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Soon-to-be Facebook intern wins UK Cyber Security Challenge

Robert Laverick

The guy in the glasses says...

I can vouch for him, that's definitely what he looked like when he was concentrating!

Though quite what I was thinking about pulling that face I'm not sure I can recall.

As a side note what's with the terrible colour balance!, I know the lighting wasn't great down there but at least fix the skin tones! (pet peeve from my days developing photo's for a living, sorry)

Hospital radio station struggles with Yahoo! email 'blockade'

Robert Laverick

Not just one site hit

I've been having this problem too with a few sites it seems that looking around the results google can find there are a number of sites that have this problem.

Gotta love baddly thought out spam protection.

Facebook sued for mis-sending dirty texts

Robert Laverick

What magic is she expecting here?

How can facebook possibly be expected to know when a mobile phone number changes owner? Maybe they can have a blacklist that you can add your phone to by replying to the message with STOP as many SMS text services do, and maybe they already do for all I know. But demanding that they shouldn't be allowed to forward messages to you is foolish at best, it'd be like saying that AT&T don't have permission to forward SMS messages from thier users and suing them when someone sends me one by mistake. To be honest I've never understood what reasoning about charging people for incoming messages and calls is all about, I guess it's just a way of making profitability simple.

Alan: What is arrogant about using a law in a legitimate way to shield yourself from unreasonable lawsuits?

Official: James Blunt is a w*nker

Robert Laverick


Not the first person to dislike him, and probably not the last, Mich Benn has some good ideas on how to proceed which I think I first heard on Radio 1....

Tho the best version I can find is this rather poor quality YouTube effort


Manhunt 2 banned

Robert Laverick

Think of the marketing!

They couldn't have wanted a better incentive for young rebelious types to by the game when they eventually work out something to get it sold here in the UK (come on do any of us believe this is a permenant situation?)

"The game they tried to ban"

Solid PR Gold.


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