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Dungeons & Dragons finally going digital


AD&D detailed rules?

My group abandoned AD&D in 1984 due to it's inconsistency in detailed rules. Went with GURPS by Steve Jackson Games, and have been playing consistently with comprehensive DETAILED rules that -even with some problems- are hardly ever inconsistent between the various books and scenarios. Last Saturday, 11 March 2017, we again played in my campaign world -a YURTH variant based on the FREE starter adventure, Caravan to En Arris. And yes, we're still playing 3ed revised 33years later.


GURPS digital content

There is a lot, both created by SJGames, and by player creation. Check it out.

Can Osama keep Bush afloat?


What a load of bullhocky

Point 1: This article has NO, NONE, ZIP, ZERO Tech relationship. Shame on the Register.

Point 2: The author is simply rehashing what the rest of the news media says- zero originality, and zero thought.

Point 3- The news media in Iraq has no clue since they can't manage to get out of Baghdad to actually see the country and report on what is happening.

Point 4: While there is a vocal minority in the US against anything Bush, AND the Democrats have resented both his original election and his re-election, AND the News Media prefers to print stories that support their own bias, NOT the true news or the opinions of those that DON'T agree with them, Bush's policies have so far prevented continued terrorist attacks in the US, strengthened the US economy, and is rebuilding the economy in Iraq, to the great satisfaction of the majority of the Iraqi population.

Point 5: Th majority of US citizens couldn't possibly care less about the opinions of the English, the other Europeans, nor the rest of the world.

Point 6: Calling names is childish.

Say goodbye to Office 2003, Microsoft tells PC builders


Office/Open Office, etc.

Having been a user of word processing, spreadsheets, and databases of various flavors from before there was Windows, I can tell you that some things got easier, somethings got harder, and a lot of things were changed just for the sake of trying to differentiate the product from another company's. I have noticed that those that complain about switching products are seldom given adequate training on the new product. And I find it truly amazing that people will pay for about 99% of the product that they haven't ever used in the past 3 versions, much less the "new" stuff that they don't need, all because some salesman says they should upgrade!

And the FUD about "incompatibility" is pure marketing BS!

Investigators find secret White House email accounts


Rep vs Dems & Privacy

From my POV: All citizens including those elected deserve privacy, especially from nosey busy bodies of the Press. While some organizations, my employer among them, think that they have the right to read any email passing through their computers, I feel that like mail delivered by the USPS, what is addressed to me, especially when it does NOT pertain to my job, is none of their business. Thus, I currently have 7 email addresses used for different purposes. As the official White House email is for “official business only” I would expect that the people there also have multiple accounts to deal with contacting friends, family, gathering news, carrying on other business, and yes, even supporting the Republican Party.

The article is slanted such that the act of having multiple email accounts is suspect as a means of avoiding the archiving of official business. This is obviously a political ploy, as I would be willing to bet that everyone on Capitol Hill has multiple email accounts, if they are computer savvy enough to have email.

As far as the Republican/Democrat controversy is concerned, there are criminals in both camps, stupid people in both camps, brilliant people in both camps, etc. Bill Clinton was impeached, justifiably, for lying under oath. I’m sorry that there was no punishment, but I’m very happy he was not removed fro office. Some of the members of Congress in both parties have also been found guilt of crimes, as well as some of the current administration. While some of the more rabid Bush haters think that everyone in his administration should be impeached, I’ve noticed that the Democratic leadership has NOT attempted to bring any sort of charges against either Bush or Cheney.

While I have not agreed with a number of this administration’s policies, neither have I thought that they were the worst possible choices. In most cases I would consider them merely mediocre. Nor do I believe –apparently as do some- that Bush is the Devil, his associates are Demons, and Civilization is about to fall! I would suggest reading more, listening more, and actually thinking actions, causes, effects, and future consequences, before forming an opinion.


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