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Inside the guts of Nano Server, Microsoft's tiny new Cloud OS


Re: Registry... Why keep it?

Use reg.exe it is not that bad.

Testing Windows 10 on Surface 3: Perfect combo or buggy embuggerance?


Re: I almost feel sorry for Microsoft

Any of that is completely offset by how good powershell is (And the way that pretty much everything can be done via it in a very short amount of time even if nobody has written about it yet.)

Cops turn Download Festival into an ORWELLIAN SPY PARADISE


Re: Eugh

If you cover your entire body with mud maybe that would work ?

What's broken in this week's build of Windows 10? Installing it, for one


Re: To each what he deserves

Think it is more likely to be users of 3rd party junkware anti virus that have issues with this sort of thing.

Microsoft: Cortana not exclusive to Windows – it loves Android, iOS too


Re: GPS related

Battery Saver does more than enough when it comes to saving battery at least for me.

(Lasts from Friday Morning to Sunday Night with moderate usage which is the longest I ever need.)

Wish I could have more of the background rubbish disabled without making the screen dimmer though.

EU geo-blocking: Ansip's crusade liable to disappear through 'unjustifiable' loophole


There should be no loopholes at all.

The proper single market should be buy it wherever you want in the EU and consume it wherever you want. (Should apply to everything physical or digital and to both consumers and companies alike).

As it stands all the things that would benefit the consumer most are excluded.

(Alcohol / Tobacco and things like this).

You can now play thousands of classic DOS games on Twitter. Goodbye, productivity


Has to be warez. Cannot imagine there is any way Disney would allow Aladdin on there.

And the copy protection is cracked.

Apple to devs: Watch out, don't make the Watch into a, well, a watch


Wonder why Outlook is allowed if it cannot duplicate the features provided by mail (Or the Gmail App).

FT and Guardian eagerly grab Google's 30 pieces of silver


Re: Good journalism has to be paid for

True enough but the rubbish coming from e.g Jessica Valenti is just as bad that coming from the Sun columnist that is the person to hate right now.

Leaves The Independent

Debian ships new 'Jessie' release with systemd AND sysvinit


Re: All hail Systemd.

I cannot understand how Redhat has not noticed the amount work he causes for other people yet.

(Think the article might have a typo when it comes to the bit about packages being the latest release because it is obviously not true as the latest XFCE is 4.12). Not being the latest release is natural for Debian.

Zucking 'ell! Facebook at Work bloke unfriends Facebook AT WORK


Google Wave

It was an interesting thing (Totally unlike what Google seems to do at the moment).

Microsoft adds Azure VM controls to Virtual Machine Manager



I don't see why it is not just Powershell all the way especially for something where you are paying for resources.

Maybe the only way for people to learn would be removing all GUI's for server software (Other than in Essentials). Forcing it upon people like they did Metro (Don't think they have the balls to though).

Console makers game the EU Commission to avoid energy-use law


Re: They are computers

Not true.

If they were forced to use Intel's 22nm process then they would have been able to do the same thing using less power.

(Intel having some competition is a different thing and probably necessary but forcing it onto a better process would have benefited all say MS & Sony paying some of the fab costs for AMD would have been ideal)

Could have got the same GPU performance using more lower performance ones.

They didn't do it because of cost. (And it shows cheap / nasty and noisy).

Who was downloading smut in the office while eating ice cream?


Re: It's a pity that this wasn't publicised at the time

In the 80's ?

I don't know of anything that could display it properly in wide use.


Re: It's a pity that this wasn't publicised at the time

I think I would have just said "Well you know what happens next ...." or something like that.

Don't think I would have reported it or anything.

(Now probably the way things work is I would get fired for sexual harassment due to the comment. So I don't think I would which is stupid but true)

Intel shows Google how to stick it real good


Re: This should be compared to the Amazon FireTV Stick

It is a full computer. It is not like the Chromecast. (It is locked down but the hardware is there).

Business plans, good ideas, and 8 other myths about startups – by Indiegogo's CEO


Re: And what about chance

What Wozniak did was not lucky. Nobody else has ever done what he did.

Fandroids, take your phone's antivirus and burn it – Android bod


Re: Common sense

The only malware on my Android device is Google Play Services. (If it is disabled my battery life increases by 400%).

(My definition is of malware is any program acting in the best interests of a 3rd party not me. Don't differemtiate between Google's Latitude like thing (That they built into play services and made a nightmare to disable) or a bitcoin miner on my desktop).

Google uses the same tactics as malware authors routinely. (Installing Chrome a user on Windows uses the same sorts of tricks as well).

Millions of voters are missing: It’s another #GovtDigiShambles


Re: The cynical part of me...

Given that this is the first I have heard about it I think it probably is.

(Not that it makes much difference to me being in one of the safest seats in the country)

Here's why the Pentagon is publishing its cyber-warfare rulebook – if China hasn't already hacked in and read it



The response to China amounts to precisely nothing.

It won't change anything and they will keep doing it.

Sick of tech bro Silicon Valley? Oakland is building a better tech world – say Oaklanders


Re: Sexism

I wouldn't go anywhere near that either.

(I do work in an office where everyone other than me is female though. Doing programming).

Didn't actively seek it out and it is a none issue really.

Why Box and not SharePoint? 'Everybody doesn't hate us' says Box engineering veep


I hate box.

I got 50GB lifetime from them as an advertised feature of some product but it is totally gimped how it can be used to be worthless.

(Don't care about the practicalities for them or anything else it is a scummy business tactic).

giffgaff riff-raff hacked off with lift-off of cash spaff


Re: @Simon Rockman

I hope 3 doesn't get O2 - I cannot see any situation where I do end up having to pay 3 much more.

(For the rare situations where the extra coverage might be a benefit I am almost certain just getting a fixed data sim from someone else will be less than the price difference).

3 in the USA is brilliant with the at home thing.

Microsoft: Profit DECIMATED because you people aren't buying PCs


Re: Everything that's new is crap

It is fine if you used 7 properly to begin with.

Windows key and type part of the name of the app.

All the keyboard shortcut keys are still the same (And there are other useful ones like windows + x).

Powershell is improving (Can be added to 7 but if people cannot figure out the above well ....)

Windows "Professionals" who are not using Server Core are even worse.

The huge flaw in Moore’s Law? It's NOT a law after all


Re: Timing is everything

Not sure it was illegal at all. (My grandfather used to be the needed chemicals and test tubes from the chemist not making any secrets of what he was going to be doing even asking for advice).

Google versus the EU: Sigh. You can't exploit a contestable monopoly


Re: So....

When it was called froogle - Google Products was pretty damn good.

(No idea about something similar that isn't as Google's now though. So I just use Amazon and a few other sites - go direct)

Don't worry, Apple hypegasms haven't gone in the WRISTJOB ERA


Apple Stores ?

Cannot think of any experience worse in the past few years than going in to one.

It was awful. (I said I would go to stop my mother being ripped off there).

Google pulls plug on YouTube for older iPads, iPhones, smart TVs


Re: Roll Your Own

Some of the highest end Samsungs do have a unit like that.


Re: P*ss poor

Probably because it never shows ad's at least on my Panasonic.

The Captions are annoying enough on a desktop never mind turning them off with a remote.

Ex-Windows designer: Ballmer was dogmatic, Sinofsky's bonkers, and WinPho needs to change


Windows Phone seems to be changing in all the ways I don't want.

Most important feature for me is basic browsing and the fact that I don't have to bother about battery life for most common situations. (Seeing people at the weekend mainly) and that it is not becoming slower and slower all the time. WP7 works well as it is. (WP8.1 seems to copy the annoying bits of Android).

Don't want the situation I have with my Android tablet where Google wastes all my battery and there is nothing than can be done about other than losing the ability to use Google's apps. (And making it dog slow in the process).

At least my Kindle Fire HDX / Ipad Air are not significantly worse than when I got them.

This open-source personal crypto-key vault wants two things: To make the web safer ... and your donations


Re: Opt-In

They really don't want none of the above to be an option on the polling card.

Al Franken to FBI: We need MORE revenge smut arrests


This particular instance of copyright shouldn't be treated any differently.

Don't want the possibility of it happening don't consent. Simple.

UK government says goodbye sat navs, hello Xbox, e-cigs and Spotify


I prefer paint that actually lasts a decent amount of time. (Don't want water based or none drip). Sadly it is getting harder and harder to source.

BACK OFF, spooks: UK legal hacking code should be 'resisted at all costs' says lawyer


Re: Will the spooks be surprised ..

Or one time pad which is still unhackable. (If it is done right).

Is there a cure for cancer sitting at the back of the medicine cabinet already?


Re: the market doesn't always work

I read something about a drug (I believe it was from a reputable source but not massively specific maybe there are instances it cannot be used) that basically reversed the process of decay that will never come to light because the effects on the dental industry.

Sick of Chrome vs Firefox? Check out these 3 NEW browsers


I am pretty happy with Opera + ublock.

Thecus N4310 4-bay: A NAS-ty beast for the budget-conscious


Re: wait for it...

There is no reason something like this shouldn't be able to have the decent atom that supports ECC etc if that HP Windows 8.1 tablet sells tor £75.

Microsoft: Oh, go on, Xbox Live user. Show us your spammer


Re: Simple solution...

Spam is a lesser evil than loosing all that personal information.

CHAINSAW HORROR advert earns GiffGaff a slap from regulator


Re: Poor child

Hatred might be a better choice.

Google, Amazon 'n' pals fork out for AdBlock Plus 'unblock' – report


Re: Sigh

So how did the content used to exist when I first started using the internet ?

(It was more interesting / technical and not aimed at selling stuff or any kind of political agenda).


Re: Sigh

For Chrome (Or Opera) the best is ublock. (It is lightning fast as well).

'Linus Torvalds is UNFIT for the WORKPLACE!' And you've given the world what, exactly?


Re: How bad is Torvalds?

He cannot be that bad or the main companies contributing would have cooperated and forked.

Everything is not based on merit though. (Plug Sched for example was not included when for many people it could have improved things for them).

Free Windows 10 could mean the END for Microsoft and the PC biz


Re: Stop and think a bit, please...

Most people never upgrade the Windows that their device comes with.

All Microsoft needs is a general consensus that Windows 10 is ok then people buy new PC's with it on.

Last Pirate in Brussels: Put ME in charge of yer IP treasure chest. Yarr!


Re: This is not the entitled century

Some groups of creators shouldn't get special privileges which is what currently happens.

The original idea behind copyright was valid. Same with patents.

Current system is a shambles.

Increased gov spy powers are NOT the way to stay safe against terrorism


Re: an act of God

The Acid House manages to portray what that actually entails.

Seems very unlikely somebody with that much power would be as collectively stupid as humans.

Saudi govt pauses flogging dad-of-3 for Facebook posts – after docs intervene


Re: ... and these are the people the west supports

Literally get away with murder - As in one of their princes or whatever murdered someone in this country. We sent him back after two years and then he was just released. (Maybe most people already know this).


Re: ... and these are the people the west supports

Exactly we should sanction Saudi Arabia.

Now is a good time to do it with the oil price as it is.

Don't care that is their country.

Lonely this Xmas? Nerds, n00bs and no-hopers' guide to dating apps, Pt.1


I have never used a dating app or site and I don't think I ever will but surely the reason people send the dick pics is all you need is one win. (Similar sort of principle spammers use but with better odds).

Forget the climate: Fatties are a much bigger problem - study


Re: Hail the Fatty Heroes !

There is a chance it won't. Japan doesn't have those problems and has a very high level of smoking.

It is either the fish or the tea. (If it is the tea then China probably won't have the issues).

The Pirate Bay SUNK: It vanishes after Swedish data center raid


Re: Keepin' em honest

I read somewhere to have almost everything you need streaming 27 services.

I have Prime Video and Netflix (And Spotify Premium).

(And Sky Movies from Virgin which I barely use because it is inconvenient).

I want to pay for HBO Go but they don't want to sell it to me.