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SA copper thieves bid for Darwin glory

John Young

They don't make power cables out of copper

It's too heavy, too stretchy and too expensive. Anyone for aluminium?

Hard to see what really happened though - with Joburg emergency services quoted as saying "There's approximately 3 000 to 6 000 kilowatts running through the cables, they stood no chance because of the high voltage."

Microsoft plague threatens 30GB Zune extinction

John Young

Re @ Phill

"Brought it where? Presumably, because it's a portable MP3 player & you tend to carry it with you, you would have brought it anyway."

Phill is clearly from the West Midlands, probably the Black Country. Round there, 'brought' can mean bought as well as fetched.

Ace software from Microsoft though - has to make you laugh that they only allowed for 365 days in the year!

Human rights court rules UK DNA grab illegal

John Young

@"EU as a counter balance... "

The European Court of Human Rights has nothing to do with the EU.

Think more Council Of Europe.

Mandy preps list of UK businesses to save

John Young

"Does anyone trust a Labour MP, let alone this one"

He isn't an MP - he had to give that up to be a Euro Commissioner. He's a Lord now.

Group Test: Wireless music streamers

John Young
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Re: NAS Support

SqueezeCenter runs on (at least) QNAP NAS boxes and is very easy to install.

Two gotchas though:

- SqueezeCenter's memory usage necessitates (on the QNAP) swap file writes which prevent spin-down. There's a swap-to-usb-flash mod available, but that doesn't sound sensible to me as it should eventually kill your flash.

- LosslessWMA is only supported when SqeezeCenter is running on a Windows platform (no problem with lossy WMA though) - the migration from lossless WMA to flac is fairly painless, but then you can no longer use Windows Media Player to sync to your (non-flac-playing) Walkman.

Having said that I'm extremely happy with the NAS/Duet solution.

Vodafone says termination rate clampdown would hit the poor

John Young


If this means that I will no longer be forced to subsidise people who have no landline.

To spell it out for the mobitards:

You have a land line - I can call you for free (it's in my landline package).

You only have a mobile - it costs me a packet to call you.

Download al Qaeda manuals from the DoJ, go to prison?

John Young

Notts Uni Grammar

"...police inquiry ... ... their inquiries..."

err, that'd be enquiry/enquiries, would it not?

Do they teach English at Nottingham Uni?

Prosecutors target first 'Facebook harassment' conviction

John Young
Dead Vulture

Wasn't this 'Facebook harrassment' then?


Government rejects elephants for pets e-petition

John Young

Re: Back Yard?

No David, millions of UK houses have a back yard - most terraced houses have one. I had one until I moved to a house with a back garden.

An elephant in my old back yard would've been cool - it could have kept next doors ever-growing vegitation in order.

Greenpeace slams next-gen consoles

John Young

Those are not standby figures

Sandby energy uses are, according to http://www.hardcoreware.net/reviews/review-356-1.htm:

Wii 1.3/9.6W (Connect24 off/on)

PS3 1.9W

Xbox360 2.5W

Boffins slashed in big-science budget blunder bloodbath

John Young

Re: Have I got this right...

"MP's plan to loose Boffins at a new facility so they dont loose admin at an old one?"

No, you have it very, very wrong.

The old facility at Daresbury is where the new 'Diamond' facility should have been built, but politics (an alliance of the Wellcome Trust and the French Government) made it go South. Maybe it wouldn't have overrun its budgets if it had 'stayed' 'up North'.

Paul, quit whinging is such a horrible, shameful, patronising way.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could have both facilities? Wouldn't it be nice if a few bob could be diverted from the London Olympics to promote science across the UK?

Bin charging back on as Brown gets dizzy

John Young

Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) kills RFID tags

A simple EMP zap to your bin tag and your bin won't identify itself to the bin waggon. Your bin's been left out in the street, so they can't pin it on you, especially if all the neighbours' bins died too.

Safe drinking guidelines 'plucked out of the air'

John Young

Why does everyone keep quoting 21

UK government advice was changed several years ago to 3 - 4 units per day for men, 2 - 3 for women (unless they're pregnant - in which case they can't seem to make their mind up).

RIAA hits paydirt: wins first music-sharing jury trial

John Young

What she did was wrong

It's about scale - it's a lot less OK to publish copyrighted content to the whole world than it is to slip a copy to your mate.

People do have reduced salary & job security because of file sharing.

Just as I'm pissed off with terrorists and nutters because I can't take my small penknife on the plane because of them; I'm pissed off with file sharers because the majority of us have to put up with DRM because of them.

Britannia triumphs over Johnny Metric

John Young

Re: "Who (appart from a few old coffin dodgers) today talks in Sixpences and shillings etc ?"

I think of 20p coin as being a four bob bit. I usually keep this to myself though.

I was 7 1/2 when we changed. It was a rip-off, one day you could get 48 mojos or 12 penny arrow bars for a shilling, next day you could only get 40/10 for 5 new pence.

John Young

Re: "I'd be happy to get 0.5l when asking for a pint"

I wouldn't. I get through a lot of 500ml bottles, usually poured into pint glasses - they're what I would call an unacceptably short measure if it were served in a pub.

(Current UK legislation deems less than 539.6 ml as an offence)

"I'd walk a million miles for one of your smiles my Mammy!"

Sony claims price-driven PS3 sales hike

John Young

Re: Maths at school

No, going from 10 to 13.5 is a rise of 35%

The article was right.

Chilean scientists crack lost lake mystery

John Young

Tarn it

It should be the lost tarn mystery - lake is too generic a word.

TVonics DVR-250 Freeview Playback DVR

John Young

Re: 8-day EPG

"My Thomson DVR has a 14-day EPG, so I would say that this 8-day one is a software limitation rather than a limitation of Freeview."

Freeview say "The Freeview service now includes an eight-day, on-screen electronic programme guide (EPG) to help you plan your viewing. " (@ http://www.freeview.co.uk/help/channels-programming/q1)

Maybe they're trialling a 14 day EPG in your area?