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Woe, Daddy! GoDaddy customers wail as hosting service GOES TITSUP


Already resolved?

No issues accessing sites from here, and no known issue shown on support page

BSkyB broadband growth chopped in HALF


I too was migrated was with BE, with many years of faultless service.

As soon as I heard Sky were taking over, I called to cancel but settled for a year paying half price, as I was reassured it'd be at least a year before I was actually migrated. I was with Sky before BE, and it was pretty terrible.

I got my MAC code and moved to Andrews and Arnold. Paying twice what I'd pay for Sky once Sky's initial promo price finishes.

Nothing as such against Sky, I'd rather just pay a bit more for a real premium service where they are pro-active at dealing with issues rather than reactive.

Brits' HSBC bank cards, net access goes TITSUP

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Re: Bring back the cash economy!

Don't lie. The council have no obligation to accept £800 in 2p pieces. They'd quite rightly tell you to get fvcked and do you for non payment.

ISPs: Get ready to slurp streams from Murdoch's fat pipe


Re: Who else has left already?

I planned to, made the call and everything.... Then got offered half price for the next 12 months and decided my moral values would be sidelined

Virgin Media's blighted SuperHub NOW comes with extra squeal (oink)


Re: Mine does this, and has done since day one

It's still going to make noise in modem mode

Microsoft forbids class actions in new Windows licence


Good thing we have UCTA over here, wouldn't cover "class action" but would stop them limiting their liability against the implied terms of the SGA (s13, s14.2 and s14.3)

Hosting firm suffers 'innocent' intrusion after billing system hacked


More than likely! They run ebillhost for billing, but I bet WHMCS was left dormant and outdated


Maybe Vidahost's cloud? https://www.vidahost.com/cloud

Anonymous turns its fire on China


That's a little optimistic....

"today websites are hacked, tomorrow it will be your vile regime that will fall"

Web hosting



Do you need the full resources of a dedicated server when you could get a virtual server? I can only imagine how poor dedicated hardware would be at the sub £35 mark (surely that cost doesn't even include any sort of management).

At that price, you could get a decent MANAGED VPS, or a cracking unmanaged VPS which will be on much better hardware.

I can highly recommend Vidahost for a managed VPS https://www.vidahost.com/servers/overview/virtual-dedicated from personal experience (UK based, all UK staff, great team).

Unmanaged, RackSRV http://www.racksrv.com/virtual-private-servers, or even a premium VPS from Burst http://burstnet.eu/premiumvps.shtml.

Please note I am currently hosted with Vidahost, but have no other affiliation. None of the links provided are affiliate links etc etc.

GiffGaff goes titsup again in 'leccy cable gaffe


It's plastered all over the giffgaff forums

See above

Tesco blunder prices 64GB 4G iPad at 50 quid


Re: Law on their side?

Not unless you were working for that shop pre 1961 when the case of Fisher v Bell stuck it into case law that prices in store are a mere invitation to treat, not an offer. No offer = no chance of acceptance = no contract to sell. Your boss should have read up on contract law.

Tesla X e-SUV to sport monster touchscreen on the dash


Those doors

Nightmare in any multi-story car park round here. You'd only be able to get out of the car if you'd parked on the top floor without a car next to you.

Also, some scrot will try to have the screen out.

Modeling-clay iPads foisted on unwary Canucks


Amazon aren't immune either. I ordered a 128gb SSD, and received a 64gb SSD in a 128gb box. Btw, Crucial, if you're reading this; it's pointless putting a security seal on the top of a box if you leave the bottom wide open.

Dagenham council: Only language our tenants understand is SMS


I would hope that the level of automation in the system would make it cheaper on a per enquiry basis than staffing people to answer the phones or sending via snail mail. But it's a council, so probably not.


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