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Man gets £12,500 after girlfriend probes his medical data

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not important(anonymous coward)

it was important to me! that the woman in question laughed and told everyone about my mental health file, and then 8 months later she turned up at my dads address who had just returned home from having a massive stroke of which she had no knowledge of, she then proceeded in shouting obscenitys towards his home. after this the individual told lies to my young children who were with their mother saying that i had never wanted to have them, of which i was stopped in seeing them. the individual was a health care assistant (not a nurse) and stated everyone does it at the hospital. this is why i made my complaint to the security it manager, then the conspiracy to conceal the offences started by the trust, and the subsequent lies to the police, i.c.o, solicitors, court etc, all of which i can prove through documentation. hence both the judges behaviour in my claim, and hence why im appealing for justice

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my name is sean grinyer and i am the said individual

no they wernt fired, even though i told the chief executive mr paul roberts of the plymouth nhs trust that the individual also accessed over peoples information with a date also, but it was ignored, the security it manager mr tony daniels at the time was involved in the trust conspiracy to cover up the offences, ive had 2 judges turn a blind eye to the said trusts lies to the police and the ico, court etc i am now waiting for permission to appeal on the 26th jan 2012 at exeter court. was it worth it, i am someone who will not be bullied into submission by the government and all its resources, they have destroyed my life/health through all their lies coersion and corruption that i can prove through documentation. i have been alone throughout and will find justice in the court of appeal, or ultimately the european court


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