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Teeny tiny ozone hole for 2007

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We can come up with another SI base unit, say, I don't know, the COL (can of Lynx). An eighth base unit would get far more headline coverage. Maybe.

Kung fu monks battle Colombian karate assassins

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There is one.....he is harder than all of them put together......

that one is....

Jack Reacher.

Not only will he decimate them, but he'll pause to tell you how he's doing it at the same time and why his technique works.

National Express bus kingpin ditches biofuel trial

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Genius F1 idea

Why not start an online petition and get it circulated through the social networking sites and motorsport sites - to be honest, the technology is one of the main things that interests me about F1 (and the 'blocking your team mate from qualifying' tactics...)

Phoenix blasts off on ice-hunting mission

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re. may or june?

...........is expected to reach its destination in May or June next year.

is no one quite sure when it will land then?

bit worrying.


It's not rocket science you know......

Slickr player makes a bold promise

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David - whatever you do, don't go to Bristol. You'll have to shoot most of the local residents:

"orrroight moi lovr?"


Daily Mail slammed for online bingo hypocrisy

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Gaming is a wider term

Having worked in the online gaming industry, I believe the term gaming is factually correct. Gambling is a subset (admittedly it's currently a very large subset) of the online games on offer. Many sites offer games other than the traditional gambling games - you can play online chess, pool even bowling for money online for example - since when are those gambling? You can even play MTG online for money, you've been able to for years.

I believe the expansion into gaming which isn't along the lines of poker/blackjack etc is going to make or break many of the firms out there. If you could enter into a WOW tournament - would that be gambling or gaming?

Even the sportsbooks are starting to take notice (and some are further ahead of the game than others). When you can bet on who'll get more column inches in a gossip mag it's a far cry from who's going to win the 3.30 at newbury.....

Water found on extrasolar planet

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No no no...

Water? To find the presence of women?

Surely they should be looking for the presence of atoms of a hitherto undiscovered element called 'Jimmy Choo' (Symbol on the periodic table: £, atomic mass 999.99 when measured at Harrods)

NZ couple fight to name kid '4Real'

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it's no match for......

The foreign languages teacher at our exchange school in Immendstadt (Bavaria) who was called:

Gerhardt Dick

Hacking WoW and the pursuit of knowledge

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"I realise that this may seem trivial to someone who doesn't play these games, but the very fact that they are spawning a 'realistic' economy means that many people who choose to play the game without cheating are having their experience significatly affected...."

Caveat emptor.

Sorry, but you place your trust and money into a system which is inhabited by geeks and expect *not* to get part/all of the system hacked for *their* benefit?

Israeli futurologist predicts terror horror

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it's ok....

....because by then we'll have flying cars, a safe haven on moon base zappa and a kick-ass robot in every house.


Dutch police arrest 111 West Africans in 419 clampdown

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Nature or nurture?

I'd argue that susceptibility to scams is influenced greatly by the victim's upbringing and education. The person's intelligence is influenced by their genetics, but not everyone who has been scammed through these methods has had a room-temperature IQ - some surprisingly intelligent people have fallen for them. Is greed a known genetic trait?