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Ad tech ruined the web – and PDF files are here to save it, allegedly

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Re: Adobe

Word does save to pdf.

Where I work we wrote our own pdf driver to create pdfs.

I have even added parts to it.

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Re: Dunning-Kruger

They will be available if they are embedded in the pdf which they are in this case.

Refreshing: An Office update that won't frighten the horses

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Re: How liberating it was when Microsoft introduced the ribbon!

@Roland6 the visual cue you get when you press the alt key now now look like tool tips before the ribbon it was an underlined character in the menu item or button text etc.

BTW how those visual cues are done in the ribbon to my eye they don't look nice and I am sure MS could have stuck with the underline. But the visual cue is still there.

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Re: How liberating it was when Microsoft introduced the ribbon!

@Roland6 the visual cues are there for short cuts just hit the alt key but instead of underlined letter of the menu option there is a sort of tool tip that shows the short cut keys.

I agree keyboard overlays were handy and Microsoft weren't the only software company to do overlays. But nowadays seems hardly anyone does them.

BTW you don't have to memorise short cut keys as they have a letter underscore pre ribbon and now have a tool-tip

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Re: Yeah that ribbon

@anthonyhegedus "Where the FUCK is the send button? Oh yes, it’s on the ‘Home’ ribbon tab thing"

Well no wonder you can't find the send button as it is not on the "‘Home’ ribbon tab thing" it is at the top of the email to the left of the From, To and Cc buttons. Just where you would expect it so you can "hit send while writing an email".

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Re: How liberating it was when Microsoft introduced the ribbon!

@Pascal Monett "I've had so many people thank Borkzilla for having completely erased their long-acquired keyboard shortcut habits."

Did they erase them? I ask because short cuts are there in Word so did Microsoft changed them? They look the same to me but I am a light user of Word.

BTW if you leave the pin off on the ribbon it acts just like a menu the ribbon drops down when to click on the main menu item much like a dropdown menu.

Cyberlaw experts: Take back control. No, we're not talking about Brexit. It's Automated Lane Keeping Systems

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Re: slow mowing motorway traffic, without any pedestrian nearby

@AC "So your AV crashes and the designated driver, and the development team right the way up to the CEO and the major share holder all get to stand in the dock"

Never going to happen, when was the last time you saw a development team or CEO or the major share holder in the dock?

We have had exploding SUVs, failing brakes etc, ever seen anyone from the car company in the dock?

No so why would you expect it to happen in automated cars!

OpenAI shuts down robotics team because it doesn't have enough data yet

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Re: Does it matter ?

@TheProf “It isn't as if the film maker was trying to deceive the public about what Bourdain had already expressed.”

Maybe not what Bourdain had already expressed but it looks like the film maker was trying to deceive viewers about how it was expressed. When quoting someone context, the how, where, when and to whom is important.

Now I haven’t seen the documentary, maybe the context was given, so no intent to deceive. If that’s the case, why imitate his voice? Be that with AI or a voice actor there is no difference.

Now if no context was given I have too agree with @Pascal Monett "Yes it matters."

Amazon will know when its business, privacy practices keep you up at night – it has an FCC-approved sleep radar

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Jaffer mode

I think Amazon are missing a trick, why stop at just sleep monitoring? Maybe it could have a sleep mode and a mode for when you get lucky.

So got lucky tonight but forgot to pack any condoms not to worry Amazon sleep radar has got you covered even if your tackle isn’t. Just go to the mode selector and switch from Sleep mode to Jaffer mode for a worry free 9 months.

The world is chaos but my Zoom background is control-freak perfection

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Forget about pictures use the video background option. My choice is 5 min loop of Fallout New Vegas or a SpongeBob SquarePants video.

If you have no interest in the meeting just play 10 min loop of you sitting in front of the computer and bugger off. ;)

Revealed: Perfect timings for creation of exemplary full English breakfast

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Perfect timings pah!

Perfect timings pah!

Timings don’t matter because the perfect English breakfast has to be cooked by someone else in those cafes (greasy spoons) you used to see many years ago in the UK towns and cities. Also, everything must be fried in beef dripping so no baked beans which seems like a late edition in my youth it was just fried tomatoes.

Now this is from my own experience and direct back-to-back comparison between home cooked and cafe cooked of old.

Growing up in Southeast London around 50 years ago I started a weekend job working on the milk floats 5am 2pm sat, 5am 12pm sun*. Why would they need you on the round on the weekend when they managed during the week? Seems like a 12-year-old in a man’s old worn suit jacket scarf etc looking like a street urchin from Oliver Twist was the ideal person to collect the money no one ever argued and the tips were much better.

But I digress the back-to-back comparison was this. Up at 4am fry my own breakfast out on the round at 5am. At 7am stop at cafe for breakfast all fried, consisting of bread, bacon, portobello mushrooms, tomato (halved into 2) and bubble. With the only choice being black pudding, white pudding, both or neither? There is only one correct choice and that is both.

So back-to-back (3 hours apart) comparison and there was no way I could match the perfection of the cafe fry up for 2 reasons.

To get every thing to be ready at the same time without keeping some warm in the oven would require 3 frying pans like the cafe. But more importantly I would have to have cooked 4 or 5 breakfasts rotating the pans to match the cafe. Which by 7am had been cooking multiple fry-ups just topping up the dripping as needed so the flavour of all the ingredients was permeating all the pans.

* Of course not legal for the delicate youth of today. :)

Security warning deluge from 'npm audit' is driving developers to distraction

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Re: Can we have some real engineering, please?

@jurassicmonkey ​"default npm audit behavior" default give sthe impression the warning level is adjustable and default is set at the highest level. It would be nice to know how hard it is to set to a level that suit the JS being written.

Coming from C, C++ and C# development if we left the warning level at default with every warning treated as an error we would be in a similar position with false positive rates. We set the level and exclude certain types of warning from being generated.

Linux Foundation celebrates 30 years of Torvalds' kernel with a dry T-shirt contest

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Re: designing a T-shirt to celebrate 30 years of the software

@mihares I think you are right that was what @Howard Sway was pointing out. I never saw that, but it was early hours of the morning when I saw the post. ;)

Falmari Silver badge

Re: designing a T-shirt to celebrate 30 years of the software

@Howard Sway ”In a piece of software that doesn't run natively on that software : Adobe Illustrator”

That’s not what the article stated, no where does it state the design must be done using Adobe Illustrator or any other software. All it states is that it must be supplied in one of 3 formats that support vectors.

From article:-

“Adobe Illustrator (.AI), or open Encapsulated PostScript (.EPS) and Scalable Vector Graphic (.SVG) formats”

So unless there is no image editing software on Linux that can save in at least one of those formats it can de done on Linux.

Google herds FLoC back to the lab for undisclosed post-third-party-cookie ad tech modifications

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Privacy XOR Targeted ads

You can’t have targeted ads and privacy it is one or the other. Targeted ads by their very nature require invasion of privacy, the clue is in the target part of the name.

You can’t target people without knowing something about them to differentiate them from others. The narrower you target, the more you must know, therefore the more data you must collect and store and the easier it becomes to identify an individual.

No amount of FLoCing about by Google is going to square the circle of targeted ads and privacy. Be that third party cookies, FLoC, FLEDGE or any other avian themed birdbrained idea. Because collecting data to target ads is an invasion of privacy.

I just wish our Governments would wake up and see this data collection for what it is and make it illegal, but I won’t hold my breath.

Massive 3D catzilla gets crowds purring in busy Shinjuku district of Tokyo

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Re: Freaking awesome !

Not that awesome. It needs to be like Jaws 19 in Back to the future II to be awesome. ;)


US offers Julian Assange time in Australian prison instead of American supermax if he loses London extradition fight

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@HatHatHatHatHat “where he will do the time”

Probably the best prison in the world. With state-of-the-art medical care etc, if he has to serve 175 years. Do Carlsberg run a prison?

Seriously where does the US come up with these sentences?

Its almost like a North African Market where you have to haggle

BMA warns NHS Digital's own confidentiality guardian could halt English GP data grab unless communication with public improves

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In the dark

@SImon Hobson "At least the forms are online to download, not stored in a locked filing cabinet, in a disused lavatory ... oh you all know the rest."

May as well be stored in a locked filing cabinet, in a disused lavatory with beware of the leopard sign. Because they have not told anyone.

If they wanted to tell people they would have mailed everyone the form and web page address. Also the mail would explain what they were going to do, who gets access, security safeguards to protect privacy etc.

But letting the public know what is going on is the last thing they want, can't risk the plebs making an informed decision and saying no. Best to keep them in the dark.

Facebook granted patent for 'artificial reality' baseball cap. Repeat, an 'artificial reality' baseball cap

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Re: prior art?

Would heads up displays on visors in helmets not count as prior art?

Also it looks more like augmented reality rather than artificial reality

'Lots of failed startups came out of Campus': Google axes London hub because startup scene 'doesn't need' another 7 floors of workspace

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Re: Exclusion on race is racism

@AC “Given that all the applications are automatically processed by computers, I don't think that you can claim positive bias to ethnic minorities.”

I was claiming nothing of the sort as I am sure you know. I was pointing out that if a company provided funding for pupils of low-income families to increase their chances of getting into university but restricted it white British pupils as they are the least likely to go on to university, it would be racist.

Providing funding based on skin colour no matter how good your intentions are, is racist. It is divisive, creating division and resentment. Conditions in which the seeds of racism can take root and grow. The very conditions that racists will exploit. It provides them with both ammunition and a platform from which to spout their racism.

Good intentions no matter how good, are not an excuse for discrimination. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

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Exclusion on race is racism

@AC “Can anyone else hear that high-pitch tone? It sounds like someone is blowing a dog whistle.”

No sounds like someone pointing out that funding someone based solely on the colour of their skin is racist. It is also divisive.

Earlier before I read this article, I read this one on the BBC https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-57558746.

One of the points in it was this.

“For university entry, 16% of white British pupils on free meals get places, compared with 59% of black African pupils on free meals, 59% of Bangladeshi pupils on free meals and 32% of black Caribbean pupils on free meals.”

So, there would be nothing wrong, if a company setup a 2-million-pound fund to help “pupils on free meals” get into university but said it was only open to white British pupils. I don’t think so, that would be racist and divisive.

If you exclude someone based on their race it is racism.

Ex-Brave staffer launches GDPR sueball in Germany over tech giants' real-time bidding for ad inventory

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Re: Previous approach

@frank 3 Cheers for that explanation.

Falmari Silver badge

Re: Previous approach

Actual facts don't come into it ask any fortune teller does it work and they will all reply yes it does.

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Re: Previous approach

@Richocet "Advertisers somewhere will know if contextual performs as well as personalised." Or performs better, from article.

"Dutch state broadcaster NPO, which saw revenues rise when it ditched targeted ad-tracking in favour of contextual advertising"

"So contextual advertising is not so much an alternative, but turning back the clock."

It is not turning back the clock if contextual advertising performs better. I would call it recognition that personalised advertising does not work as well as contextual advertising and for the advertiser is just wasting money to line the pockets of the ad brokers.

Petition instructs Jeff Bezos to buy, eat world's most famous painting

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Re: Worth <> cash

@DJ "Borrow against their shares?" That might not be that far from the truth. Borrow against your wealth and use the interest expenses as deductions on their income.

Article here on the BBC "US super-rich 'pay almost no income tax'"


More here


Toyota reveals its work on an honest-to-goodness cloak of invisibility

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Re: I remember a SciFi book about this.

@John Brown (no body) way to spoil the joke Sheldon ;)

Falmari Silver badge

Re: I remember a SciFi book about this.

@ShadowSystems "There was a sneak thief that wore a body suit of the stuff & enjoyed robbing folks blind."

I think that would be robbing folks while blind. No light would reach the thief's eyes. ;)

Chrome 'Conformance' for JavaScript frameworks says: If you don't follow our rules, your project won't build

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Re: JS best practice

@tiggity "many heavy JS using sites really don't play nicely with screen readers for the visually impaired"

So true, because it is not easy to get them to play nicely.

It is hard enough to create native programs on windows to work well with screen readers I know from experience having to work with a screen reader company and having to change our code to work well. They also had to make changes to their reader as well.

Then it was decided that one of our programs was going to be browser based which just presented us with a new set of problems.

To create an application or website that is truly accessible by the visually impaired (works with a screen reader) requires that accessibility to be a requirement from day one so design and code implement that requirement. It is not something that can just be be added after the application or website is finished.

Gov.UK taskforce publishes post-Brexit wish-list: 'TIGRR' pounces on GDPR, metric measures

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Re: The UK political sphere has been so overtaken by Brexit

@David Hicklin "Hey leave us boomers out of it - we are thoroughly metric."

Speak for yourself. ;)

To be honest I can use both but I tend to think imperial even though metric is simpler. Probably because up until the last 2 or 3 years of school maths and sciences were imperial. Subjects like TD, metalwork and woodwork were still mainly imperial. But I suppose it not cheap to replace imperial tools like a metalworking lathe.

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Re: The UK political sphere has been so overtaken by Brexit

@AC "Nobody under the age of 35 even knows what an ounce is."

Its 28 grams of cocaine + a line for yourself.

Tim Cook: Sideloading is a disaster and proposed App Store reforms would harm user privacy and security

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Re: User's best interest?

@ John Robson “So you think their bandwidth is free?”

No but really, how much cost is it per download?

“i.e. those who can most afford to support the infrastructure pay most towards it's upkeep.”

Yet Amazon and Facebook pay nothing towards upkeep. I bet they both have more downloads than any single game and are both richer than any game company.

Falmari Silver badge

User's best interest?

Cook "What we do at Apple is always focus intently on the user and what is in their best interests.”

Since when is it in a user’s best interest to restrict competition and adding 30% to the cost of apps. If it was truly about security and privacy, why charge 30% on every sale. The cost for validating and hosting an app is the same whether 1 or a million copies were sold.

If Apple were acting in user’s best interest just charge the app maker a fee to cover the hosting and validation. That way the cost for the app is covered no matter how many copies were sold.

Microsoft CEO gets a side hustle — Satya Nadella made Chair of Microsoft board

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Re: "undoubtedly an endorsement of his achievements as CEO"

I heard MS offered Ballmer the Chair but he didn't want it and just threw it back at the board.


Tech contractor loses IR35 tribunal appeal: 'Right' to substitute didn't mean he could, say judges

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Re: Substitution?

"HMRC stated that they will not accept any arrangement that has been created to avoid tax."

Yet they accept it from multinationals?

UK competition watchdog begins probe into Apple and Google's total domination of the mobile landscape

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Re: I'm typing this on a Moto G8 power

@Gene Cash ”As much as I hate Google/Apple, this was more of a Microsoft own-goal.”

I disagree, Microsoft could have done better but their real problem was lack of apps. To do better IMHO they should have marketed to their strength’s integration with business and windows.

But to address the app deficit they would have had to write some of the more popular apps themselves. Sure, they could they are a software company after all. But that is Microsoft other companies would not have had the skills and money to do that.

To be honest all iterations were nice 7, 7.5, 7.8, 8 and 10. I have had all and in most cases the apps continued to work across iterations, I am still running apps purchased on 7 on my win 10 phone.

The reason Microsoft stopped was due to the fact they did not get more than 2.5% of the market. It was not a mass exodus it was more a lack of uptake by app makers.

The point is if Microsoft could not break into the market even with the resources they had there is very little chance that anyone else can.

Western Australia rushes out legislation after cops access contact-tracing data to investigate serious crimes

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Re: Fool me once...

@John Brown (no body) That was my take from the article. They rushed through the contact tracing in the understandable attempt to reduce the impact of the virus. But in that rush did not put required protections in. Having seen their mistakes are now adding in those protections.

Taking the article at face value I would give them the benefit of the doubt. To me it looks like a rush (painc) to protect life and not thinking of the privacy implications. They got it wrong but it does not look like an intentional grab for tracking data for use by law enforcement.

Ireland warned it could face 'rolling blackouts' if it doesn't address data centres' demand for electricity

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Re: Lucky Ireland

@IGotOut yes gas is the main backstop. The UK has only 3 active coal fuelled power stations with a capacity around 4.5 gigawatts.

FTC approves $61.7m settlement with Amazon for pocketing driver tips

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Re: Wage theft

@John Brown (no body) ”All the rights, none of the responsibility.”

I agree corporations and employees should be accountable to the same laws as people. The employee who made the decision to implement “Flex pay” should be charged with fraud. Held to the same accountability under the law as any other person.

As for Amazon how to you punish them? Well corporations would have us believe they are "people" so surely the same laws and punishments apply to them. So, treat them like people, charge, prosecute and if found guilty sentence them like a person.

But you can’t lock up corporations (oh how I wish we could) like people but we can replicate some of the effect. Replace loss of liberty with loss of profit. So, a three year sentence would be three years loss of profit. Take the last five years of worldwide profit and calculate the next three years projected profit and fine them that. That fine can not be used as operating cost or in any other way to offset taxes. In this case they should also be ordered to pay back what they defrauded from their drivers.

Replace loss of liberty with loss of profit just an idea, the point is corporations should be held to the same accountability under the law as people. Subject to the same punishments that people are when they transgress the law.

Dealing with the pandemic by drinking and swearing? Boffins say you're not alone

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Re: rein in their language in the presence of children?

@Neil Barnes "My 10 year old granddaughter swears much more often than I do."

You should hang your head in shame.

No way would I let a bloody 10 year old out swear me. :)

EA Games looted by intruders: Publisher says 'no player data accessed' after reported theft of FIFA 21, Frostbite source

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Re: How Hackers Used Slack to Break into EA Games

Cheers for the link.

Falmari Silver badge

No player data accessed

“no player data accessed” We get this bullshit statement time and again when ever a company is hacked. These statements that no customer data was accessed should be challenged by the authorities. The reality is they have found no evidence that customer data was accessed. These companies should not be allowed to make these statements that customer data was not accessed unless they can prove it.

Without evidence to the contrary, it should be assumed that customer data has been accessed. Companies should be required to follow the rules/laws that apply when customer data was known to be accessed.

In this case why would you not think that customer data has been accessed? I mean EA are a games company the most important thing to them are their games, the code. Thieves have got away with their crown jewels their most protected assets. If they can do that there is no reason to believe that on they way out that did not take customer data as well.

Photographer seeks $12m in copyright damages over claims Capcom ripped off her snaps in Resident Evil 4 art

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Re: Breached who's copyright

@PhilBuk Is it just about Resident Evil 4 game?

The PDF from the complainant lawyers says more than a single version of Resident Evil.

"28. Various versions of Capcom’s RESIDENT EVIL game and merchandise have

used approximately 80 or more of Juracek’s photographs which appeared over 200 times in

Defendants’ RESIDENT EVIL games."

Then go to the exhibit PDF it labels exhibits as Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil HD and Resident Evil to name just the first few. So you can see why I believed (rightly or wrongly) it referred also to the first Resident Evil game.

Falmari Silver badge

Re: Breached who's copyright

@AC "As for your devil's advocate bit, remember that they are asking for a jury trial."

I know, devil's advocate was in reference to the prevailing point of view of comments here and a play on one of the game names. ;)

Too many down votes and this devil's advocate may cry.

UK government bows to pressure, agrees to delay NHS Digital grabbing the data of England's GP patients

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Law enables organisations

Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham “Data protection law enables organisations to share data safely”.

No, it bloody doesn’t, it enables nothing, it is not bleeding tech support sending a couple of tech to switch this on set that protocol. That is like saying the speeding laws enable drivers to drive at a safe speed. It is meant to prevent with the threat of punishment your private data being shared unsafely and punish those that do. But let’s face it everyone ignores the threat only following the law if caught.

Everything Apple announced: Tor-ish Safari anonymization. Cloaked iCloud addresses. Cloud CI/CD. And more

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Re: Gotta sell new hardware

@anonanonanonanonanon nice one have an up-vote for answering. :)

Falmari Silver badge

Re: Gotta sell new hardware

@anonanonanonanonanon “Meanwhile, average software support for an Android phone is?”

Do please tell, I am sure you are dying to!

DoS vulns in 3 open-source MQTT message brokers could leave users literally locked out of their homes or offices

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Re: Patch a key

Even better example of DoS Key. :)

Falmari Silver badge

Patch a key

When was the last time you had to patch a key?

I suppose keys can be vulnerable to DoS, multiple people tying to put their key into the same lock at the same time.

Google ad biz shenanigans smacked down by French competition regulators

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Google's technologies will still receive preferential treatment

“That’s why, as part of an overall resolution of the FCA’s investigation, we have agreed on a set of commitments to make it easier for publishers to make use of data and use our tools with other ad technologies,” said Maria Gomri, legal director at Google.

Why thank you Google but I am not quite sure how that addresses this “Autorité de la concurrence ruled that Google granted preferential treatment to its own proprietary technologies offered under its Google Ad Manager brand.”

Seems to me “granted preferential treatment to its own proprietary technologies offered under its Google Ad Manager brand.” is still there but hey we have made a commitment to make it easier to now use technology that has preferential treatment.



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