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IBM kills Bluemix, a year after killing SoftLayer

Craig Campbell


Agreed. Someone who can drive a coherent strategy, stop marketing doing silly things like renaming products every year or so, put customers first. Probably won't be too long until a new CEO anyhow.

re: naming of products. It's not just IBM. All vendors rename their products every so often. Microsoft, VMware, Dell, Oracle. It's when silly marketing folks need something to do.

World's ONLY virtualised snapshot firm refreshes product: Here, take a sniff

Craig Campbell


Powered by IBM SAN Volume Controller (SVC) technology....

Dragged-out Lenovo server deal whacks IBM's earnings for 2013?

Craig Campbell

First, second, third

"Loughridge also said that IBM was looking to sell off other businesses"

GTS, GBS? say it aint so

IBM axes nearly THREE THOUSAND staffers in North America - union

Craig Campbell

Not sure are you?

Seems most posting believe IBM is still only a hardware business. Look, IBM's hardware business is about 15% of the business and will drop to 10% by 2015. 50% is software and service is the rest. Don't be hung up on that mainframe thing... IBM isn't. Whereas HP / Dell.. well they are in the s*&t as they rely on ink and PCs.

Microsoft: Our clouds don't bleed you to death

Craig Campbell

Isn't VMware the HD-DVD equivalent of the datacenter? Great technology but no content.

They provide a fab hypervisor, but at the end of the day it's still down to running OS's like Windows and apps on top. It was only a matter of time till Microsoft caught up. If I'm RDP'ing into a remote server, I really don't give a damn if it's on VMware, Hyper-V or AWS....as long as it's ON.

Citrix halfway to Avalon with XenDesktop 7 desktop and app virtualizer

Craig Campbell

Who cares

Virtualized or remote access to Windowz apps is soooo 20th century

Report: IBM, Lenovo x86 server deal hits the skids

Craig Campbell


I doubt they'd buy IBM's x86 business. Silly idea.

> Don't believe the hype HP still has plenty in the kitty if needed.

The way HP is at the moment, it's probably just kitty litter

Lenovo deal to buy IBM x86 server biz moving along fast

Craig Campbell

Intel needs any $

> just lost a lot of purchasing power in the components markets

I think Intel needs ever $ they can get. IBM will still buy a lot of Intel processors for Blades, Flex, storage systems.

VMware profits flat-line even as services revenues grow

Craig Campbell
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All I can say

Nice timing (Paul) Maritz

Microsoft’s Asia-Pac head goes to post office

Craig Campbell
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nice move

Will be a much better work, life, balance at the Post... and probably in Melbourne

VMware profits pinched in Q3, but not as pinchy as expected

Craig Campbell

For all the noise

Geez, for all the noise and press we give VMware, they are about as big as IBM UK in revenue and profits... sheesh

Dell may fatten up software offering by swallowing Quest

Craig Campbell
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> Quest reported revenues of $182.2m in the first three months of this year, with profits of $2.7m

Geez, hardware makers make better profits than that !

Whitman said to be planning massive HP job cuts

Craig Campbell
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How sad

How sad for HP when guys at Dell, IBM say.... "could be worse, I could be working at HP" :-0

IDC Storage Tracker: NetApp is losing market share

Craig Campbell
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Yeah, IBM have had quite a lot of wins with the v7000...so that would have certainly helped their $'s. Very very easy to use UI which is surprising from IBM :-)

Cisco recalls suicidal UCS blade servers

Craig Campbell

A flash of light

"A flash of light" .... I was suddenly in a white room and a man in a white beard said "you work with UCS is not done....."

Microsoft aims at VMware with System Center 2012

Craig Campbell

You need Microsoft more than they need you

I wonder what % of VM OS's globally run on VMware? Probably a very high percentage are Windows. So VMware fan boys, you need Microsoft more than they need you.....


Cisco boasts of 10,000th server customer

Craig Campbell
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It's hurt their overall business

> The jury is still out as to whether Cisco Systems' foray into servers hasn't done more harm than good to its overall business

We all know it's done more harm than good.... they pissed off HP, IBM and Dell and now they push their own cheaper networking kit instead of high GP Cisco. Overall a dumb move.

Microsoft and HP sign four-year cloud cooperation pact

Craig Campbell


VMware will be pissed...


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