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Avast there: MEELLIONS of Androiders scuttled by 'adware' game app


Google is an advertising company. I doubt they consider adware a bad thing unless it interferes with their ability to siphon data.

Erik Meijer: AGILE must be destroyed, once and for all


Unit tests aren't a TDD only thing. His complaint was against TDD rather than unit tests.

However he has a point. A bad developer writing unit tests is pointless. If he writes bad code why on earth would anyone think he'd write good tests?

Moon pig uses TDD, C.I. and all those cool buzzwords and look how safe their api turned out.

Relying on the code writer to test his own code is just about pointless.

Amazon hiring drone flight ops engineer in Cambridge, UK


I'm sure it's not just a stunt but I wouldn't expect this to take off. Not everything Amazon touches turns to gold and so far they've done quite poorly with hardware.

I'm sure they would to have drones simply to have 24 hour delivery and eventually it could mean sacking warehouse staff. The drone can find the item in the warehouse and then take it off to its location. But I think they also realise this is a long way away. It just happens their shareholders let them piss away money.

Google Glassholes are undateable – HP exec


Who wouldn't want to be recorded on a date for the other person's pre-bed wank?



Re: never forget though

Led lights have lifespans anywhere from 15 to 30 years and it works fine because the of the bulb is adjusted.

But as an added bonus the bulb you buy now will either get broken or won't go with a new light fixture so the consumer buys another expensive bulb 5 years later. The bulb company wins either way.

Apple's SNEAKY plan: COPY ANDROID. Hello iPhone 6, Watch


You do realise the face of a clock is called a dial which originates from sun dials. So calling the knob a dial would just look stupid.


Yeah the nexus has all these features that weren't terribly useful at the time they came out so they were pretty much a non-event. Even when the iPhone 6 comes out NFC won't be as useful as it should be.

But at least the iPhone won't feel cheap and have a battery that goes to pot after a year like Android phones so I'm quite happy to wait for the features if it means I get it built in a quality way rather than being built of plastic and sadness.

Is the tech jobs market really on the up-and-up? Tell us about it


This survey seems confused and is aimed at two different types of people. Did someone knock this out quickly before leaving for the day?

We've just unboxed our Google Android Wear. We're not appy


Do google test?

Surely this is one if the things you'd test before releasing it or do google assume all their users are super cheap.

Russian law will force citizens' personal data to be stored locally


Who says he wants to spy on his people?

Maybe rather than doing this for spying reasons they're doing it to stop the US from spying on them. Uneven if it's for the purpose of spying on Russians in a NSA / GCHQ way it would be hypocritical for us to complain and point fingers at Russia.

Aereo has to pay TV show creators? Yes. This isn't rocket science


Re: Good. Now it's time to end retransmission fees.

Of course the cost gets passed onto the customer like every other cost because companies have to earn enough money to cover their cos and make a profit to allow for bad times or expansion. To do it any other way is a failure.

Boris: Look on 'London's digital tentacles', ye mighty, and despair!


Re: London is a stupid, stupid place to encourage a technology startup boom

Cambridge also nearly London prices for homes, it has London style traffic problems and yet it has none of the conveniences of London including the wages.

That's why a lot of companies struggle to find talent in Cambridge despite the university being there and then they end up moving down to London.

Google: Why should we pay tax when we make 'intangibles'?


Re: Evil?

I would say tax avoidance is most certainly evil.

Those taxes help keep everything running. Even though google claims they make intangibles their goods still rely on utilities working so helping pay for them isn't asking too much.

Just look at the US with it's infrastructure slowly starting to fall apart. Is that what everyone else wants? A handful if super rich monopolies a bunch of life-threatening busted up roads and bridges?

I certainly don't.

Stephen Fry MADNESS: 'New domain names GENERATE NEW IP NUMBERS'


Re: He's an actor

No one expects him to know everything but when you're a reasonably intelligent chap you realise it's best not to talk about things you don't have any idea about especially if your fans are going trust you.

Google Glass? Feh. Behold Dyson's 2001 pocket 'puter techno specs with own 'Siri'


First blackberry, then apple and this

Wow, is there no one Google won't "borrow" from?

Google CAN be told to delete sensitive data from its search results, rules top EU court


Re: Barmy

That's not completely true. It has to apply to google as much as anyone else.

Google takes a copy of my data for their cache and to be honest they hold onto it for too long. They certainly don't come around the next day and see a page is removed then just update their cache.

Chrome lets websites secretly record you?! Google says no, but...


Re: Firefox all the way !

Still on snow leopard? Let me guess you're one of those texh "geniuses" that can't handle change due to not really being all that bright with tech but that hasn't stop you from mucking about and putting your computer in such a state that any change actually bad.

Firefox works like a dream on my 2013 MBP, my 2006 thinkpad and my eee 901. My guess is your real problem is behind the keyboard.

Google stabs Wikipedia in the front


Yeah except Google is taking all the profit for someone else's work. They're basically providing content rather than being a search engine. That's fine except they're not generating their own content. They're mooching off someone else and then not allowing them to profit from it.

Why 2014 might just be the year of the Google Chromebook


The numbers aren't entirely accurate as NPD exclude custom built laptops. Everyone reporting on their findings misses that bit out. Given both windows and MacBooks allow customised system purchases I would say their numbers are higher (especially windows).

Chromebooks are toys. I can't see how anyone would take them seriously especially given that storing everything in the cloud means the NSA has access to all your stuff.

Haters of lurid supershow CES: The consumer tech market is still SHRINKING


You can't screw your employees on wages and expect consumer spending to climb. That and wearable computing devices still largely look like something strictly for dorks.


4k TVA look absolutely gorgeous so I'd say they are very welcome. The only reason I'd pass on one now is the lack of content that really takes advantage of it.

Bay Area plots Googlebus tax after local residents riot


Re: Excuse me?

Because poor people in SF aren't like poor people in the UK. They don't lay there and take the shafting like a bitch and the local government realises that.

GitHub wipes hand across bloodied face, stumbles from brutal DDoS beating


Re: GitHub & businesses

Who let grandpa on the internet again? Time to give him his pills.

Apple's new non-feline Mac operating system, OS X Mavericks, ready to go


Which version are you including? Windows 7 ultimate is showing up as $179 on amazon.com right now.

Vista ultimate was far more expensive..like over $250. Windows 7 was over $200 too if you had bought it in 2009.


and vista's launch cost was $450 http://www.engadget.com/2006/05/30/windows-vista-ultimate-450-us/

But even if you take your prices into account, that only just works out because of Apple's price structure change. In the next 8 years, if prices stay the same, OS X is 80% cheaper.

That and $19 covers as many installs as you want. Apple even has a help article on it http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4854

If you want to stay legal on Windows, it'll cost you for each machine.

New iPhone sells out, millions in hands of lucky fans, Cook cock a hoop ...


Don't worry fandroids, I'm sure Apple will completely disappear next year. Then you won't have to be angry and butt hurt.

Apple ups revenue estimates in wake of nine million–phone weekend


There aren't too many comments here. The fandroids must have to get over some serious butt hurt before they come in.

'WTF! MORONS!' Yahoo! Groups! redesign! traumatises! users!


Re: Insight.

The reg keeps taking a bigger dive into the shitter anyway so it's no surprise.

And the reg has no right to call something a pisspoor redesign when they've got this dumbass flash heavy O2 business theme going on that brings the website to a crawl.

Yeah, thanks Reg for running an ad theme that cripples a computer capable of running high end games, visually processing gigs of mapping data and many other tasks that should be more processor intensive than a lame ad campaign.

I'm ad blocking this site permantly. It's freaking ridiculous.

Amazon: OK, OK. We'll let traders flog tat more cheaply elsewhere


I really like amazon but it's really hypocritical of them to complain about apple doing something similar with ebooks when they're basically doing it with everything.

This is a good change.

Hey, you know Android apps can 'access ALL' of your Google account?


Got to make life easier for the NSA.

Apple MacBook Air 13-inch 2013: All’s well that Haswell


Re: Battery life

My MacBook Pro is at least 2 years old and the battery life is pretty much the same. Maybe paying a bit more for a computer results in better hardware or maybe you don't use your computer in such a way that's good for the battery.

Google loses Latitude in Maps app shake-up


Re: You are the Product.... Just accept it

Your analogy would make more sense if rather than you buying me a free drink you got paid for me being seen drinking your drink. Their whole business model revolves around "free" services and I'm positive they're not a charity.

Google platform cloud now takes PHP apps


Seriously, PHP?

Are they that deseperate to appeal to people that they're going to add what is perhaps the most broken language to app engine? If you can't grasp python then you shouldn't be writing code.

10-day stubble: Men's 'socio-sexual attributes' at their best


Beards and masculinity go together because women generally can't grow beards. Some nations have a corporate culture that frowns upon facial hair but these are generally nations that are run by sexually repressed religious nut bags.

And anyone saying facial hair is unhygienic is just butt hurt that they can't grow a beard.


Re: Beards are Best?

Yeah, if you eat like a pig. For people who eat like humans it's not an issue.

Continued lack of women in tech bemoaned by ex-techie lady MP


Re: Maybe they just don't want to!

I worked at a company where the majority of employees (and managers) where women and IT was very much a man's department with the exception of the IT director. There could possibly be a more woman friendly company and they still opted to avoid IT both internal and external applicants.

I'm sure sexism plays a part in area like Silicon Valley where you have a bunch of 20 year old guys in a company but that is not the vast majority of IT work and I suspect any reasonable human understands that. I suspect women just aren't attracted to it.

Who can blame them? I question why guys want to work on a IT help desk or even as a Db admin. The only attractive job imo is programming and while I enjoy it the job can be unnecessarily stressful and unrewarding in some companies.

Apple's next OS X said to be targeted at 'power users'


Re: forced obsolescence, Apple douchebaggery

I know, I'm hoghly upset the latest copy of OSX doesn't run on my early 90's mac. They just don't care.

What work? Tablet owners prefer to slack off with their slabs


Duh, it's hard to do real work on a touch screen just like it's hard to play games on a touch screen. It's a poor interface for a lot of things but no one wants to admit it.

Microsoft off the hook for billions in Motorola Mobility payout


Depends if they're necessary patents or not. If its not then they can get away with charging more because you don't need it. If everyone needs it then you get a smaller chunk per company but probably make more over all.

New Google Play terms ban non-store app updates



I'm glad they're attempting to secure their device but it does make google look like complete hypocrites given the way they install chrome is done to by pass windows restrictions. I guess it's only acceptable when they do it.

Peak Apple: Cupertino belatedly spends some money on R&D


Re: So we know who the replacement for Anna Leach is

I think the register hires people that aspire to become daily mail writers. Can't call them journalists, that'd be a lie.

Apple beats revenue estimates but margins are falling


They should have told people to suck it up on dividends and put the money to better use.

US Senate vote to add internet sales tax this week


What did people expect?

You're supposed to pay sales tax already. No one wants to report it, they're shopping online more so they will come after you. They're not going to just give up the majority of their sales tax income.

Amazon: We're expanding into TWO HUNDRED countries

Thumb Down

Re: Several problems however.

It's google's problem because they built a very insecure way of adding other sources. The problem is already solved. You do it like a package managed and only allow sources you've added.

If I had to guess google didn't want to that because they can appear open while at the same time scaring most people into staying with them. If my guess is wrong, I'd like them to explain why they've implemented it so poorly and require me to make my phone vulnerable to anything just to use one credible source of my choice.

Google Glass will SELF-DESTRUCT if flogged on eBay


Re: I'm confused...

You can give it away for free. A change in habits or accounts isn't enough to prove anything.

More Brits ditch Apple tablets for Amazon, Google, Samsung kit


So how much do you get paid to spout such rubbish? If you're having to jump through hoops that's more a sign of your mental capacity.

A 3 year old android phone simply will not out perform any reasonably priced current release tablet. If you're going to say something so stupid then back it up with proof.