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Yes, Assange, we'll still nick you for skipping bail, rules court


one-sided statement

The judge is responding to his claim that the US want to extradite him. Assange brought it up. If he hadn't, then yes there's no need to mention the US; and it wouldn't have been.

Footie ballsup: Petition kicks off to fix 'geometrically impossible' street signs


Re: Metric please

@Loyal Commenter

"@Primus Secundundus Tertius (are you related to J R-M?)"

No, but he's mates with Dusty Bin.

El Reg is hiring an intern. Apply now before it closes


Re: My first job!

Call MS & order some more GUIDs

Send them to the sysadmin for a <product name> installation CD.

Private sub captain changes story, now says reporter died, was 'buried at sea' – torso found


Re: Generous police

Yep, seems they did find blood matching Ms Wall's on the sub, so ignore my amateur level forensics.

This case has gone from weird to pretty nasty, got to feel for her friends & family.


Re: Generous police

Remove all traces - probably not. But it would contaminate/dilute pretty much all available evidence to the point where it's useless.

And of course, it's probably impossible to prove that any evidence found was on board prior to the sinking.

Intel's 8th-gen CPUs are called Ice Lake. And so are the 9th-gen


Re: The Answer You're Looking For

Which generation is Rojb Lake?

NotPetya ransomware attack cost us $300m – shipping giant Maersk


Well, the statement's part of an earnings report for the quarter, so it's logical to be phrased that way.

The Telegraph has killed Prince Philip


Probably also review the bit that has them contacting 'palace insiders' whom apparently responded as if the event had actually happened.

Vigorous tiny vibrations help our universe swell, say particle boffins


You are amanfromMars and I claim my £5.

The future of Not Reality is a strap-on that talks to my smarting ring


Re: Meh...

Back to Reality remains my favourite Timothy Spall performance.

I was a robot and this is what I learned


Re: Event capacity?

"Les Foo Foo's 'Death of a lettuce leaf'" is the name of my next band.

Soz, folklore fans! Negligence, not Nessie, sank WWI German sub


Re: These wacky German submariners

The Madonna with the big boobies, natch.

Crypto guru Matt Green asks courts for DMCA force field so he can safely write a textbook


Re: Welcome to the land of the free!

2 out of 3 as in 2/3rds / 66% of the total... there were a lot more than 3 founding fathers.

Self-stocking internet fridge faces a delivery come down


Burgular Alarm

Had that exact same problem last week, when coming into the office for a software release. At 3am. Urgh.


Re: Burglar Alarm Fix

Yes, with a similar problem, didn't want to use different alarm code. Would have needed to change bank pin too.

It's a right pain when you have to change your birthday too.

Just how close are Obama and Google? You won’t believe the answer


Re: Nice click bait headline

For full clickbait effect it should be:

Just How Close Are Obama And Google? You Won’t Believe The Answer!!

Okay IT pros, change happens. But here's your Reg guide to staying in control


Re: Or join the 21st century.....

If you spent 10 years as a DBA, you really should have learnt that it's not the backups that are important, it's the restores.

SQL Server for Linux: A sign of Microsoft's weakness. Sort of


"then you need to license EVERY CPU controlled from the same VCenter"

I don't think that's too different to how you have to license SQL on VMWare/other virtualisation platforms.Gets a bit fuzzier with SA though.

Although I'm no licensing expert.

Brit censors endure 10-hour Paint Drying movie epic


Re: Would it class as an 'action' movie?

Dye Hard.

US rapper slams Earth is Round conspiracy in Twitter marathon


Re: there's wind on the moon ?

That's no moon.

Russian Pastafarian wins right to bear colander


Re: Lots of holes in his argument

You could say his case doesn't hold water.

One-armed bandit steals four hours of engineer's busy day


London - in rush hour

So you were stationary?

Little bang for the Big C? Nitro in the anti-cancer arsenal


Re: Not my area but....

See also: Viagra

So Quantitative Easing in the eurozone is working, then?


Re: Only on El Reg...


Or why anybody'd be bothered by such a small, insignificant unit of data as a Megabyte ;)

SPACE WHISKY: Astro malt pongs of 'rubber and smoked fish'


Tobasco sauce too.

McAfee tells El Reg: 'My shootout with the police was highly exaggerated'


Re: your photo

Nah, his parting's on the other side.

Spiceworks in WTF-class social log-in SECURITY BLUNDER


Techr (TM) - find hot sysadmins in your area!

Your servers are underwater? Chill out – liquid's cool


Re: hard drives?

Don't think the drives need cooling particularly. Or at least, not to the level that would require liquid cooling.

Avengers: Age of Ultron – blisteringly big banter, brawls and brio


Re: Blacklist

I believe so. Ultron had identical mannerisms to Red. Amusingly, to reflect the height of the character he had to act with snail-like eyes on stalks on his head. Imagine that if you will.


I don't see any spoilers there. Personally I'd rate it as enjoyable but worse than the first Avengers film.

Main problem for me was trying to fit too much content into a 140 minute film. Not least due to the sheer number of characters. Make it 3 hours and I bet it'd be great.

Chappie: The AI tale that’s about heart, not intelligence


"An inspirational kitten poster"

Wait, what?

The millionaire former playboy, Hugh Hefner, and a crucial fight over playboy.london


Re: This is why extra TLDs were stupid

apple.newyork or apple.ny could be an interesting case!

So long, Lenovo, and no thanks for all the super-creepy Superfish


McDonalds now serves lava? Probably not in polystyrene cups.

Nope, it's in the Apple Pies.

Boffins grasp Big Knob, get ready to go ALL THE WAY at the LHC proton-punisher


Re: 100 petabytes of additional storage

It's the 40m datapoints/sec that's boggling my mind :)


Re: Question

If a big bang is re-created, the universe will immediately disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable.

This may have already happened.

Hola HoloLens: Reg man gets face time with Microsoft's holographic headset


Re: So pray tell,

"Reporting on technology will make anyone a bit grizzled and cynical over time, but occasionally something comes along that just blows you away. HoloLens is the fourth such creation to make this hack say "Holy f**k!" (in a good way) in the last two decades."

So 3 other tech creations over 2 decades, rather than 3 other facets of the HoloLens themselves.

(Which reading about has elicited as response of "Holy f**k!" (in a good way) from me :))


So pray tell,

what were the other 3 creations that elicited such a response?

Is it humanly possible to watch Gigli and Battlefield Earth back-to-back?


For your consideration

Scary Movie 3+. 5 was actually so bad it went back in time and made Airplane! less enjoyable.


The Talented Mr. Ripley


American Hustle


Re: The Crow.


Hollywood vs hackers: Vulture cracks Tinseltown keyboard cornballs


Re: Swordfish - The real reason ...

Swordfish also had an excellent demonstration of the Ballmer Peak (OXR: http://xkcd.com/323/)

Hackers is still one of my favourite films; has a great sense of humour & a cracking soundtrack!

So - you thought you knew all about the INSTANT COFFEE DUNES of TITAN?


but there are some of them are ethanol

Sounds like the author has been partaking...

Give nerds their own PRIVATE TRAIN CARRIAGES, say boffins


Re: One way?

Ha, I studied so hard at Biochem that I now work in IT :)

Cowley wasn't that bad!


One way?

I can understand people wanting to flee Cambridge for Oxford, but why on earth would you want to go the other way?

Sonos rattles begging bowl, hopes for $130m cash stream


I was looking into doing this (already have 2xPlay3), but total cost is £2000 and it doesn't do DTS!

Google bags huge Times Square ad space for New Year's


Re: So ...

You may have heard, she's recently ditched the jeans.

Bible THUMP: Good Book beats Darwin to most influential tome title


Leibniz may disagree.


Re: The bible is a book ?

The Bible's an usual series, in that it started dark and edgy, then got rebooted to light and fluffy.

#VultureTRENDING: It's Pimpr, the latest sharing economy super app


"pre-alpha buzzbuild" - genius!

FALL of the MACHINES: How to KILL the Google KARATE BOT, by our expert


Re: I watched too much "Fringe"

Me too, but have you seen some of their other kit? Much creepier than most of what MD did.

DAY ZERO, and COUNTING: EVIL 'UNICORN' all-Windows vuln - are YOU patched?


Re: Hopeless...

The Millennium Bridge had a whopper of a bug.

"There are essentially no engineering problems in any other discipline that approach the complexity of software engineering problems."