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Detroit cops employed facial recognition algos that only misidentifies suspects 96 per cent of the time


Reasonable doubt

This system is a defense lawyers dream. I can see it now in defense cross-examination of a police witness.

Defense "So was the Facial Recognition used to identify my Client?"

Police Witness "Yes"

Defense "That's the system that 96% of the time identifies the wrong person?"

Defense "No need to answer that it is a public record that 96% of the time it is wrong."

Defense "So there is a 96% chance my client is not the perpetrator of the crime?"

Way to introduce doubt in the minds of the jury.


That's not the droid you are looking for

So facial recognition does work, just not the way they expected. With 96% failure rate it is great at identifying people who should not be arrested. (Joke).

So what next tarot cards? I am sure they can beat 96% accuracy. Perhaps we can turn police investigation into a role playing game and just role dice.

Seriously at 96% the use of facial recognition must be a hindrance to the police.

University of California San Francisco pays ransomware gang $1.14m as BBC publishes 'dark web negotiations'


Why was the BBC involved?

But it is part of their charter to report the news which is what they did.

Where did you get from the article that they carried out negotiations?

All I read is they reported negotiations had happened and published some excerpts from information they had gathered.

Brit police's use of facial-recognition tech is lawful, no need to question us, cops' lawyer tells Court of Appeal


Keep a straight face.

How could he keep a straight face when he said this "The [facial-recognition tech] is no more intrusive than the use of CCTV on the streets."

If the tech actually worked, then the very nature of what it is meant to do makes it more intrusive. You have CCTV that can track everyone whose face it captures. How can that be anything but more intrusive?

If (when) this gets fully deployed it will be so open to abuse. I can see it now some plod has a grudge against someone, partner playing away from home, feed their image into the system to track where they have been.

Whatsapp blamed own users for failure to keep phone number repo off Google searches



How the hell can they blame their users for choosing to make their phone numbers public.

They are the ones to make it public by putting the unencrypted phone numbers on the web. But hey to make it easier they even make them visible to search engines.

They add a new feature for people to use and then blame their users for using that feature.

They are the ones to blame for designing (I use the term lightly) and then coding a piece of software without once ever thinking about security from beginning to end.

To make it worse they do not even see it as a bug and refuse to pay a bug bounty. I can see why. Athul Jayaram did not find a bug in the feature, because the whole bloody feature is just one giant bug.

California bigwigs rule Uber, Lyft dial-a-ride drivers are employees, not contractors


I don't understand

I do not understand why Uber and Lyft are being sued by the State Attorney General?

A new law has come onto the books in California Uber and Lyft are breaking that law.

So why are they not taken to court for breaking that law and if found guilty punished (presumably fined) under said law.

Why the hell are they being sued?

On a second point this line from the article “The law came into force in January this year”, though Uber and Lyft have resisted the change” really does show how these so-called disruptive companies operate.

Their business model is to be cheaper than incumbent businesses by not saying the rules do not apply to us.

Frenchman scores €50k compensation for suffering 'bore-out' at work after bosses gave him 'menial' tasks


Re: Sooo....

That probably would not work.

In my youth I was a skilled welder.

A multi national car company (funnily French) I worked for decided to lay a lot of people off at my plant.

They used the last in first out policy capped at 2 years so no redundancy would have to be paid from them as the company redundancy which was in the contract only came into force after 2 years of employment.

Problem was they wanted to put me on the production line, because they had one more welders then bays or equipment.

At 24 I was a mouthy git and was having none of that. So on the Monday morning I went to the welding area sat down and said I would not go on the line i wanted redundancy as my job no longer existed.

I repeated this for three days people came and told me that I would be sacked if I did not go on the line. Forman, HR, Plant manager even the works convener (union was in the pocket of management don't rock the don't nice little lower management job you for you after a few years).

Morning of the fourth day I was marched up to HR they were all there my foreman, Plant Manager works convener and HR manager (the ex convener) and given an ultimatum. If I did not report to work on the line I would be fired. They said they were within their rights to move someone to a lower skilled job it was in my contract of employment.

I pointed out that moving someone to a lesser skilled job was intended to be a temporary thing used when less production was needed not meant to be permanent.

But I agreed they could move me to the line. But pointed out that they could not change what I was employed as, my skill level and what I got paid. I said I would report to the line and take great pleasure in telling everyone I worked with how much more I was getting paid than them.

The works convener was the first to break ranks and within the hour I was out the factory gates with my redundancy check plus 8 weeks notice.

Lettuce Encrypt, Encrypt We Must: Hobby projects change name after Let's Encrypt fires off trademark complaints


I didn't know that I thought they would be the same

Germany to fund development of edge CPUs as part of 'tech you can trust' plan to home-brew more kit


Technology You Can Trust?

"Technology You Can Trust"

No one.

If is not your Government it will be a foreign one.

But what does that matter as the tech company itself is already spying on you anyway

Remind us again, why work for AWS? Petty Amazon sues marketing veep after he defects to Google Cloud



I thought that was how sales work.

Sell software to a customer with features that do not exist.

Then come back to engineering telling them that these features have to be done by a certain date or the company will lose a major sale. That certain date is the delivery date which was yesterday.

Hence the saying I need that yesterday :)

OK Windows 10, we get it: You really do not want us to install this unsigned application. But 7 steps borders on ridiculous


Re: Developers!

I never see any of those warning.

I downloaded Inkscape not from the store so not signed through the new edge with out a warning the one and only warning was the unknow publisher.

Which is the same warning I have been getting the last couple of days with my companies software installers before I changed them to be signed.

Is my windows 10 broken ;)

Video? That's so not what we care about, says Slack, as it signs video deal with AWS



I know it was a joke but I really like the video calls as we are in lockdown its the closest you can get to really taking to someone.

I hate email's chat even the phone I can't really engage converse with people unless I can see them in person I really need to see their body language. But video not a bad substitute for face to face conversation in the real world.

Google+ replacement ‘Currents’ to end beta and debut in G Suite on July 6th


Re: Oh, you can opt out. Trust me.

"Google makes some genuinely useful things which are free"

It is not free it is paid for through advertising everyone is paying for it when they buy goods advertised through google even if we don't use google, as advertising makes up part of the goods cost

Brit MP demands answers from Fujitsu about Horizon IT system after Post Office staff jailed over accounting errors


Re: Correcting balances

They probably didn't know.

The people that were told to correct the balances were probable told to correct errors that had been found.

They don't see the bigger picture and that higher ups are covering their arses.


This requires some sort of Judicial review of all convictions.

Seems to me that all convictions that involve this software are unsafe due to recent evidence.


I sure rightpondian corporations are Jealous

I am sure corporations in the USA are jealous that they don't have the right to bring their own private criminal prosecutions.

Publishers sue to shut down books-for-all Internet Archive for 'willful digital piracy on an industrial scale'


Loads are available to buy

I did a quick search on Amazon just for paperback versions author Isaac Asimov.

55 pages with 12 items per page it seems to me not that difficult to find.

Seems to me you are already trained to steal because you are to lazy to look for a copy.

EU General Court tears up ban on Three slurping O2. Good thing the latter's not set to merge with Virgin Media, eh?

Thumb Up

Re: doesn't matter anymore


Great answer (I see the reason) deservers a thumbs up.

Obviously I am not good at reading signposts :)


doesn't matter anymore

"So just before they became irrelevant they decided to undo what they had done just before it doesn't matter anymore."

I agree what was the point of making that decision!

Irrelevant when UK leave EU and O2 formally announced plans to merge with Virgin Media.

In Rust, we lust: Security-focused super-C++ language still most loved among Stack Overflow denizens


I wonder

From the article “The most loved category in the survey of 65,000 developers reflects the percentage of coders using the technology in some capacity who want to continue doing so.”

I wonder is that truly representative of language use or even love.

The reason for using the site is to get answers on how to do something. By their nature newer languages or languages that have started to become popular will have more questions therefore causing the site to have more active users of those languages.

Whereas users of older more established languages will have less need for the site due to the depth of knowledge of the programmer and those around them and the size of their code base to look for an example of how to do something.

Hey Siri, are you still recording people's conversations despite promising not to do so nine months ago?


Recording conversations must be illegal

Surely this is illegal even before GDPR.

This should not even be a thing that you can opt into.

This is recording conversations therefore other people how can you opt in for them.

If the police what to place a recording device in your home or wire tap your phone in most countries they need a warrant.

But hey Apple can do it if a someone I invite into my home has an IPhone.

Storing of voice data should stop. Any company that wants to do this should first have to prove that what they do does not violate any rights/laws I think you will find that on closer examination they would all violate rights/laws of most countries.

When I am on the phone to a company’s support desk they make an announcement that the conversation maybe recorded for training purposes maybe IPhone uses should have that statement printed on their forehead.

NSO Group fires back at Facebook: You lied to the court, claims spyware slinger, and we've got the proof


Re: What laws have they broken?

Damn you now I want to watch it again :)


What laws have they broken?

This is an Israeli company subject to the laws of Israel not USA/California.

What governments do with their software surely makes that government responsible if they beak international laws not the manufacture.

If so then lots of arms and aero space companies should be held accountable for illegal use of their wares.

Hey I am all in favour of that but not going to happen.

If they have sold to unfriendly governments deemed so by their government (Israel) then they should be held accountable by they laws of their country Israel not the US of A.

EU's top court sees no problem with telling Facebook to take content down globally


Re: Not a Facebook user

Snowy I read that as well it seems to me that they should be able to remove a post to Eva Glawischnig-Piesczek page. I read it as account which suggests it is to the page not reply to a post.

Facebook: The future is private! So private, we designed some handy new fingercams for y'all!



Ignoring privacy concerns how is it even patentable.

Stitching streams together is not new.

Wearable cameras is nothing new.

Gesture control already done for multiple types of devices.

What exactly is worthy of a patent?

IBM torches Big Tech's get-out-of-jail-free card, says websites should be held responsible for netizen-posted content


Re: Slippery slope

It is not a slippery slope. Facebook google etc should be treated in the same way as printed material is.

A newspaper or magazine is responsible for what appears in their print even when they have a letters page they can't just wash their hands of what appears there even when they are letters from readers.

Of course in print it is easier to moderate what comes in from readers. But just because it is possibly more difficult to do in the digital world does not mean companies should be allowed to have a business model which avoids moderation just because it is difficult.

I got 502 problems, and Cloudflare sure is one: Outage interrupts your El Reg-reading pleasure for almost half an hour


Ah so that explains why access to El Reg was crap about an hour ago.

Is Google's new cloud gaming service scalable? Yes but it may not be affordable, warns edge-computing CEO


Re: "Streaming games has never been about latency"

I agree the first thing I thought was that it would eliminate cheating in games where the game processing is done on the player's machine.

Streaming just the GPU instructions seems like halfway between full streaming of the video and just sending down game instructions to be processed locally. It would be interesting to know now how much more data has to be sent than just game instructions, and how much less has to be sent than streaming video for some of the more popular MMOs.

Four US govt agencies poke probe in Facebook following more 'oops, we spilled your data' shocks


I agree if a company breaks the law they should suffer the full force of the penalty.

Flash crash trader takes plea bargain, cops to 'spoofing' and wire fraud


Re: This case is a farce....

No it took place in the UK


Re: This case is a farce....

Cheers Bronek looks like it was a Uk offence therefore he should be tried in the UK that's where he was when he committed the act


Re: This case is a farce....

Bronek that law was created 2016 what was the law the time of the offence 2010.

Personally I think this extradition is a farce. He committed the act in the UK if it is an offence in the UK he should be tried in the UK if not a UK offence then that should be the end of it.

Microsoft disbands Band band – and there'll be no version 3


Real shame

Real shame its a nice piece of kit works well straight out the box.

Has all the features on it I need (basically fitness).

Works well with my Win phone and PC.

One (Novelty) feature I really like is that you can map your runs and then display them on you phone. On the pc you can zoom and see an aerial view of the run.

LinkedIn sues 100 information scrapers after technical safeguard fail


Re: Was a captcha or the recaptcha being circumvented in the process?

Maybe you just missed it Quote:-

"Despite all these protections, the data thieves managed to get around them all by setting up systems that could start multiple bogus accounts – bypassing the CAPTCHA mechanism designed to stop this."

Physicists believe they may have found fifth force of nature


depends on the temperature

So the number of forces of nature depend on it being summer or winter!

Google AdSense abused to distribute Android spyware


Re: Liability for this sites with the web site owner!

@Charles 9

Yes even if it means losing a 'one and only favorite hobby site' for an Internet without advertising


Re: Liability for this sites with the web site owner!

Web sites that have adds are not free to visit, just you do not see the cost as it has already been paid for by others. Advertising costs money how is this cost recovered, by adding to the cost of the goods you buy.

The way I look at it visiting sites funded by advertising is getting others to pay for your web browsing.

Personally I would rather have an internet with no advertising and if some sites go to the wall so be it.

Italian MP threatens parents forcing veggie diets on kids with jail


Re: Criminal offence to impose a diet lacking in essential elements ?

Did you read the article you linked supplements were not needed for a vegetarian diet.

Uber, AirBNB: Lay off 'em, EC tells member states


Same Regulation

They need the same regulatory touch as the existing players offering those services.

The whole point of the so called sharing economy is to avoid taxes, health and safety and employment laws that the existing players have to follow.

Also I see no jobs being created just taxi drivers being replaced with casual unregulated labour.

Met Police wants to keep billions of number plate scans after cutoff date


The Met will continue to beat information out of suspects in police custody on the grounds of "lives would have been lost and many serious crimes would not have been solved"

Microsoft herds biz users to Windows 10 by denying support for Win 7 and 8 on new CPUs


Shock Horror new CPUs won't support 7 year old OS

I really don't see what the problem is. Do you really expect Microsoft to support future hardware that will be manufactured 7 or more years after the initial release of Windows 7.

Since 22/10/2009 there have been 2 new releases of Windows (8/8.1 and 10) and mainstream support for Windows 7 ended 13/01/2015. It makes perfect sense for manufactures and Microsoft not to support Windows 7 on new forthcoming hardware.

I would like to see Apple support a 7 year old version of their OS running on their latest hardware or Google supporting 7 year old Android on the latest phones.

Att: Windows Phone owners: Win 10 Mobile has been spotted and it wants your phone


Re: Really?

Well I got a new 950 XL from MS beginning of December. The first 2 weeks great excellent battery life. Then 5 hours from full charged to dead. I had not changed any setting before the change in performance.

Even on battery saver it still drains rapidly from full charge. So sent off for repair beginning of this week just come back today though I don't hold out much hope that it will be any better as they said there was nothing wrong :(

Hey, remember Zune? Zune's dead, baby. Zune's dead


I though Zune became XBox Music a few years ago

I did not know they were still using the Zune name. My Zune pass got transferred to a Xbox Music pass and now just recently to Groove.

As far a I can see I can still access all of the music I have purchased previously. Also the music I downloaded (but not purchased) under the Zune and Xbox still works.

Personally I am quite happy with the service no matter what they call it. £50 to £60 quid a year seems good to be able to stream and or download music to multiple devices.

Stardock’s Start10 brings the familiarity of 7 to Windows 10


Re: Windows Explorer

Damn I never knew that all this time I have been using windows 8 without the ribbon bar as for some reason ribbon has always been hidden. Thanks now I can have the ribbon. :)

Facebook fails to block NY DA's fat warrants for profiles of suspected September 11 fraudsters


Facebook above the law?

I really don't see what Facebook's problem is here.

Surely like the rest of the USA they have to comply with warrants.

Seems to me it is no different from other warrants granted by judges to search a persons house or get access to records held by a company. Looks like a warrant granted in criminal case against USA citizens based in the US to search information stored in the USA held by a US company.

Looks to me that Facebook want to be treated differently from the general public or other company's in regard to the law.

US states vow to fight Google after the FTC meekly rolls over


If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear

Why can't Google just let Hood investigate them, after all “If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear”

Erik Meijer: AGILE must be destroyed, once and for all


Smoke and Mirrors

Agile is just a way for management to pass the blame to developers when a project is late.

After all development teams are now "self managed" and have taken "ownership" of the job so it is their fault it is late.

Nothing to do with management have unrealistic expectations of how long something takes and making commitments that development teams can never achieve.

Agile is just a big con job all smoke and mirrors.

Farewell Nokia: First ever 'Microsoft Lumia' set for Tuesday reveal


Re: Oh, my!

MK Dons 4 Man Utd 0

Sounds like Mortimer Road Junior School first football eleven versus Man Utd carries quite a bit of weight ;)

Shift up, gran! Microsoft turns living room into AR game 'space'


Re: Prior Art

librae, solidi, and denarii

London officials won't take Uber to court – because cabbies are suing the drivers anyway


Re: Sir

" but their fare structure is still based on distance and time and the final price is only after the journey has ended "

Then it is a meter, it might not be a local meter, but the journey is metered



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