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Confused as to WTF is happening with Apple, the FBI and a killer's iPhone? Let's fix that


Re: If Apple gives in on this, it could result in...

There is no such thing as a reliable encryption system. They only thing you can hope for is to delay their breaking the system until after it doesn't matter.

Encryption of computational systems are unreliable because they depend upon fixed protocols to work. Fixed protocols mean that every file has sets of data which will enable recovering the key.

Never mind the patent trolls. Here's a riddle: What about the inventors?


Use existing laws

There is an existing PTO rule that states roughly, use or lose it. To get a renewal of a patent, you need to demonstrate that the owner of the patent is reducing it to practice. This is given a wink and a nod by PTO. They need to require documentation of it either having been comercialized for each claim or to provide a record of reduction to practice.

A second factor is the looseness of some examiners on specifics in the claims. Patent lawyers write the patent application in generalized terms. Claims need to be more specific.

Patent suits need to be reviewed by a panel of persons knowledgeable in the arts being challenged. and they need to be able to set aside patents if appropriate. This alone would inhibit a lot of suits. I file a frivolous challenge and lose my patent.

Finally, in sue happy US, the winner always has the right to sue to recover loses for a case. There is plenty of case law to support it. A few big companies stick it out with a few trials, challenge on active reduction to practice, and then sue to recover triple damages. Quite the inhibitor.

Linux clockpocalypse in 2038 is looming and there's no 'serious plan'


Re: Too late!

All of the pipe lines, elevators, power plants,locomotives and lifts have ladder logic and use PCL. They may have a problem but net this one. With the prediction of self driving vehicles beinng readily available in ten years as an assumption, the insurance rates and reduction in labor costs. will drive most trucks and buses being made now off the road. The marketplace will drive ARM based toys to 64 bit in no more than three years. Anything else can be patched by changing time_t to unsigned. Just pick up the acorn, chicken little.

Tor is '90 per cent of the net' claims City of London Police Commish – and he's dead wrong


MPAA and RIAA are blowing smoke

The one thing MPAA and RIAA are missing is the simple fact that much of the 'pirated' media is pirated because it is free. Odds are that a large percentage, probably close to the 90%, would not download it, if they had to pay for it. I base this estimate on discussing this with my peers and not a formal survey.

I base it one sharing tapes in the 1960s. My friends would duplicate tapes at dollar versus several dollars for the original. When I asked why they did it, they said that it was because the recording was free.

I base it on my children doing the same in the 1980s. With the latter, the RIAA members were producing 'albums' which contained one song worth buying. My children and their peers were combining the hits into single tapes.

Also, people will download 'free' stuff that they think they might use, but in reality probably never use.

Now, are the media producers losing money? Yes, but it is probably at least an order of magnitude lower than they cite and probably two. In part they are losing money because they can no longer sell a single song for $19.95. If someone actually wants it, they pay $0.99.

4K-ing hell! Will your shiny new Ultra HD TV actually display HD telly?


Re: multicast is already here, but 4k is not the answer you were looking for

YUV420 does not affect the color depth, it affects the color spatial resolution. It operates on the (true) premise that the eye has 1/2 the spatial resolution in color discrimination than it does in the spatial resolution of luminance (Y).

New questions raised over Kim Dotcom snooping

Black Helicopters

I believe that GCSB can say they weren't snooping on Dotcom before December

They can blame it on NSA . Through ANZUKUS, there is no difference between the agencies. So, one can do something and claim no responsibility because NSA or GCSB or GCHQ ... are the same thing.

In fact the same thing goes for Intelligence in general. When Bush blamed the yellow cake on British intelligence, it was US intell sent to UK.

Black Helicopters

Re: I'm confused...

Going through Reston, no cause for concern. Going Linthicom Heights or Patapsco MD, worry.

FOI request turns up Carrier IQ surprise


And MI5 or SOI5 is not using it right?

I agree with the fact that there is not enough information to leap to any conclusions. But, since a US Senator has requested information from them, you would think he also asked somebody at the FBI if they have any knowledge of the company's usage.


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