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Humans suck so much at beating this pandemic that Microsoft has made an AI to enforce social distancing

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Ocucon already did this with Aldi.



Long-term Linux Mint: 19.3 release unchains the Gimp, adds HiDPI, is kind to your older, less-beefy kit

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Originally switched to Mint on my laptop as it ran Minecraft a LOT better than Windows did.

Have since switched all my machines over (dual boot with Windows on my desktop for Oculus gaming and the nipper playing Fortnite) and couldn't be happier. *Everything* is quicker.

If you play Java Minecraft, you should definitely give it a go. :D

We strained our eyes with Lenovo's monster monitor: 43.4 inches for price of five 24" screens

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Or a TV and a stand that attaches to the VESA mount on the TV? That's the path I took to rid myself of the stupid side feet!

Google goes full Anti-Flash-ist, boots Adobe's insecure monstrosity out of web search index

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Have they changed their ridiculous password policy yet? Last time I changed my password with them I was limited to something like 12 characters and they all had to be alphanumeric.


Edit : Apparently not.

To create a secure password you need to:

Use between 8 and 15 characters, without spaces or special characters.

Google: Read my lips. You cannot link up a G Suite account with Nest smart home gizmos

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Back when I got on board, it was nothing but email and calendaring. There was no Android, no app store, no google drive, none of the other stuff that was later tacked on. Had I envisaged a future mobile operating system with apps I could buy and ad free video service that I wouldn't be able to use to their fullest I'd probably have chosen differently.

Never had any restrictions on what Google services I could use, it's only recently that they've started offering other services like YouTube premium, Google Home/Assistant etc that the problem of not being able to use the account fully has popped up.

I pay for Google Drive, I pay for YouTube Premium. I am a paying customer that is unable to use some of their products together for some arbitrary reason.

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Been stuck with this issue myself for a long time. I'm grandfathered in on the free service from back when it was still called Google Apps. All my family have an email address on my domain running through it.

Because of whatever policy they have in place, I can't sign up for Google One, I can't get a shared family YouTube Premium account, I can't invite family members to my Google home.

"Switch to a normal Gmail account!" they say. Brilliant, so I then lose access to all the apps I've purchased and there is no way to migrate years and years of email, calendar entries and all the other data Google holds on me. I don't want to have two separate Google accounts, it sort of defeats the point doesn't it?

They need to do something to sort this out. Either allow Gsuite users into the fold or give us an easy way to migrate everything over to a normal Gmail account without losing everything!

RIP Dyn Dynamic DNS :'( Oracle to end Dyn-asty by axing freshly gobbled services, shoving customers into its cloud

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Re: Expiry Date Never

You should have received an email telling you that your service is going to continue as is. There's a few people in the Slashdot comments who were on the lifetime membership that did.

It reads as follows.

Dear Customer,

Since Oracle acquired Dyn in 2016 and subsequently acquired Zenedge. The engineering teams have been working diligently to integrate Dyn’s products and network into the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure platform. A majority of Dyn products have now been integrated and upgraded on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Accordingly, DynDNS Pro/Remote Access is decoupling from the Dyn brand and business unit this summer, and will remain a business unit within Oracle.

Your organization has the right to access and use DynDNS Pro/Remote Access. This product will continue to be available from Oracle without any disruption of service and no action is required on your part at this time.

Additional Resources

Blog Post

We look forward to supporting you on our new platform.

Worried ransomware will screw your network? You could consider swallowing your pride, opening your wallet

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Have done just this.

A customer of mine got hit by the ACCDFISA v2.0 ransomware on Saturday, they didn't realise til they got back on Monday. Business was down for all of Monday before they decided to pay the £3750 ransom. A day later we got the decrypter though and the following day they were back in action.

They didn't have regular backups in place so this was their only option. If they'd remained closed any longer they would have started losing customers and may not have survived.

It sucks, but what ya gonna do.

They learnt an expensive but valuable lesson.

What did turbonerds do before the internet? 41 years ago, a load of BBS

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Hairnett BBS

I still remember my Fidonet address!


Haven't tried dialing in to Hairnett BBS to check my main in a LONG time! It's just dawned on me that I still know the phone number too!!!

Begone, Demon Internet: Vodafone to shutter old-school pioneer ISP

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Re: Modem ISP

Apparently there is


Game over for Google: Fortnite snubs Play Store, keeps its 30%, sparks security fears

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If you own an older out of date Android device you won't be able to play it anyway...

About to install the Windows 10 April 2018 Update? You might want to wait a little bit longer

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Have got 5 machines in for repair after a borked 1803 update, all of them have Avast. Had a few in last week too.

Not saying it's Avasts fault, but...

Why Boston Dynamics' backflipping borg shouldn't scare you

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Boston Dynamics Scottish Department



Nokia updates classic comeback mobe 3310

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Re: Flip Flop Flip Flop

What has MS got to do with it?

Ad blocking basically doesn't exist on mobile

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Block This


Runs a local VPN on your Android phone and routes all traffic through it, stripping the ads along the way.

To be honest though I haven't thought to reinstall it since resetting my phone last time, not sure why.

Microsoft to spooks: WannaCrypt was inevitable, quit hoarding

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Re: Let's mention Microsoft's Policy of hoarding patches unless you pay up.

Turn off automatic updates and reboot the machine.

Install these two updates manually in this order, no need to reboot in between.



Re-enable automatic updates and reboot the machine again.


Waiter? There's a mouse in my motherboard and this server is greasy!

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Once found a dead, dried up frog inside a customer's PC. They had no explanation as to how it had got there.

Researchers expose Mirai vuln that could be used to hack back against botnet

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Re: there is another way... governmental recall of the devices

Number of people that will return a £500 brand new mobile device because it might burn their face off?

Nearly all of them.

Number of people that will return a £40 IP camera because it makes some websites fall over?

Close enough to zero for it not to make any difference.

All very well having a massive recall, but you've got to get the device owner to climb up a ladder, take down the camera, wait for a replacement yadda yadda yadda. There's too much effort required by the end user for what appears to them to be zero benefit.

The only way to make the device owners take notice would be to make the devices stop working, or curtail their internet connection in someway.

Google swats Nexus 5X vulnerable fastboot memory dump flaw

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More infos


Remix chomps Marshmallow, updates its Android for PCs

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Installed it on my laptop.

Works nicely, 8GB partition for it on the SSD. Runs swift, no wifi though. Only ethernet.

90% of apps seemed to work fine, it looks promising. I can see myself using it for the usual stuff I use my laptop for, but not yet.

It's just not quite there, impressive nonetheless.

Lloyds online banking goes TITSUP*

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Re: Main Website is Down.

Due diligence is someone else's problem.

It's the address I have bookmarked for Lloyds, just sharing the wealth. (no pun intended)

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Main Website is Down.

But this works fine


Locky locks down

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Worth mentioning that this particular ransomware will scan your network for shares and encrypt anything it finds.

I think this is the first to do this, all the previous ones would only encrypt mapped network shares.

How Microsoft copied malware techniques to make Get Windows 10 the world's PC pest

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Import this into your registry.

Have done this on a number of Windows 7 and 8 machines and not had any sign of Windows 10 return.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00





Oracle issues emergency patch for Java on Windows

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Sounds like it might be something to do with this.


Who needs CCTV? Get a terrifying slowpoke hoverdrone cam

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Half Life 2 City Scanners anyone?


TalkTalk website STILL down on day TWO

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Why do people insist on using ISP provided email? Even a Hotmail account would be better.

'Untraceable' VoIP caller ID-spoofing website accepts Bitcoin

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They're obviously not running on Daisy's service.

Seeing as how they've been unable to provide VoIP service for 24 hours now.

Don't panic. Stupid smart meters are still 50 years away

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Have had smart meters for about 7 years now. No fancy display in the kitchen, just replacement meters that send readings off to our supplier every day so they give us an accurate bill at the end of each month.

What's the problem with this? I see a lot of people flapping their hands about when it's been nothing but fantastic for us.

What have I missed in the last 7 years?

Microsoft to offer special Surface 3 for schools

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Re: Back in my day...


Eyes on the prize: Ten 23-24-inch monitors for under £150

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No, you don't. You can even use your TV to listen to the radio over Freeview and still not require a license.

Bite my shiny metal Ask: Java for OS X crapware storm brewing

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Why do people install it?


Pentagon 'network intruder', dozens more cuffed in British cops' cyber 'strike week'

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Re: Let's hope police forces around the world go after these criminals.

So because there are rapists and murderers we should stop arresting people who steal cars?

$250K: That's what Lenovo earned to rat you out with Superfish

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Re: Just goes to show....

Microsoft do.

Windows 7 : http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-recovery

Windows 8 : http://windows.microsoft.com/en-GB/windows-8/create-reset-refresh-media

There are other links available for office, all direct from Microsoft, just provide them with your legit key and away you go.

To get your Windows 8 key (as they're usually stored in the bios/uefi) you can use pkeyui.

Virgin Media to splurge BEELLIONS on UK network infrastructure expansion

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Have they released any information on WHERE they're going to be expanding? Our business is stuck with 8Mbit ADSL and no sign of Infinity making it onto our industrial estate, despite all the residential properties surrounding us having it.

Apple CEO: Fandroids are BINNING Android in favour of IPHONES

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Where's the evidence they're coming from Android? Perhaps they're coming from old feature phones or even completely new to mobile phone ownership.

DANGER: Is that 'hot babe' on Skype a sextortionist?

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Dev put AWS keys on Github. Then BAD THINGS happened

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Re: What about pre-payment?

They don't charge it straight to your card, they invoice you monthly. So a limited credit card would just result in an unpaid bill.

Super Cali's futuristic Tesla batt swap focus – even though car tech test is an expected bonus

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Well played.

El Reg Redesign - leave your comment here.

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That fixed menu at the top is already starting to get on my nerves, definitely lose that.

Moving my mouse vertically should not automatically pop anything up, if I want a menu, I'll click my left mouse button thanks.

Thought your household broadband was pants? Small biz has it worse

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We're stuck with around 8Mbit ADSL2, the industrial estate we're on and the industrial estates near us are surrounded by residential estates that can all get FTTC.

Us? We've got the fastest connection on our industrial estate and BT have no plans to improve things.

Oh, and the government grant thing for covering the installation of a leased line or whatever? Doesn't apply in our postcode.


Blast-off! Boat free launch at last. Orion heads for space

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Nexus 7 fandroids tell of salty taste after sucking on Google's Lollipop

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My Nexus 4 and 7 (2013) are running like greased weasel shit with Lollipop. My 2012 Nexus 7 though, well... Wish I'd not bothered.

Meet Windows 10's new UI for OneDrive – also known as File Explorer

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I like the ability to do away with the Search and Task View buttons in the latest build, but what I really want is a way to get rid of the Start button.

I use it SO rarely that I'd rather have the space for another application shortcut or open application.

The times I do use it, I have the Windows key or even CTRL+ESC.

Mastercard and Visa to ERADICATE password authentication

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I'm not talking a few months, this is going back about 4 years maybe. New cards have been issued during that period and since that first time of setting it up I've never once been asked to enter my password again.

Same with our cards at work, mixture of Visa and Mastercard, never asks for the password.

Richy Freeway

I never understood that extra verification step. I did it once for each card I have used online and have never been asked for the password again. I don't think I could even tell you what passwords I used now it was so long ago.

When a transaction goes through now, the verification window pops up, whirls around a bit then returns to the merchant and the sale is complete.

Am I missing something?

Hey, you, PHONE-FACE! Kickstarter in-car mobe mount will EMBED your phone into your MUG

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What the actual fuck?

At last! Now you can STIFLE dull chums you can't really unfriend on Facebook

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This has definitely been a feature for quite a while now.

I took the ultimate option a month ago and just shut my account down. Never looked back.

I've got enough tedious drivel in my own life, don't need other peoples too.

Ballmer PERSONALLY wrote Windows 3.1's blue screen text

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Re: Give rhe devil his due .,,

CTRL + C works for copying error messages from MOST dialogue boxes in Windows. Just make sure the window has focus, hit CTRL + C then paste into Notepad so you can extract the bit you want.

I emphasise most, because sometimes it doesn't work, which is frustrating.