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NASA's Deep Impact mislays comet

David Morgan

Er, a bit premature with the Linear-S4 obit?

"Comet LINEAR-S4 was discovered on September 27, 1999 ..."


E-voting gets bitch-slapped in Calfornia

David Morgan

The only thing this has to do with "American Stupidity" ...

... is that the technical solution to electronic voting systems shouldn't be in the hands of companies with a product to sell and profit to be made. Have some independent commission create one open design and contract out the manufacturing.

But isn't there a rather simple solution to this? Go ahead, have a touchscreen voting system BUT require that the machine print an optical scan ballot with the votes cast when the voter has finished making their selections. The ballot would then be read by an optical scanner that is unconnected to the voting machine. The electronic voting system would (hopefully) prevent confusing ballot layouts and there would be a paper ballot that could be counted quickly by machine yet be available for a hand count if necessary.

And yes, I know that one of Diebold's optical scanning machines was hacked with a buffer overflow attack, but c'mon, that's Diebold the neocon supporting company for you. They don't care if the vote's accurate or not.

Semel resigns as Yahoo! CEO

David Morgan


Shouldn't the headline read, "Semel! Resigns! As! Yahoo! CEO!"?