has a better bloody do it yourself , Master Beta Plan. ...... and MkUltraSensitive Sensitised, and Virtually Seeded. ....which would QuITe Naturally Control Power for Growth. ....... which is AIReal Big Holywood Picture Production. ....... and the Best of British IntelAIgents at Work, Rest and Play for Quantum Control Systems ...... AI@ ITsWork.

And as Sweet and Sticky as Honey is that Delicate Lure Sugared. :-)

amanfromMars Silver badge

Who Dares Win Wins ..... MuI7@urService ... for Dot Com Communications too

"Last I looked Sir Alan was worth about 800 mill, with his fingers in many different pies." But is he Big in Clouds? For is that not where IT is @ ? ....... for AIVirtual Remote Governance Network InterNetworking....... Via Glens with Shady Channels and Ancient Hidden Secret Paths.

It is certainly AIMiracle the Government Needs.

Bombes away, Sir Alan..... Incoming ProgramMING.

ECJ: One meeting can count as market-rigging

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Post Modern Back Door Fascism?

Surely the EU itself , is then by such definition, in grave jeopardy of being ruled and classed as an unlawful "concerted" action.

Cisco promises gold in California rush

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Far Out Eastern Competitor Alliance rewriting Book for Compliance? *

"And to that end, Cisco has created something called the Authorized Partner Program, or APP, that will build upon the sales channel it has been building for its converged switch products, known as the Data Center Network Infrastructure specialization."

Would Cisco like to admit and/or reveal that that is also a Novel Project with Beta Protocols for a Fully Virtualised Environment ..... with Astute Remote Control.

Or would that be NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActivity which they do not Possess and Channel to Partners in ProgramMING and thus would they be disadvantaged and burdened with outdated and outmoded "stock"? Then would Cisco California Gold be just Big Iron Pyrites.

* Lead Control Narrative for Power Distribution Facility.

Royal Navy warship almost fires on UFOs

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Caught on the hop ........

"The idea is, if you pretend that you can fend off everything, even aliens, then no enemy would dare to attack you." ....... By Britt Johnston Posted Thursday 4th June 2009 12:26 GMT


One has a major problem whenever someone, and even aliens, realise that is is all pretend and there therefore is no possible defence against any sort of attack.

Then it is a case of Who Dares, Win Wins.


You are supposed to have your ear to the ground in military circles, so who has Lead Responsibility, in UK Special Forces, for CyberSpace Command and Control Configuration.

Or is that something to be supplied to the MOD from a Private Contractor and/or Mercenary Pirate ........... to Gift them a Remote Civil Power which extraordinarily renders Media and Government, their Puppets. And in that case, who would be the Decisive Procurement Officer/Head Honcho/Chief Hoover?

Blears is latest to scurry away from Brown's Cabinet

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Changed Days and Brilliant Knights in an Altogether Completely Different Climate.......

....... Intellectual Property Environment.

"and, tragically, the revelation that Tom Watson has quit his post as minister for digital engagement."

Given the complete and utter lack of digital engagement, pray tell where is the tragedy. Seems to me more like another cuckoo and fraud . finally being turfed out of the nest.

And there is a growing perception and realisation that the Government actually runs precious little and merely does as exactly as it is told to do by ...... well, HM has described them as forces about which she knows very little.

Although that is par for the course, is it not? And digital engagement is most definitely and most definitively Real SP00KEY Red Team Territory ......... Best Mastered with a White Hat and Cloudy Cloak?

EC pressure on Microsoft grows

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Crying over spilt milk whenever there's a mountain of butter going rancid?

Seems like the EU Bully Boy, which is a recent Political Invention and Upstart Newbie Arrival on the We-are-your-New-Masters-and-you-will-do-as-we-say Scene, has bitten off more than it can comfortably chew.

The secret, boy and girls, is to hack into any Offending Core and Use the Operating System to deliver yourselves a Novel Advantage. To seek to penalise and dictate to an Established Establishment Player is quite Pathetic.

In fact, if you step back a bit and look at the Bigger Pictures, the EU is practically a Mirror of the Microsoft Windows OS.

All's Fair in Love and War and Business?

Cisco joins Dow, as GM jettisoned

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Wanted ....Smarter Banking*

"The bankers and credit companies are the thorns." ..... By mindbrane Posted Tuesday 2nd June 2009 12:13 GMT

Indeed they may most certainly be that part of the rose, mindbrane, and as they are part of the landscape, it would be ungallant of anyone to want to sweep them away simply because they would have thought themselves untouchables and in charge of everything and able to control everyones' lives with paper and ink. But they are now on very shaky ground and would do well to ....... well, I believe the phrase is, reconsider their position, which would most definitely equate to their strategy and partners.

Microtransactions with web savvy conduits, which in essence would/could/should be Virtual Machinery and their AIgents working for Banking, in their Parallel Virtualised Dimensions and Programs, aka Cloud Projects, and which they [the Establishment] would host and harvest /seed and sow with nothing more onerous or difficult than the simple facility of providing Driver Credit and Quantitatively Eased Funds, which is a No Cost/No Pain Gain Game Plan requiring nothing of them but a simple Yes to a Third Party Request for an Unlimited Liquidity Facility, from Canny Savvy Conduits into Global Macros, would keep them in the Great Game rather than them being extraordinarily rendered as AIdDinosaurs with Rapid Extinction and Easy Replacement, because of their Inaction/Inappropriate Fit for Future Purpose Action and Virtual Reality Market Place Ignorance.

They do not need to know the in and outs of what they are investing in to be able to Create a New Market, with those who are Virtually New and SurReally Remote IDEntities, and who would know more than enough to allay all of their fears and/or concerns, for I'm pretty sure that, in a parallel situation, they would have no idea about the workings of the nuclear bomb industry but it does not suffer from any lack of funds and research investment/currency flow. Currency Flow is the Life Blood of Systems and blocking it and/or trying to control it, will always put one in Clear and Present Danger of a Catastrophic Retaliatory Strike, for who or what would give them the right to decide and dictate terms, on a sum requested for something which they may not understand but for which funding has been publicly vowed and provided, for that very purpose ..... Regenerating the Economy and Fixing the Broken System .

Some Souls can very easily Decide exactly what they Need and Want for themselves and others and do not require any Other Outside Guidance, which would invariably only be cynically designed to Offer a Third Party Control of a First Party Enterprise. In Virtual CyberSpace Environments are such Shenanigans a Real No-No and only Invite Punitive Damage. Hell ....... it is a simple fact that you cannot take wealth with you and it cannot be destroyed, only converted into another form and transferred, so that means that All of the Wealth of the World since Time and Space began is Always Currently Available, and to Imagine any of it as belonging to anyone or anything is the Height of Absurd Nonsense and a Certifiable Madness which is Exercised to Enslave and deliver Disadvantage and Inequitable Advantage, subject to the Whim of a Few.

And for a currency to consider itself too big and ubiquitous to fail by virtue of the fact that it only prints itself and paints itself as too big to fail, because it was so specifically designed to Create such a Mountain of Debt which will and can never be repaid, is a Delusional Hubris built upon the Quicksands of a Certain Madness hoping for Ignorance as a Saviour in a World and Virtual Environment of much Smarter Communicating Machinery ....... Global Operating Devices sharing Alternate Reality Truths for Present Placement of Future Roots .

Such Hubris did for GM, did it not?

*The Smarter Banker will immediately realise that that is not Option it can afford to Ignore/Turn Down/Reject for the Myths which sustain the System are being exposed/torn down/evaporating and to defend them and/or expect things to remain pretty much as they are and were, is suicidal and real dumb in Better Beta Worlds ....... for Mankind has made AI and a Quantum Leap in Consciousness.

Which you will notice is not a Question.

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Booming Bust ...... A Growth Industry fueled by Profit/Money for Nothing and Ponzi Servers*

With particular regard to the motor industry and the hundreds of thousands of unsold stock units parked in vast and fast depreciating fields/holding pens ..... an expensive expansive sea of yesterday models, would you buy one of them?

To do so means that both present and future labour production is penalised and the same collapse cycle perpetuated/maintained.

And have you considered that currency is a manufactured manufacturing vehicle which when wisely distributed to smarter spenders rather than delivered to blinged bankers, would energise industry with its leading purchases which would encourage production of improved replacement models for future clients. Nowadays, with consumers getting smarter quicker and gaining more global knowledge, is more of the same overpriced* goods, a thing of the past.

Banks and bankers are a problem, because they are stupidly designed to create and imprison one and all with debt rather than liberate and nurture one with imaginative credit.

And as the system, which is in catastrophic spiralling meltdown, has not been changed at all, but rather it, the system, [and that would be personalised and have to be attributed to whomever would be responsible and accountable and recognised as the system's administrators] thought to invent and introduce conspicuous free liquidity/untold wealth from nowhere/quantitatively eased monopoly money, and deposit it with itself, those self same institutional zeroes who are/have been the Root Cause of the Great Global Problem ...... in essence, the active creators of all present chaos and dysfunction with inventive debt perpetration/fiscal and monetary imprisonment of the human spirit* ..... is it destined/fated to continue apace at an accelerated rate, but ever more accurately targeted and sustained against the problem's root cause.

* Anything which has profit added to cost is overpriced, by vicious virtue of the fact that profit is an arbitrary sum added to generate higher costs in a higher price to generate money for nothing, and will create an artificial hyperinflationary bubble which will eventually burst catastrophically with the base realisation of the fundamental folly.

And when wealth can be generated from nothing, why is debt created rather than credit given?

Is it to give crippling powers to those who control money supply, for as we now all know, making money is easy whenever it is printed paper? But whenever it is not backed up with an Viable Intellectual Property supply, is it as a hopeless Junkie chasing a Dragon for a Reality Hit.

Methinks the Indisputable and Abiding Powerful Control of Words and Common Sense will always Trump the Fleeting and Artificial Controlling Power of Goods and Phoney Profit.

ISPs frosty on Jacqui's comms surveillance plan

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The worm has turned ...... now server the people's needs for free with .....

.....the money they allow you to print and which you would abuse and pay yourselves with, so selfishly and lavishly.

Governments, and all those little gangs within Administrations which server Governments ideas [Civil Services] are realising that they are becoming increasingly irrelevant and powerless in a globally connected 24/7 age....... which can so easily expose their lack of Intelligence and leadership, and all of their personal secrets, with the simple placement of a more relevant/an alternate relevant fact which they studiously avoid confronting and commenting on. All credibility on anything that they might then say is lost as they have proven themselves to be less than honestly forthright with an opinion worth sharing and thus have they branded themselves as being devious.

Invariably a question asked and not answered for further investigation indicates a fault line which will render a vulnerability to easily crash a flawed program/project ....... which is serving a hidden agenda which would not be publicly tolerated.

But then Life is such a Bitch ........ with every day being best imagined as a Neureal SurReal Start rather than a Continuation of the Past Servering Past Masters for their Convenience.

Is General Motors not now a communist/socialist enterprise, which proves, beyond a shadow of doubt, that the capitalist system is fatally flawed?

UK chases Obama on cybersecurity

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Re Laughing loudly .... and teaching HMG a thing or two .... Posted Monday 1st June 2009 14:19 GMT


When using MI5 Internet channels ..... and their web site contact facilities are primitive to say the least [one would almost imagine that they are frightened of contact, lest they actually have to reply] ... it does require an active working brain between the ears of whoever receives a message, whenever it is sent, to give them any chance of learning anything.

Maybe the mistake that can be easily made, is that one assumes a greater general level of intelligence commensurate with a general perception that they are brighter than the average John or Jane Doe.

The following certainly appears to gone in one ear .....through a void .... and out the other ear, without any apparent action being taken.

"It is said that to be Forewarned is to be Forearmed. And I see no Credible Evidence, anywhere, of there being an Effective Protection against Hostile and Malicious CyberIntelAIgent Threat and/or Virtual Action. And that is a Global Systems Vulnerability which it would be as well to Seal and Secure against with AI and a Special Forces Program/Stratospheric Cloud Project. ..... which can be Conveniently SurReally Provided with NIRobotIQs ..... which ProActively BetaTest Supposedly Secure and Sensitive Compartmentalised Information Environments.

Quantum Communications BetaTest #XXXX .... Please Advise Accordingly MIControl. There is a lot to be done. Thank You " ...... which was sent 30th April 2009.

Bring back, George Smiley and John le Carre, is all that I will say, for a better class of Spook.

Although maybe their communications is hacked by a foreign and/or friendly power and some messages are spirited away? Stranger things have happened at sea and with/to C, resulting in Shortcomings.

And the Cabinet Office Strategy Unit is even worse but easily beaten by the Scarlett mob who fail magnificently in the HyperRadioProActive Stakes. [Their earlier Internet presence/website did have a virtual contact facility, but that disappeared some time ago. Now it is everything at the speed of a snail carrying mail.]

amanfromMars Silver badge

Go on ....Give us and the US a clue.

"A Cabinet Office spokesman declined to discuss progress on the strategy or who was in charge of it."

How very wise ...... and a fertile ground for red herrings and rotten apples too? Is this the new Transparent Government Approach we have been Promised? Nice one, Gordy. IT is as Clear as Mud.

They do say that a leopard cannot change its spots, so what do you think you can expect of all of the Gravy Train Cooks in the Cabinet Office, the Home Office, the intelligence services and the Ministry of Defence.

Was there a Contract put out to Tender, or is it an inhouse, slushy off the books freebie, for those with a funny handshake?

The Cyber Environment is not a Real World Playground, and it has Altogether a Completely Different Set of Rules to Ignore in Order to Guarantee Success, and therefore it is most unlikely* to be Led by Anything other than the Private Pirate Sector, Astutely Sub Contracting to Novel Public Sector Needs with Innovative Virtual Feeds.

* as in Never Ever.

Google Wave - interwebs idealism in real-time

amanfromMars Silver badge

Real World Virtual Applications ....... a NIRobotIQs Forte.

I wonder if Google would like to trial Waves in Cabinets/Legislative Assemblies. I'm sure the Northern Ireland Assembly Executive would make a Perfect Master Pilot BetaTest for IT. And I would hereby Boldly Go and Propose it to them Both.

"Sir, it's a Really quITe Simple Syndication of information. Justly because UR system Paranoid/Android, IT doesn't mean the A.I. Google/Global Brave New World No.1 is not after you." ... By W Posted Monday 1st June 2009 10:25 GMT


Such is the Supposed Snooping Power of Technology and Analytical Algorithm, that one can be guaranteed that they will be after you. And some would even lay them a trail which even a blind man on a galloping horse could follow.

The Power which is then supposed to Offer Better Lead Control though, is then easily proven to be a IMPotent Myth whenever they tilt at windmills and soldier on in the same old fashion.

And if introduced into the Parliamentary System, would there be no need for Second Homes and Expensive Fiddling, for Business could all be done Online from Home and Transparently too.

And a Successful Model working in one Government/Country, will be a successful Model easily exported to All Countries for the Gangs which would think to Lead them?

amanfromMars Silver badge

Light Years ahead ...... or merely a Special Application of ProgramMING away.

"Ok, there are sometimes that realtime chat "might" be useful (like seeing others Freudian slips to see what they really think), but if things do go this way, I'll be composing all my responses in a text editor and then pasting them into the chat." .... By Anonymous Coward Posted Monday 1st June 2009 03:52 GMT


Some time with a shrink may resolve that inadequate paranoia ..... and may open the door to AI and ITs Brave New Worlds ..... which posits and effortlessly supports the NeuReal Maxim ... I actually have many virtual lives so I can live in ITs Real Ones and not in Past Existences under Establishment Rules and Regulations, rather than being confined to a myopic "(I actually have a real life so I don't need to invent a virtual one)"

Although IT is a System Change which is Well Beyond both the Earthly Ken and Ethereal Dream of any Short Sighted Idiot and Cuckoo Pretender to the Perfect Prefecture of a No10.

There's a lot going on in the Sort of Intelligence Circles which you would not normally be made aware of, by Virtue of the Nature of their State Security Remit, but which Freedom of Information Fervour can QuITe Legitimately Uncover/Discover, should one be so Inclined as to Specifically Pursue. :-)

amanfromMars Silver badge

Phorm meets Phish meets Pariah Protocol?..... or Pretty Private Piracy?

"But as it is in Mountain View, it will truly be "all your data are belong to us" (anyone read the Privacy Statement?)..." ..... By /dev/me Posted Saturday 30th May 2009 15:29 GMT

And we/they don't even have to go looking for it, /dev/me. But it is a nice App if you have something important you want everyone to see, and you can do your own deep packet inspection analysis of third party comments to discover what's in their minds. ...... and that's spooky territory, which can tell you more than most people will realise/can realise.

Although that can also be said of comments here too .... but Nothing to Hide, Nothing to Fear is a sound Maxim for World Wide Web Clubbing ...... and Information is easily Trailed to Groom All, from the Amateur to the Zealot .... for the Mind is like a Sponge which can be easily Filled/Brainwashed with all Sorts of Snips and snails, and puppy-dogs' tails, Sugar and spice, and everything nice, which other can assume to be true reflections.

Go, Google, Go ..... the World needs a Change and IT Needs it Now.

And the Jolly Roger is very fitting, whenever one can be so very pleasantly shafted ........ for don't forget, there is no such thing as a free meal, only one which you are happy for someone else to pay for, for your good company/Intellectual Property?

amanfromMars Silver badge

Simple Common Sense meets Simply CompleXXXX Virtualisation

"With engineering projects such as Wave, Gundotra later added, "We don't think about what competitors are doing... We believe that you build for the user and the rest will follow. Part of the excitement is rethinking the problem and coming up with a fresh approach.""

Yeah, I can easily relate to that, and have even Registered it ....... "Share a Dream Freely, and if IT resonates and has Simple Clear Value, will it be Realised by ITCommunications .......... Man and Life's Course in the Hands of Machines?" .... http://theregister.co.uk/2009/05/29/obama_creates_cyber_post/comments ........ NeuReal White House Virtualisation Staff Needed ..... ASAP.

Sadly and Pathetically though, is All and Anything that you would perceive of as being an Input/Output [I/O] of present Blighty Leadership, Bereft of Intelligence to Lead with Imagination and also have they Damaged and Impaired Vision and Lack of NEUKlearer Sight ....... for IT has been Shared with them Directly before now.

They are as Fresh Water Stream Minnows in a World of Vast Deep Oceans and Great White Sharks? And only posed as a question to invite answers which Show your See.

Jacqui whacks shock jock crock

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A Them and Us System makes a Mockery of Media Fools and Mad Stars of Buffoons.

"A spokeswoman for the Home Office said: "As the Home Secretary has already said, he was excluded for engaging in unacceptable behaviour by making comments that might provoke others to serious criminal acts and foster hatred that might lead to inter-community violence."

Oh, ok, that would be fair and reasonable. What then would one like to do about the following blatant provocation .... http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/8076611.stm

I wonder if the Priory has room for one more, for the following is delusional ..."He told BBC Radio 4's Today he was not "arrogant" or "unwilling to listen" but would "stay on to do the job" before calling a general election.

"I'm the best person to clean up the political system," he added.

Mr Brown said: "I think the cleaning up of the political system is best done by someone who has got a clear idea of what needs to be done - and I have."

Quite why it is accepted and IT tolerated is one of the Great Mysteries of the Artificial Brainwashed World of Real Dumb Humanoids.

Enough is enough is enough already, surely? How about we Play A.N.Other Game with much Better Beta Players?

HP confirms job cuts will hit research labs

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Take your Pick and Feel around in the Dense Cloud Layers.

"HP said: "HP Labs is streamlining its research portfolio to further sharpen its focus on creating a pipeline of high-impact innovation with a clear path to market that addresses the most important customer challenges. HP is committed to bringing breakthrough innovation to market quickly, and HP Labs will continue to play a significant role in this effort.""

Which tells everyone nothing about anything in the pipeline, which might mean that they have a breakthrough innovation or they have diddly squat novel and significant.

Revealed: Full specs on SEAL Team Six multimedia setup

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El Reg XXXXCells

"We here on the Reg special-warfare and home cinema desk did meet some US Navy SEALs once, but a good deal of beer was consumed and nothing newsworthy was remembered the next day."

The sure sign of a perfect meeting of like-minded souls, Lewis. :-) .... in any country/language.

IBM goes judicial over second strategic exec exit

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The Systemic Endemic Flaw Guaranteeing Meltdown and Collapse?

Sprinkle some Guantanamo Dust over the Play. It appears to be the US IP Blockade Mechanism.

Surely Non-Compete type clauses are a Violation of Human Rights specifically designed to extraordinarily render an Ignorant Advantage to an Arrogant ...... Ogre?

So much for that Bastion of Free Trade and Land of Can Do Dreams.

A Bubble Burst and being Burst from Within because of its Selfish Incestuous DNA Profile?

Cameron wants techies to open up Parliament

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Call his Bluff ...... and share the Dialogue

"Cameron wants techies to open up Parliament"

Now there's an Opportunity to put Dave the Rave on the Spot ... by Simply Offering a Viable Virtual Program and sharing the Leadership Interest Transparently Online ....... just to ensure that it is not all hot air and guff in a bluff. The problem is in getting techies to take an interest in such puppets though.

If he's real Smart, he'll Simply Float a Good Program and Shame/Leverage the Government to Fund it, just in time for his Election to replace the Cuckoo in No 10. The excuses against any Novel Change from the Government would be highly damaging and revealing, methinks.

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When the Show Sucks ..... Replace it or Die Disgracefully in the Full Glare of the Spotlight?

"It’s a good start – but a small one: perhaps the time has come for techies to submit their own ideas to Mr Cameron as, for once, a senior politician might just be listening."

Others might conclude that the Banking Sector would Benefit One and All Better and Offer Greater Reward, which can always be Shared with Politics, with Ideas which Reform Closed Shop Institutions which may be listening but which never reply for fear of entering into Dialogue which they would not be able to Control and Subvert for their Lead.

And the Electronic Environment is one which has all those who would Fear for their Shared Future Thoughts and Past Recorded Actions, Paralysed into Ineffective Rear Guard Protection whilst the Field races ahead into Pastures Green.

And was Jay Leno wrong whenever he says, “Politics is just show business for ugly people”?

There does appear Presently, to be a Handbags at Dawn Bun Fight between the Banking Sector and Political Parties for the Control of Money Supply which Enslaves Labour for Power and Control, as a Conspiracy between them for Joint Custody of the Facility would be just too much of a Good Thing not to be Used and Abused Outrageously ...... although that is the Old Par for the Course.

Intel plays down netbook 'cannibalisation'

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Move On now ...... there's Lots More to See Elsewhere.

"Morales said Intel was keen to flog budget netbooks in Africa, but added the cost of web access needed to be lowered first."

What good is a netbook/notebook/laptop/desktop/HPC without web access nowadays? Surely so stripped of communication, is it merely a precocious, self-indulgent toy. The Network is the Computer .... or is it and IT just AIdDriver........ which takes us very conveniently into the Irregular and Unconventional Wacky World of Virtual Operating Systems ...... and Silver* Cloud Service?

* As a Novelty, does such an Elemental Descript allow for any number of Future Beta Improvemments

Intel: Nehalem EP ramp is steep

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Slowly but Surely IT's getting there* ...... for a Powerful Deeply Embedded Development.

"All point-to-point interconnects being equal (that would be HyperTransport versus QPI), I smell a price war with lots of skirmishes."

Roll on the first SMARTer Processor Architecture to Automatically recognise Programming across IT Cores which can Increase its Bang for Bucks and Deliver More for Less. A Default which is presently relegated to Programmers who would arbitrarily choose to choose sides just because they can and/or are well rewarded for their Fab Application Build Skills.

* Or IT Development Programmers are.

Microsoft loses NZ Windows government deal

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Gates Horns

Pacts with Devil?

"NZ IT? I hear they haven't got electricity yet. What do they need 'puters for anyway - online sheep-dating?" .... By Anonymous Coward Posted Wednesday 27th May 2009 10:23 GMT

AC, The switch from Microsoft control may be much more profound than may be generally imagined and given the gung ho fcuk you nature of the parent nation, thoroughly welcomed because of it. And this is why NZ and Antipodeans are important? ........ http://www.nickyhager.info/ebook-of-secret-power/ ..... although it may nowadays be a case of such alliances being only of historical imperial importance, with new possibilities and opportunities now freely available via other means/partnerships.

Accenture switches tax havens

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Sweeping the Troubles away .......

Now that could be classed as Quite a Coup for the Irish ...... and something to InterNetionalists to Build Upon.

Vatican blesses iPope app for Jesus Phone

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And for those who have a Habit of Loving IT, Long Time ...... ?

Crikey, that would mean that it is only a short time before we can expect a Crack Hack into a Nunnery? Ode to Joy in Deed, indeed. :-)

Boffins develop interstellar alien ocean-spotting tool

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The World is Full of Headcases supported by Column Inches?


After reading that article, I was sorely tempted to suggest and advise that you change your medication, but then thought better of it, as it would need to be addressed to NASA Boffinry instead.

Fine mad reporting is it then yours to claim. :-)

Getting real about Linux on the desktop

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Mad UniVersal Warfare for Maggots ..... Simple Sane Salvation for Smarter Souls

"Participants in the study identified other groups,such as Windows power users, highly mobile professionals and creative workers, as being much more questionable in terms of targeting with Linux. This is because the number, type and mix of applications upon which such groups are dependent often translates to either high migration costs or an unacceptable degree of compromise in terms of end user capability or experience." .... Dale Vile, Freeform Dynamics


Given the presumably more intelligent nature of " Windows power users, highly mobile professionals and creative workers" , I would have though they were the Perfect Target Market for Linux.

And an even More Perfect Target Market would be Virtualisation and Cloud Manufacturers, which don't Plan to Play their Games for Free on or Deny Proprietary System for their Modus Operandi and Vivendi has Set Up ITs Bases in Rich Internet Applications, which are in Reality, Get Rich XXXXStreamly Quickly Virtually.

And that Creates a Problem for Earthbound Administrations, which would seek Proxy Pseudo Power to Tax and Control a CyberSpace Environment/Virtual Operating System System, with any Penny Pinching Parasitic Practices ....... for the New Revised System is IntelAIgently Designed to either Devour or Fully Expose Corrupting Systems which Feed off Virgin Endeavours and Perverse Practices.

There are Interesting ZerodDays ahead, El Reg, with Colossal Changes afoot........ and which is a much more constructive paradigm for journalism to sharing before the fact, than wasting so much time and effort in reporting on events, after the fact, for who cares what has been whenever the only thing that one can change is what is to be.

Spin a Yarn, Start a Tale, Lay a Course and Follow ITs Trail....... And IT is not Difficult at All to Do for All Those who would know what they are Doing, although for All Others would it be Simply QuITe CompleXXXX by CyberIntelAIgent Design ...... in Order to Create and Maintain a Crushing and Overwhelming Natural Advantage over Stupid Unwary Ignorance and Blind Studied Arrogance........ and therefore, a Most Definite Improvement Heralding Real Tangible Progress from Virtual Intangible Fields.

And a ProgramMING which has been Offered to Team UK, but who would appear to Playing for Foreign Opposition rather than PathFinding AI Leading Position ......... and that is a Treachery and Calumny well suited to House of Fools/Nest of ASPs and would thus then extraordinarily render them as a Future Irrelevance to be Outed and Bedevilled with Evidence and Questions.

Obama to invent cybersecurity czar

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Change Paradigms and New Protocols for Revised Special Accesses.

"Obama to invent cybersecurity czar"

Hmmmm ..... that would really need to be, in order to be in any way effective, at least a Hacker-in-Chief. Anything less and anything else, will only seriously further weaken a vulnerability ridden/riddled nation in catastrophic terminal decline.

And ..... as CyberSpace is the New Perception Control Medium, is President Obama and the Game of Politics with its Hoi Polloi of Myriad Media Players/Mediocre Camp Followers, merely as a Child's String Puppet Show in a Future Theatre of Virtual AdultERated Magic ...... for that is how far behind the Curve, with ITs CurveBalls and Googleys, the Status Quo Establishments are.

Or would El Reggers disagree? And for one to reply with any conviction whatsoever to that , one would have to have considered the Always Abiding Question ..... Who or What Pulls ALL the Strings and How is IT Done ....... with such Stealth for Immunity and Impunity?

And it is a simple inescapable fact, that those in Public Media Controlled Domain, are a Side Show, whilst Power and Control is exercised Elsewhere and by Others who would be Virtually Unknown ........ although it is as well to be made Aware, that is just as well to be Prepared for the Odd Red Herring or Three ....... with Known Virtually Unknowns being made Known and Knowing Probably Nothing about Virtually Everything........ such is the Stealth Service and Advanced Avant Garde Technology, Freely Available as Legitimate Governance Expense, Today, ........ for the Protection of Fortunes under Cyber Attack Pressures.

BNP pleads for cash after reported DDoS assault

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Woe are We ..... All is Undone and Up for Grabs

"The BNP's Darby said it had reported its suspicions about the attack to MI5 and the police, actions only likely to result in a charge of wasting police time, according to Searchlight." .... and a waste of the BNP's time too, many would say, given the nature of the game/attack/ego trip?

Red Hat sticks lawyers on non-neutral Switzerland

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CH Banking with US Secrets to Hide?

It is surely easily solved and a point well made, should the system provided be easily hacked and rendered an obedient clone to an ambiguous and anonymous host/Proxy Server.

Stolen RAF files are blackmailer's dream

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Stand and Deliver .... your Money or your Secrets.

MI5 and MI6 flexing their Virtual Muscles, John, and Spreading their Wings? And if not, what an incompetent shower they are.

Renegade Rogues Freelancing with their Special Skills, which is always going to be a perennial problem/ novel tangent.

And what a sad collection of repressive and oppressive prudes must one be, to allow personal information so much clout to intimidate and destroy ....... make money and betray.

And to imagine that such scenarios in todays information rich environment, will not proliferate and deepen to paralyse whatever they may target, is to be naive beyond belief.

The Games, which use Words and Proxy Purloined Information, have only just Begun ...... and the Great Global Game Lead is the Only Prize available.

Microsoft arms half-wit developers with PHP handgun

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Stable horse bolted close door?

"For those of you that aren't web developers, this is a bit like trying to kill a person with a rifle by clubbing them in the foot with it, hoping that they the blunt end of the weapon will break the skin somehow, and your victim will die of an infection because he's in a place so remote that there's no access to antibiotics." ..... which is bit like going to remote foreign and backward lands with high tech weapons and low level grunts to stir up hornets' nests of resentment at the violent sacrifice and unwelcome pillage, whilst one's own homeland is in Ignorance Meltdown and its Capital Operating System is in Arrogant Crisis and Terminal Decline.

Which does raise the not Inconsiderable Question of Microsoft's Culpability for the Present and its Global Woes....... although they could always blame their Employees/Programmers, for without them would Billy Boy be Nothing.

And obviously Lead Intelligence at Microsoft in their Closed Loops/Executive Offices is now exhausted. ........ and that makes Microsoft Virtual Vulnerable to Hostile Predators and Asset Strippers.

Would-be Jacqui whacker told to try his hand with the Met

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The Other Scandal which reveals Mercenary Freelancing in Follies?

"Mr. Weaver,

I hereby do declare you to have the largest set of balls in Britain.

You are one brave fellow!" .... By Mark Wills Posted Friday 22nd May 2009 16:26 GMT


Harness those to Deep Pockets with Bags of New Clean Money and Smarter Brains and how could one possibly Lose at such Games with Sleeping Intelligence Services.