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Jury awards Apple $1bn damages in Samsung patent case

Great Smell of Brut

Re: But Samsung did copy Apple though.

I was under the impression that there was Prior Art for the Slide to Unlock gesture.

Anway. given that this was really an attack on Android, albeit by proxy, and a lot of this was down to the "look & feel" of the UI, why hasn't Google stepped in to back up its licencees?

Samsung should pop across the hall and see how the team is getting on with building the Windows Phone 8 devices.

iOS 5 'crashes more apps' than Android

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My WinPhone never crashes ever ever it is the best thing I ever had and I just signed up to tell you how great it is and you should try it.....

and you don't need to install completely different firmware or some kind of quad-cored monstrosity to stop it running like a dog

(PS will this do?)

Microsoft mum on leaked Phone OS plans

Great Smell of Brut

" If the person who bought the WP7 phone pulled it out in a pub everyone around would laugh at them"

Well, it is only 3.8 inch

Great Smell of Brut

Re:Thanks for signing up just to say that.

I know, my first post since signing up in 2009, must learn to lurk moar

Great Smell of Brut

I rather like WP7. Its pretty fast, it's oddly stable, and strangely it just works.

My other half has a Samsung Galaxy S2, which the Android enthusiasts seem to think is currently the mutts nuts. However at least once a day, despite being quite a calm and collected young lady, I hear my beloved uttering the phase "what the **** is it doing now?"

I also think that Android would be a little more immune to Apple's patent trolling if it didn't look like Google ripped off iOS by having someone buy an iPhone and then describe its UI over a slightly knackered Skype connection.


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