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Six months on from HMRC, data losses still rising, says ICO


Losses Growing?

Perhaps I'm being pedantic, but surely the number of losses can't go down (unless reported "losses" turn out not to be lost)? Is it, in fact, the rate of reported losses which is increasing?

Manhunt 2 banned



Why do other people insist on telling me what I can or cannot see? If they don't want to see it, fine, don't watch/see/play. I am a father of two and my wife and I decide what my children watch/see/play and damn the stupid so called moral majority/fundamentist christians/concerned viewers or whatever they want to call themselves.

Censorship is Big Brother (the Orwellian variety, not C4) gone madder. I don't need anyone else to protect me from this stuff, I am perfectlly capable of deciding for myself and my family.