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Lexus cars suffer Purple Screen of Death – code bug turns the air blue



Ahh good old programmer purple :)

FBI's Most Wanted: Syrian Electronic Army hacktivists


Re: Agha and Dardar at Syria

The walls fell.

How Microsoft copied malware techniques to make Get Windows 10 the world's PC pest


Re: The easier way to block it

"GWX Control Panel" has worked excellently for me, it's now on all my PCs.

Getting metal hunks into orbit used to cost a bomb. Then SpaceX's Falcon 9 landed


I went straight to the comments when I read that line :)

Microsoft to OneDrive users: We're sorry, click the magic link to keep your free storage


Re: Oh Microsoft,@ Roq D. Kasba

If you need to do power user stuff in a spreadsheet, Excel is usable, OO falls down under the strain too easily. It is slow to load complex workbooks, it's very slow at calculating lots (thousands) of lookups, OO crashes once you start doing more complex lookup-focussed models... we tried it, and had to stick with Excel. OO is only good for the basic spreadsheet use case (at this time, though as that's 99% of users, hard to see that they'll invest lots of time/effort getting it to compare to Excel for that tiny proportion of userbase).

We can't all live by taking in each others' washing



Tim your columns have been an inspiration :)


Re: The last one?



Re: The last one?

Oh Nooooo! :( Wish you were joking, it's the first I'd heard of this, I love Tim's stuff. I knew economics was what largely shaped our recent behaviour as a species, but he can really bring out the subtle nuances - do we know where he'll be writing in future? ...I would like to continue to follow his work

Robber loses heist case after 'evil twin' defence, gets 60 years


Re: Any compassion?

That was my thought when I read this, the guy is clearly mentally ill :(

Gazan medico team 3D-prints world-leading stethoscope for 30c


Can't we see a picture of the 3D printed stethoscope? The one in the article is just a picture of the Littmann commercial one... :)

Got an Android phone? SMASH IT with a hammer – and do it NOW


Re: Tightwads

My thoughts exactly - this is such a powerful exploit (not needing any user interaction to infect device) it should have received a larger bug bounty.

Boffins sting spooks with 'HORNET' onion router


Should've googled before they named this..?

lol I just googled:

hornet network

...and the top result is: Hornet Networks Gay Social Network... Meet more than six million guys worldwide... Hornet makes it fun and easy for gay, bi, and curious guys to meet each other.

I'm wondering if it would have been better to find something that wasn't an existing network and based the acronym/name on that, so the masses can find it easily through google.

Commodore PET lurches out of its 1970s grave – as a phablet


Xperia Play II...

This is just half-arsed branding really. Anyone can stick some emulators and ROMs on any android device. For emulating games on a phone with PROPER controls, the gold standard is still the aging Xperia Play.

I have one I'm using as my main phone, but it's seriously showing its age. Overclocked to 1.9 Ghz (from stock of 1Ghz), plus a linux swap partition on the class 10 MicroSD to stop the OS unloading everything when you open a few tabs in a browser.

The fist company that makes a current spec (Galaxy S4/S5 level) device with built-in slide-out joypad and shoulder buttons like the amazingly ergonomic Xperia Play will make a killing from the niche market.

Pleeeeeease make one somebody! If they even did it as a kickstarter it would so get funded.

P.S. I've tried various bluetooth controllers from Xbox360 sized, down to chunky keyfob sized... it just doesn't work like the integrated Xperia Play controller does. The problem with the keyfob one was also that then it's tricky to balance your phone (since you're holding the little controller, not the phone).

Shadow of the Beast: Amiga classic returns from the darkness


Re: it was the music

Cool - I too used to rip the tracker modules out of memory after soft resetting (or just exiting the many PD demos back to AmigaDOS then running the ripper from there)... used to rip gfx too sometimes, though that was less straight-forward :) Good days :)

Microsoft finally finishes its PowerPC emulator


It would be embarrassing if they *hadn't* got a 360 emulator in development/running, since there's already a new open-source one for PC (not just CxBx which mainly just runs Turok) - "Xenia"... runs ISOs and Marketplace games. Currently plenty of issues, though it seems to already run quite fast, so expect Dolphin-like performance on a decent PC (GC/Wii emulator) once they start ironing out rendering issues, stability, and do performance optimisations...



plenty more vids etc, just search for xenia emulator :)

DON’T add me to your social network, I have NO IDEA who you are


deleted after reading sentence properly ;)

Google to extend rogue Chrome add-on ban to OS X


Re: As an OSX user..

If Google make it impossible to install ad blocking and script blocking plugins, they have made it impossible for me to continue using Chrome.

You can now play thousands of classic DOS games on Twitter. Goodbye, productivity


Re: VinceH

Agree Vince - using Chrome here, disabled all java/ad blocking stuff, page refresh, still no embedded games in the reg article, just clickable links that take me to the archive site. Perhaps only works on certain browsers/versions at the moment...

High on bath salts, alleged Norse god attempts tree love


Yep, definitely a lot of potential

Boffins baffled by the glowing 'plumes' of MARS


Where's amanfrommars, we need you! :)

Spent the weekend watching Game of Thrones? You're a FAT LONELY SADDO


Re: Seinfeld - done already!

Here's the bit:


Wizard of Oz OFFICIALLY 'most significant movie' EVER, says PNAS



Well it does have it's own (modern) pinball table...


Fujitsu: Slide your fingertip through our ring piece and show mice the finger


This has to be the best Reg headline EVER.

Hey, bacteria: Resistance is FUTILE – boffins grow new super-antibiotic


I would like one of those new Apple iCube devices please

Pirate Bay admins 'couldn't care less' about police raid


I love Neil's generous quoting of the guys name: Mr 10100100000. That is a great name :)

Google+ goes TITSUP. But WHO knew? How long? Anyone ... Hello ...


Re: I also notice that....

deleted comment

Elite Systems pulls ZX Spectrum games after deluge of 'unpaid royalties' complaints


Re: WHo exactly is claiming the royalties?

Steve owes me about £6k which he won't pay me (for the porting of my official Irem R-Type on mobile from about 7-8 years back)... though some commenters on here suggested I take him to the small claims court, maybe I'll reexplore that avenue with a legal person after all. Last time I asked for my money and threatened to get a lawyer involved, he said he would "counter sue" me. The guy is just a dick basically. Plus I'm certain he's not going to pay all those speccy developers, that's why he's pulled all the apps, and said all that "chastening experience" crap. He's just out to extract as much money from the retro scene as he can.

Sinclair's ZX Spectrum to LIVE AGAIN!


Re: Promise the world

I used to run a mobile games company called Gyrox here in the UK. Steve Wilcox (owns elite) still owes me about £6k that he flat out refused to pay me (for making a load of ports of R-Type after I'd made the main J2ME reference versions which he only paid me flat for, never received a penny in the revenue share royalties), I asked around; turns out elite have a loooong history of not paying their developers after they have received the binary and source code - grrrrr! I gave up in the end, couldn't be bothered with a full blown court case for a poxy £6k - what a complete and utter twunt though.

New US Apple factory will make INVINCIBLE sapphire glass for SHINY iThings


Re: Holy Rounded Rectangles!

+1 for Holy Rounded Rectangles, this needs to be said more often on Apple stories :)

Universal's High Fidelity Pure Audio trickles onto Blighty’s Blu-Ray hi-fis


Re: MP3

"Try a format like flac where you lose only 4/10ths rather than 9/10ths." - you don't lose anything with FLAC, as it's lossless compression. The reconstructed output file is an exact 1:1 replica of the input file.

New Terminator-style 'bots can self-assemble, leap, climb and SWARM


I see a lot of potential in this system... macro-molecular self-organising design, swarming behaviour, brilliant work.

Anatomy of a killer bug: How just 5 characters can murder iPhone, Mac apps


Re: Signed lengths

It's possible to have a file that exists in a file system that is zero bytes long.

Greenhouse gases may boost chances of exoplanetary life


Re: Oops!

I was hoping that the commenter meant:

Anything is possible in the laws of physics, and some of those things lead to 'interesting' (i.e. leading to life) types of chemistry being possible.

But I may be being too generous... :)

UK man to spend year in the clink for Facebook account hack

Thumb Up

Re: lol @ todays "hackers"

"I LOVE IT" - I'm a twat

lol :)

Tame the gas monster with sensors, suckers and a spiffy new fan


lol that's a great forum name :)

Arcade emulator MAME slips under Apple radar


Just tried to dl and it says "Your request could not be completed" even though it appears in the search results - looks like they're on it already!

P.S. Already jailbroken here with mame installed anyway was just checking it out ;)