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Oracle and IBM fight for the heavy workload


Couple of IBM clarifications

Good article, Tim. A couple of clarifications given recen updates to the IBM potfolio.

- DB2 pureScale is supported on Linux on several System x models, including BladeCenter (as others have commented)

- We recently updaed the 9600 model of Smart Analytics System to 9700 (on z196) and added a new 9710 model (on z114)

- A new DB2 Analytics Accelerator is also available for these or other System z environments - it integrates a Netezza appliance transparently to the DB2 applications or users to deliver top analytic query performance while maintaining the unmatched security and confidence of System z data management

- It is important to note that the x/Linux based Smart Analytics System 5710 include Cognos Reporting and InfoSphere Warehouse software already on the server, with storage - all starting at around US$50K. Others in the market are offering products called "appliances" that do not include any software for the starting price quoted.

I will do a better job of reaching out to you directly to brief you on our next updates when they are ready.