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Microsoft buries the bad Windows Phone news: Mobile sales collapse


Kinda confused as to what businesses are using for mobile now

I am pretty confused as to how Windows phone tanked so badly. It seemed the logical platform for business phones after Blackberry imploded. I saw quite a few companies using Lumia's and had a couple myself through my employer. They were cheaper models but I was impressed by what was delivered at the £100 price point.

We have now moved to iPhones which most colleagues are happy with (apart from 16GB memory) but surely not everyone can afford to do this? The other alternative is Android but surely MS was a better phone OS for businesses?

As a Cisco guy I was getting worried by how holistic MS's approach seemed - desktop/tablet/phone/cloud services - and dropping the phones seems to cripple this strategy.

RIM readies 7in, 10in BlackBerry tablets for 2012


Spot on OneArmJack

I too picked on up for £170. It works superbly with my work Blackberry and is far better to travel with that my 10" tablet. They really are a different class of device to iPads, Xoom, 10.1 etc.

The combination of smallish phone with qwerty keyboard and a pocketable tablet is one that I think is ideally suited to mobile workers. The OS is great as well - tbh I much prefer the user experience to that provided by my Honeycomb tablet.

I have had a few people laugh when I have produced it at work but when they have used it and I have told them what I paid all but the most closeminded have been impressed.

I too miss apps for Kindle, Skype etc. - surely porting these would be not too expensive and would help sales enormously.

Open your minds people

Laptop bags: 15-inchers


+1 Crumpler

Exactly the same experience as David Evans re. Pakuma and also replaced with Crumpler which is an order of magnitude better. Expensive but money very well spent.


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