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Schools warned of chilling 'Strawberry Meth' menace

Jeff Beasom

How is it that the stupids keep ending up in places of power....?

This sadly reminds me of the DiHydrogen Monoxide panic that they had in Southern California a few years back.... Deadly stuff!!!! "I got an idea, lets ban it's use!"


Disintegrating wind turbine caught on camera

Jeff Beasom
Paris Hilton

Personally witnessed similar items.

Wind turbine blades are designed to stand up to some incredibly nasty conditions for many years without failure. Case and point are the windfarms East-South-East of Tehachapi California where they get some wickedly high winds but are also at the edge of a desert. The blades there get baked in the 110+ degree temps and alternately frozen when it snows (which has happened in the course of a day). Even with these conditions, blade failures are incredibly rare.

As mentioned previously by several people, the turbines by default are designed to pitch the blades out of the wind or rotate the tips 90 degrees to serve as airbrakes. Alternately turbines can turn the entire nacel out of the wind to keep things from falling apart. I have seen this where the brakes failed on a turbine and power to the generator was lost but there was still power to the other electronics and an operator went to the control box (inside the tower) and rotated the nacel 90 degrees out of the wind and once the turbine had stopped, the blades were secured to the tower and a crew went up and replaced the braking system.

Too bad the braking system didn't catch fire before failing... That's always fun to watch an out of control turbine that happens to be on fire. Nothing like flaming fiberglass bits gently floating in the wind...

If someone has a higher quality vid, it would be interesting to calculate the tip speed of the blades. There have been recorded instances of the tips breaking the sound barrier (a few tens of RPM 20m+ out = a lot of speed) and the blades simply shatter from the tip in (do a frame by frame about 6 seconds into the second video) and then that throws the ballance of the entire system off tweaking the tower which shears at the joints (it looks like a 3 piece tower from the size and the way it fell apart in the vid).


They tried to make quasi-vertical blade turbines a long time ago where there was a vertical central shaft and two "blades" bowed out on opposite sides. While they certainly looked novel and could work with wind from any direction, they could not start on their own (they needed a push start basically) and required constantly high winds to be effective. Combine that with the fact that you needed a lot of space for the guy wires and received little electricity in return, well, basically they were giant pieces of crap. The company that put "egg-beaters" in Tehachapi went defunct many years ago and all the machines have been scrapped and replaced with traditional turbines after the property was bought by another windfarm.

More info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darrieus_wind_turbine

Paris, cause she hasn't done anything spectacularly stupid lately and can use the attention...

F-22 superjets could act as flying Wi-Fi hotspots

Jeff Beasom

Make it truly useful by giving it "Sheppard" capabilities.

Just an idea:

Take a F22 and convert the two main bays to hold fuel and a second AESA system in data only mode. This second ASEA will then be used to control Predators and Reapers and serve as an archive/buffer/relay point for the high bandwidth data. The F22 can then uplink to a satellite or relay to a properly kitted AWACS for major decision making.

Using this one to many relationship with the F22 allows for quick on the spot fire support for advancing forces or for ambushed forces. Hunting targets would also be much more effective as you have a pilot on the spot that is able to find, mark and kill targets in rapid successions instead of having some sod in a trailer half way around the planet waiting for approval to go find the target again and then hopefully kill it. Even if the pilot has to wait for approval to kill the target, they are sitting there right on top of it just waiting for the “yes”.

The radar signature of the F22 means that it can be in hostile territory commanding the drones and not be in serious danger (as a larger less stealthy craft would be) while relaying close in tactical data to command. Should some airborne competition show up, well the F22 can just sneak up on its ass, pop off a heat seeker and enjoy the fireworks.

When its time to refuel, the F22 just goes back to friendly skies, tops off and then re-links with the drones which went into auto data gathering mode when the F22 left.

Just my 4.2 cents…


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