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Fans demand 'Lemmium' periodic table tribute


One's already taken

I guess you all know that element 115 is already taken; its name is "Elerium". A secret military organisation discovered it a couple years ago and used it to our all benefit. Without it, we may never have repelled that alien invasion back then...

PayPal row heats up as eBay chair calls Icahn claims 'false and misleading'


But what about his accusations?

Question is, are they completely unfounded? What about PayPal and Intuit - are they competitors? What about the accusation that Mr. Andreessen is board member of 5 competitors of PayPal?

Would've been nice if these accusations were addressed in the response of Mr. Omidyar.

Do-it-yourself Dropbox: Western Digital's My Cloud 2TB NAS box


Re: Check this out

That campaign is amazing - they wanted 70k and got 1,2 Million instead. Looks like a neat device in any case. The only open question is how secure the whole thing is...

'WTF! MORONS!' Yahoo! Groups! redesign! traumatises! users!


Re: Insight.

Initially I was also more than not impressed with the look and design of the groups, but you get used to them. However, one thing that really pisses me off is that there is no backup function (I asked them, and they responded by thanking me for giving them ideas about how to improve...). I mean, seriously, how can that be?

Or is that fixed with the new version? Then I like it already.

Beijing offers cons reduced sentences for friendly Tweets


... and this probably works.

I recognize this type of censorship to be very similar to the censorship Germany had during the Nazi period.

J. Goebbels used these methods ("which - from a technical standpoint - you could probably call ,brilliant"

- Sebastian Haffner) to get all Germans to accept the regime and its doing as good or at least as not too objectionable. Only small changes, such as pushing back an outrageous story to the back pages, or painting a slightly different picture of an event, work because they're not easily recognizable as censorship.

However, I fully believe the Chinese are way more aware of what happens than the Germans were.

PFY vs Bearded 80s Netscape Bore: BOFH


Nonono - this is wrong from the beginning...

I can't fathom how, but shouldn't the BOFH be able to confront the real problem (i.e. senior executive who wants something installed - this just isn't right) heads-on?

CERN: 'New physics starts now'


Fermions, protons, neutrons, electrons

Richard, a remark from a layman also (physicist however): Protons and neutrons each consist of three quarks, whereas the electron itself seems to be a fundamental particle. The term ,fermion' refers to the behaviour of all these particles (i.e. they obey the Pauli principle - two fermions cannot occupy the exact same quantum state - Bosons however can).


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