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Pacific nation prepares to flee rising seas

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Re: "Pacific Island culture"

This is the most sensible informative post I've read in El Reg for some time.

Nice one Alan.

Greenland melt threshold lower than thought

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Re: Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

Your right bep Hitler wasn't a vegetarian ....only that he didn't knowingly eat meat.

His physician Dr Morrell fed him vitamin tablets but made notes that the Fuhrer wasn't to be told they were made from Animal byproducts.

Vegetarianism was common amongst WW1 veterans who for some odd reason seemed to have become averse to blood etc. Can't think why.

Man's phone burns, toasts trouser region

howard bowen

Dunno if it's a UK type SGS2

But thats definately a hot phone!

My old SGS gets warm but it's not as hot as that one!

Is it a Chinese copy perhaps?


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