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I haven't bought new pants for years, why do I have to keep buying new PCs?


Never ever build your own PC. Even if you tell no-one and it's only been in the spare room, people will know. People from three streets away will know. People are coming from Gdańsk to have their shit sorted out

Apple wants to buy Formula 1 car firm McLaren – report


Apple can get bent if they think they're buying McLaren. I'll start a bloody petition or something.

Motorola’s next Razr ‘leaks’ online



For some reason, this reminds me of all that Burberry rubbish they used to sell to chavs a while back.

Dad sues Apple for pushing cash-draining 'free' games at kids


Nope, no sympathy. Just like these idiots who go abroad and then moan about big data bills. If it's her phone, more fool you, she's bloody nine. If it's yours, why are you letting her use it? Why does she have the password?

An iPod touch would be much better if she absolutely had to have something. But giving a nine year old any type of phone is ridiculous.

GiffGaff mobile network goes titsup for 3 weeks

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I got in early....

I must be one of the lucky ones - I joined GiffGaff shortly after it first started and have never had a problem. Perhaps they grew too fast, because I did notice an marked increase in complaints around six months later.

Gamers grumble over Steam outage


At least it's not a regular thing

My problems lasted about half an hour, when I kept getting a 'could not connect to Steam network' error message. Didn't even get the option to play in offline mode and I was just starting to get annoyed when it connected.

However, when it did connect, all the firewall settings relating to Steam had to be deleted and added again before I was back to normal.