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T-Mobile imposes swingeing cuts on fair use data limits

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Been out of contract for quite some time

I've been out of contract with them for quite some time but am on the older flext and web and walk style contracts where the mobile internet (3gb with tethering) was an optional extra that I pay for so I'm guessing I may dodge this one - certainly haven't received any text from them. This limit/facility is important to me as it acts as an emergency back up for when the ADSL occasionally goes tits up (I work from home so having a backup is important). The only reason I hadn't signed up for a new term yet was purely because of t-mobile's ineptitude regarding stocking of new handsets and their inability to call me when said stock was received. I wasn't falling for that "sign up now and we'll send out the phone when we get them" line. They were quite keen to get me off the contract I'm on when I was speaking to them about upgrading.

I'm also fortunate enough to have a friends and family discount so am loathe to switch providers as I won't get a deal as good as this anywhere else. Although this behaviour (which I was afraid of since the merger/takeover) doesn't instill much confidence in me sticking with them. I moved from Orange precisely because of their crappy data limits and that influence appears to now be taking hold.

2016 bug hits Windows phones

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All fine here

All fine on my phone as well.

Opera slams Microsoft's Windows 7 E move - again

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@Steve Beesley

Backing up AC's comments above. During the IE8 install you get an option to accept defaults (or something like that) or customize. If you selected the default option (as you clearly did) IE8 will be made the default browser, if you'd selected customize you would have been presented with a yes/no option to make IE8 default or leave well alone (amongst other options). I never, ever trust an installer to know what I want to install with these default settings as you don't know what extra software they sneak in.

MS should have made it clearer that IE8 will be made your default browser if you selected the option you did - and I'm guessing that's what they'll be doing, or perhaps even just having the option prior to that step.

Texas Instruments sounds alarm on 3G

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No problems with my 3G phone

I'm happy with my 3G phone. True I don't bother with video calls, but as a 3G modem for travelling for work and for ad-hoc in phone browsing it's perfect. Can't say I've noticed any issues with dropped calls. I don't bother with all those extra Mobile TV services and whatnot though.

Of course it helps I've got a heavy discount on my plan because my sister works for the mobile operator I use.

Broadband big boys waiting on data pimping

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Glad I'm with Zen already

Your average user isn't going to have a clue about this sort of thing anyway. As long as they get their "free" broadband most probably won't care.

UK.biz: recruiting talent the number one IT problem

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Teleworking does work for some

As indicated by Markie & Killian teleworking can work very easily. I used to work in a satellite office for my current firm, but due to redundancy and people moving away as of May 2002 I was in my own in the office. There were no plans to recruit more people for the office so I started working from home as it made little sense to pay for a serviced office for just me. For most of the time since then we've lived in a one bedroom flat and I commandeered a corner of the living room for my "office" (we've since moved so I now get a room to myself). I make regular trips to the office in London down for a week at a time every couple of months. Partly so I don't go mad being on my own and partly so I'm not forgotten about which is too easy. It is easy to collaborate with colleagues on projects. It is easier for me to fit things around the working day, should I need to. I can easily start early to make up time for that dentist appointment without, if I need a slightly longer lunch to carry out some extra tasks I can take it, knowing full well I'll have started work earlier or can work a bit later and with no commuting time I don't lose personal time to do this. No-one has any complaints about my work and if anything on occasion I will end up working more than someone in the office simply because I don't need to travel anywhere.

I do occasionally having the TV on in the background, but only for certain sporting events that are on during the day (or if I've taped them), but then given I normally listen to music whether in the office or not I equate this to be the same thing as I'm really only listening to the TV and not watching it. I specifically arranged my desk in a way so that I'm not looking directly at the TV when sitting working, again removing any temptation to sit and watch it. Even if I did, doing your work during the day comes down to simple discipline and focus. Of course if you can't focus or discipline yourself perhaps you are in the wrong job.

Say goodbye to Office 2003, Microsoft tells PC builders

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One thing MS usually get right

From my own experience Office is the one thing MS usually get right. Admittedly I'm still using Office 2003 and haven't yet dipped my toe in the Office 2007 seas so can't really comment on it at present. Interestingly nearly everyone else in my office (although not the company AFAIK) have already upgraded, but as there has been no company wide policy applied yet I see no reason to upgrade. In fact I've always been like that being the last to upgrade - mind you working remotely as I do for 7 weeks out of 8 this is not unusual.


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