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iPhone XS: Just another £300 for a better cam- Wait, come back!


For me personally, I live in London so I download a lot of content locally. I ride the tube multiple times per day so it's good to have it all available offline.


Breaking point is coming

Apple have always been about making quality products at expensive prices but the gap between the quality of the product and the price seems to be getting wider every year. Can't see how this is sustainable as a strategy.

When will people reach breaking point and jump ship?

Maybe in two years time when the lowest priced handset will be 1.5K for a phone with 64gb, the next jump being 1TB for 3K.

Hey, remember Zune? Zune's dead, baby. Zune's dead


Re: Zune?

I was about to suggest that you can add 'That guy who got the Zune tattoo' to your list.

However, when I Googled him , it looks like he already jumped ship to Apple in 2008 and then got the tattoo covered up:


So yeah, I doubt anyone will even notice the death of Zune.

Which qualifications are worthwhile?

IT Angle

Don't forget the non technicals...

Most people here are suggesting technical skills you might want to learn. That is certainly a good start but for your first support role I feel it is more important that you can show your future employer that have all the other qualities that make a good support agent.

I used to interview for 1st line helpdesk positions and 90% of the time we went for the person who had the better communication and troubleshooting abilities rather than techincal expertise. If you do get an interview, make sure you comunicate clearly and focus on your ability to provide the best possible service to your customers (the user base) and try not to portray yourself purely as a technical specialist.

Post-pub nosh deathmatch: Souse versus scrapple


Just unloaded my lunch onto the keyboard.

If I were to collect it all up into a bowl and put it in the fridge for a while, it would still come out more attractive than the souse.


So, just what is the ultimate bacon sarnie?


Always second best

The best bacon sandwich actually has no bacon in it but has sausages instead!

Bacon will always be second best to the dong shaped bag of pork.

Rock'n'Roll Racing


Re: As a young 'un...

Mate, I feel for you. Rise of the robots was properly rubbish.

"Tarquin is about to explode!"

Dizzy: the Ultimate Cartoon Adventure

Thumb Up

Yolkfolk on IOS and Andriod!

Looks like you can get some yolkfolk action on iphone and android now. Good times!



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