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Microsoft rolls out first 'major update' to Windows 10


Re: W00t!

Jesus H Christ. Mods?

Handing over emails in an Irish server to the FBI will spark a global free-for-all, warns Microsoft



> US law governs companies in US jurisdiction

The problem is that this, the basis of your argument, is a foundationless assertion. US law may govern companies in US jurisdiction, but that doesn't automatically extend into other national jurisdictions, regardless of how US law is interpreted. Because US law isn't relevant outside of the US.

Hard to grasp, I know, but *officially*, the US ruling cabal doesn't own the world yet.

Assange™ is 'upset' that he WON'T be prosecuted for rape, giggles lawyer


Is there any point in having a comment section?...

....if the Reg is just going to allow it to be used for astroturfing in such a hilariously blatant manner? Don't be deluded that we can't see through it. This kind of thing makes you look like absolute shit.

Don't want Windows 10 FILTH on the company network? Step this way


Re: Stupid, Childish, Clickbait Headlines

I say we "grow up", and stop turning a blind eye to the tsunami of astroturfing MS drones by rangebanning the fucking lot of you.

Man FOUND ON MOON denies lunar alien interface


Blind man declares "there's nothing out there!"

>The evidence though is that not even the faintest sign of anything even remotely resembling life has been found outside of our planet.

We don't have the technology to be even remotely conclusive about "what's (not) out there". But the fact we're here and there are countless other star systems out there leaves many to believe we're not the only ones.

Russian gov to dump x86, bake own 64-bit ARM chips - reports


Re: "NSA back-door paranoids"

The "don't be a conspiracy theorist" brainwashing is very strong. Those of limited intellect/gumption will find it difficult to shake off, no matter how much reality is waved in their faces. Humans are a rather pitiful sort, by & large.

China puts Windows 8 on TV, screams: 'SECURITY, GET IT OUT OF HERE!'


Not many hacks from the US then

The yanks don't need to hack your network from the outside. They have a device on your motherboard.

Microsoft swats away FBI request for Office 365 subscriber data



Ruling something unconstitutional would surely prohibit that activity forever. *cough*

Multiplayer Elite to debut on May 30th


Drew Wagar

This is the man to watch for the fanfiction

Stephen Hawking: The creation of true AI could be the 'greatest event in human history'


Re: Thinking about thinking

It's actually frightening to imagine primitives like ourselves getting hold of the kind of power you describe. I'd like to think that if things became that extreme, we'd be swiftly put out of our misery by a benevolent advanced species. One can only hope.

Tim Cook: Apple's 'closer than it's ever been' to releasing new product range


Re: Nothing that innovative coming, then

> In other words, it's going to some "thing" that's already on the market, but sprinkled with some fairy dust to make it better. Whoopy do

Unless it's an ultra-realistic fanny. That might do quite well.

Man sues NASA: Mystery Mars rock is a UFO – an unidentified 'FUNGUS' object


Re: Backfiring Logic

Correct. Conspiracy is impossible. Humans never conspire, and anyone who proposes otherwise is insane. I mean look at this guy!!! HAHHAHAHhahahahAHAHAHAHhhHahahahahAHAHahahdaeiewjf'arwef'ermgaergaknre'kag

Clearly all this demonstrates that we should never ask questions about anything, ever.

MPAA spots a Google Glass guy in cinema, calls HOMELAND SECURITY


...sounds monumentally stupid

A bit like saying "when one ARE". Don't fuck up grammar when trying to insult others' intelligence.

Microsoft buries Sinofsky Era... then jumps on the coffin lid


Re: Ragarath

Nice try Sinofsky. Actually, shit try. You sound exactly like a grubby, butthurt astroturfer.

Click here to beat David Cameron's web porn ban



South American presidents have a far better record of resisting US pressure than our sorry little child-leader.

Assange flick The Fifth Estate branded 'WORST FILM OF THE YEAR'


What a fucking surprise

So apparently people don't want to pay to watch crass propaganda. Perhaps they should have wheeled out Kathryn Bigelow again...

Microsoft, HURTING after NSA backdooring, vows to now harden its pipe


Calling "tinfoil hat" or "conspiracy nut"

What an intelligent and noble position that was.

Looking back on these times with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, our grandkids aren't going to be too forgiving of protestations that "it was different then" and "you don't know what it was like". The fact is: if you have *ever* called anyone a "tinfoil hat wearer" or a "wacky conspiracy theorist", you are a craven imbecile.

Yes, I did it too once. And I'm going to do what we all are going to do. Lie.



Microsoft will give the NSA access to any and all data it requires. This is yet another of their typically harebrained publicity stunts.

US House Republicans: 'End net neutrality or no debt ceiling deal' – report



"Don't go overboard" with criticism of republicans? Oh I think we need to go a hell of a lot *more* overboard. This story yet again shows republicans peacocking around the senate, proudly wearing sandwich boards that advertise their gross corruption. Oh, I'm sure that each of the house representatives has endured a torrent of calls and letters from their constituents, begging for an end to net neutrality. That these senators have the lack of respect for their country to openly trumpet their status as corporate shills is absolutely disgusting. These wretches deserve to be dragged out of the senate by their hair and shot in the street. Here's hoping the people of the US show some balls for a change, and do just that.

Apple: Now that you've updated to iOS 7... YOU CAN NEVER GO BACK


"eliminating" jailbreaking

They've been planning on eliminating jailbreaking since jailbreaking. No joy yet, and I doubt they'll ever truly get rid of it.

'Bet Lynch' types BANNED from zoo for upsetting not-so-wildlife



I expect they're rather more 'upset' at being *locked in a fucking cage*. How about dealing with that little issue first.

Paypal not sure if its bargepole is long enough for crowdfunding


Re: Responsibility

Exactly. Paypal have a habit of "freezing" large value accounts, then making excuses and hoops to jump through, with the intention of thieving the money. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned it yet, since it's common knowledge: NEVER USE PAYPAL - especially to store large amounts of money. They *will* attempt to steal it.



Re: "tinfoil hat"

Hah people still try the "tinfoil hat" slur, with everything going on these days. Pathetic.

Ofcom launches idiot's guide to traffic-shaping


Re: Refrain

Pff. Give it another couple of years and there'll be nobody but astroturfers left on boards like these. We're all fucking SICK of the stink of you.

Report: Secret British spy base in Middle East taps region's internet


At the time it was thought to be sabotage.

And when the second and third cable cutting episodes occurred in quick succession, they were coincidence. Didn't want to be a filthy "tinfoil hat wearer" did we? How hollow and ridiculous that slur sounds now. We deserve what is coming. Stupidity of this magnitude shouldn't exist.

Microsoft warns of post-April zero day hack bonanza on Windows XP


How is this not criminal?

There's no way on earth a company in Europe would get away with something like this. I've been trying out Linux Mint recently, and it's bloody good! Can even get games like DOTA 2 on Steam - and you get much higher framerates for your hardware.

So Microsoft are determined to run themselves into the ground. GOOD.

Mystery object falls from sky, area sealed off by military: 'Weather balloon', say officials


I actually like the "weather balloon" explanation

Given the history of that extremely flaky explanation, it says clearly to those interested "alien/military shit", while allowing those disturbed by such things to stay with "weather balloon".

After all, it can't escape the attention of any thinking person that a military exclusion zone is not required to recover a poxy weather balloon.

KEEP CALM and Carry On: PRISM itself is not a big deal


Bullshit Damage Limitation

I see the fuckwitted damage limitation stories have started to run in the usual propaganda outlets, ably surrounded by the usual infantile shills crying "tinfoil hat!!" as an attempt to dismiss fact.

PayPal denies stiffing bug-hunting teen on bounty


Paypal are simply good old-fashioned criminals

Barclays won't even process payments to them. I tried and my card was locked a a result. "Not a trusted organisation" I was given.

Look, if you don't know by now, ALWAYS IMMEDIATELY WITHDRAW YOUR ACCUMULATED FUNDS from Paypal if you have to use them. If you don't *have* to use them - DON'T. It's the wild west on the interwebs, and this is a pikey scam of a firm.

Boffins plan to drop €250,000 TEST-TUBE BURGER on London


This is fucking good actually

I love my meat, and there's no way I'm giving it up, so it'll be a big fucking weight off my mind if the nerds perfect this process and start churning out unconscious meaty products. Like a lot of people reaching middle age, the extremely faint yet undeniably possible threat of post-mortem judgement has, in the past, made me think of going veggie. I simply doubt that any super-intelligent deity would suck on my crass protestations that 'they're just animals', or that 'they like being farmed, it's been thousands of years etc etc'. So instead I've just had to come to terms with the fact that farming meat is evil, I'm gonna eat it regardless, so I'm evil. With this little advancement I can die easy.

Apple asked me for my BANK statements, says outraged reader


Taking the piss again

Apple will have to start reining in this type of arrogant shit. Joe Public is not as enamoured as they once were in the iphone heyday, and people who follow the tech news tend to really dislike them. They've had their wild youth, now it's time to grow up a bit before a significant backlash kicks off.

White House threatens to veto redrafted Cyber Intelligence act


Re: What tha'...?

I suppose he needs to perform the occasional token pushback, or it'd be all too obvious he's a puppet

Google: 'Austin is our next Fiber city.' AT&T: 'Us, too – maybe'


Investment incentives?

I'm not seeing what AT&T is up to by demanding investment incentives from the public sector. Google are presumably making no such demands, and I am 100% certain that nobody gives a flaming shit whether or not AT&T enter the market.

It just seems that these shitty companies have a pathological need to lay a fresh turd into the centre of any new deal - even when it's apparently directly to the detriment of the business plan.

Kissinger and tell: WikiLeaks scrapes 1.7m US diplomatic reports from the '70s


Osama ran for 7 years before they got him

7 years indeed. Then conveniently shot in the face, and even more conveniently 'buried at sea' the next morning. Sorry, we're just not that stupid.

Microsoft Xbox gaffe reveals cloudy arrogance


Re: Always on gaming, are these guys allowing for ANY BREAK IN THE CONNECTION?

I'm not sure we need to provide a detailed defence. The reality is that always-on is a highly offensive anti-consumer cash-grab, which nobody with an ounce of sense will accept. The only threat is the potential size of the 'pleb market' that have no knowledge/concern about these issues and will give these shitty companies money regardless. Unfortunately, I believe that market to be extremely large. So do the decision makers at MS, EA etc, clearly.


Re: connection comes with a 99 per cent contract guarantee

That's a joke??

Official: Sky to buy O2 and BE's home broadband product in £200m deal


Re: Anotherone looking for a new ISP

Virgin are fine as long as you can live with the 75% speed reduction as soon as you start actually using the line. The high speeds are just marketing bullshit that only holds if you're a light user and live alone.

Chinese Army: US hacks us so much, I'm amazed you can read this


US & China - similar much?

For all the bullshit and the quite unique styles, the US and China have become very similar in recent times. Media orchestration, money > people, absurd delusions of grandeur, massive corruption, and of course, ludicrous amounts of surveillance and propaganda targeting their own citizens. The Chinese have even begun exploring space. They'll be telling us they're a "land of the free" next, as they monitor every communication, run jails as a private industry, and hound journalists that dare speak against the regime. If these two former polar opposites can find so much common ground, perhaps the "one world government" Bush snr was so obsessed with might actually be possible.

It begins: Six-strikes copyright smackdown starts in US


I don't give a shit anymore...

...and I don't think many other people do either. This kind of stenching corruption will only continue to distance the people from their governments. Does the US government think it can drop all pretence that it's anything other than a 'serf control agency' to keep the cattle penned in? I think we might be airing out the guillotine soon, unless the 1% think they can stop hundreds of millions of very angry people with the force of their primate superiority alone.

British, Belgian boffins battle buffering bandwidth bogeyman


slow video has nothing to do with latency

It has more to do with ISPs like VM using Akamai caching on Youtube videos to reduce their requirement for investment in network capacity at the expense of user experience.

BYOD is a PITA: Employee devices cost firms £61 a month


Re: Pay for my own device, and have them lock it down?? - Quite agree

They try to 'confiscate' my stuff, I'll 'confiscate' their teeth.

Big Windows updates may ship this summer – and every summer


This is about circumventing the uptake problem. If Windows 8 had been a success, Microsoft would have taken a successful step toward the walled garden 30%-of-all-apps profit utopia. They're looking at using Windows versions as a loss-leader so they can wrestle total control over the platform of the day and reap the ultra-profitable, user-screwing benefits. They ain't so smart.

George Bush's family emails, pics ransacked - and spewed online


re: Wrong Bush

You actually think it makes a difference?

Earth-like planets abound in red dwarf systems


Re: why haven't they found us and made contact yet?



why haven't they found us and made contact yet?

What would they need to do to "make contact"? For instance, what if missiles were launched against them whenever they were detected in the atmosphere? What if they could cruise over Washington on two consecutive Saturday nights in full view of everybody and still be ignored because humans are fucking idiots?

Basically, even if they landed on the White House lawn and forced TV channels to cover it globally, there'd suddenly be an explosion or power cut, then endless news stories about a 'terrorist attack'. Those that acknowledged the blatant alien landing would be ridiculed as heretics. End of story and back to vacuous rumination over "are we alone?".

Where's that fucking comet - it's been 65 million years already...

Fed confirms but downplays Anonymous Super Bowl banker hack


Re: Translation

I know these Fed guys are super rich & powerful, but using the ISS as a webserver? That's just taking the piss.

We're not making this up: Apple trademarks the SHOP


Re: Shamsung stores

I was about to slap you for being a shill, but that article shows some pretty blatant shammery. Shamsung indeed.

Is your Surface Pro a bit full? Slot in an SD card, it's not from Apple


Re: Windoze fanbois

The number of fanbois a company has is directly proportional to their astroturfing spend. And my god, there's clearly been some spend today.

Megaupload outed file-sharers to Feds months before Dotcom raid


Re: I'm not sure why El Reg is on a vendetta against Kim Dotcom

....or any article by Andrew Orlowski. Laugh out loud stuff.


Re: I'm not sure why El Reg is on a vendetta against Kim Dotcom

El Reg is a propaganda outlet, unfortunately. Search for any story on Julian Assange, for instance, and soak up the idiotic US-style hyperbole.