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Stop tracking me, Google: Austrian citizen files GDPR legal complaint over Android Advertising ID


OMG, The Register...

Someone who doesn’t know who Schrems is, and calls “Austrian citizen” the lawyer who single-handed brought down the Safe Harbor agreement - should simply not write articles about privacy. Or maybe use Wikipedia?

What a shame.

Meet TLBleed: A crypto-key-leaking CPU attack that Intel reckons we shouldn't worry about


Re: Trusted computing yeah not so much

The non-existent real difference in security is more than compensated by the discomfort of using such obsolete OS such as OpenBSD and having to boot by insecure USB. LOL :-)

It reminds me of those people who blame problems on immigrants, confusing perception of security with reality...

Everything you need to know about the Petya, er, NotPetya nasty trashing PCs worldwide



Not "Minicatz". It is a Windows Kerberos hacking tool.

Also, creating C:\Windows\perfc.dat may not be useful. According to McAfee (https://securingtomorrow.mcafee.com/mcafee-labs/new-variant-petya-ransomware-spreading-like-wildfire/) the file name can be different, and the victim's machine will reuse the same name as the source one, but the exact file name cannot be foreseen.


Re: Are you freaking serious?

They are not mission critical systems; they are like the billboards of the train station.

Parliament takes axe to 2nd EU referendum petition


Re: The IP address is not a great way to decide validity

Actually, the fact that only 450 people are legally resident in Vatican does not mean that only 450 people live there.

Italy - and their two "embedded" states - has the concept of "residency" being legally different from "domicile". If you are resident in Vatican, you have tax and other advantages, which are not granted to everyone.

It is most likely the same situation of Monaco: only a few people are resident there, but many more live and work there every day.

Cisco splats Bash bug in busy swatting season


Re: For all those "but router switches use BusyBox!"

That's not correct. The Cisco IOS-XE is a Linux system, running multiple instances of the old IOS in a virtualisation environment. LOTS of Cisco products are affected by the Bash bug and have currently not patch.

Curiosity needs OS upgrade before getting down to science


Re: Wow

I think The Register has messed up with some numbers. That cannot be the real transmission speed.

Airline leaves customer on hold for 15 hours


Re: The really don't "get it"

That's the case with Lufthansa. Frequent Travellers get a different number to call altogether.

The Higgs boson search continues ... into ANOTHER dimension


Re: "what happened before the big bang"

Not every celestial object has enough mass to become a black hole.

Terrorists 'build secure VoIP over GPRS network'

Thumb Down

I believe they have already catched up?...


Microsoft SharePoint exposes privates in sniffing hack


Re: Linked in replied?

Apparently they remove Leon Trotsky, but that was funny enough :-)

Anonymous takes down Vatican website


Re: Question about DOS attacks...

It is a very complex topic, however there is a report on the Imperva web site detailing how they blocked this attack. You may want to have a look at that.

It has been *a bit* more complicated that just using compromised machines to launch a blind DOS. The attack was sophisticate.

Hope it helps.


Re: Good

There is actually clear evidence that they protected convicted priests and even re-employed them to continue their offices in a different city.

Moore's Law leaves mobile networks ripe for attack


Re: And?

The encryption algorithm has very little to do with the kind of service - 2G, 3G or 4G - you are able to receive on your mobile.

The most common encryption algorithm found today - and the one the CCC has "cracked" - is A5/1. A5/3 upgrade is available for 2G networks as well, and AFAIK it has not been challenged yet.

The problem is that old BTSes may require expensive upgrades to support A5/3. This is where the problem lies.


Re: rising processor power -> "uncrackable" sytems become crackable

GSM specifications are - and always were - very open and available publicly. The fact that people don't bother reading through hundreds of pages of specifications doesn't make them "obscurity".

Foursquare ousted? Google sneaks out Latitude leader boards


On Foursquare, checking into "bed" is forbidden (although it is not enforced). Your home location is not shared in a way that it can be identified.


Re: Dear world at large

Of course they will correctly assume you live alone and no one else is there, correct?

DNS flaw reanimates slain evil sites as ghost domains


Re: I don't see how this affects botnets.

This is not how botnets generally work.

Although some may use hardcoded IPs, the majority now keeps kind of regular expression of domain names (like bot*.net) and will more or less randomly try to resolve the names until they find one that works (like botnet1.net, botnet2.net, or botbot.net, etc.).

If the malware can resolve the name longer after it has been de-registered, we clearly have a problem.


Billions of potentially populated planets in the galaxy


...which is basically what the entire Bible is... admitting an ancient collection of writings, written by dozen of people in the bronze age and arranged by even more obtuse ones during the Middle Age era, has any authority over how we were actually made.

Explicit pics of glorious rounded globes snapped in festive Saturnalia


Why just NASA? it's a join venture mission.

At least once us Italians do something good, give us the credit ;-)

El Reg's life of Steve Jobs - now available on Kindle


Bad post. There is no book - no exception - that is not worth reading. If you consider Apple and Jobs uninteresting, maybe you need it even more.

OpenDNS puts crypto in beta


Bogus argument. 1 out of 3 schools in the USA use OpenDNS. It is often superimposed by administrators. Also, the hack described works regardless if you are a registered user or not, it only requires you to use OpenDNS's resolvers. The attacks only is required to be a registered user.

iOS finally gets Palm compatibility


If you Treo had a phone chip, its battery would not last 3-4 days... not that difficult to understand...


Space Trader is Open Source (GPL) and has been ported to iPhone. So if this is all you need...


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