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Nvidia promises to shift graphics grunt work to the cloud, for a price


I wouldn't mind the ability to "share" my 1080 GTX amongst all the devices in my local network. Essentially share my gaming grunt to the mobiles/laptops.. I don't expect there to much of a market for this though.

US military makes first drop of Mother-of-All-Bombs on Daesh-bags


Seems like posturing more than anything practical achieved when you take in to account:

Tillerson's in Russia

Trump is meeting Xi

There is a carrier group floating over to N Korea with a bunch of rhetoric

Pictures of nuke tests in Cali and the pacific just got declassified

Trump needs something to distract from his scandals badly

Is password security at just $1/month too expensive for most?


Only use it for what you're willing to lose

I use LastPass, its extremely convenient, but doesn't mean I have to use it for everything. I layer my email addresses and passwords - junk combo for throw away sites, medium combo for websites which have no exposure, both in Lastpass. And thirdly my main email address and a strong password based on a sentence which I memorise for banking and sensitive stuff which will never see any sort of password vault ever. If someone hacked my lastpass it would be inconvenient, but they'd get nothing..

Norks' internet goes TITSUP in possible DDoS attack


Couldn't they have capability within China as well? Seems like a reasonable contingency

LulzSec supersnitch led attacks on UK, Australia – report



The FBI is an accomplice in hacking foreign companies...?

Netflix bullish after six-country European INVASION


FYI Netflix has been available in the Netherlands for about a year too.

Super Cali so litigious, Uber is the focus. Even German judges say it's something quite atrocious


The uber experience is the same as a minicab for me in London, but generally the cab comes much quicker at a little greater expense. Generally good cars - BMWs or Prius etc. Very handy for me.

I'm a fairly tall guy so I don't have to worry about safety, however I wouldn't put my girlfriend in one of these by herself late at night for the same reasons as a mincab - you have no idea how vettted the drivers are.

End of buttons? Apple looks to patent animating iPhone sidewalls


Re: This could be a good thing

Hang on, the screen is the largest power drain on ALL smartphones, I would double check your assertion that having more battery space behind the screen is going to equal more battery life..

Samsung faces down TAB and smartphone MOUNTAIN HORROR


Re: Proprietary UI crap

It's called Samsung Galaxy S 4 Google Play edition.

HTC do Play editions as well.

Not sure why people haven't heard of these...

Rap chap tapped for $3 BEELLION: Apple buys Dr Dre's Beats


Maybe they're doing us a $3bn favour...

And shutting Beats down?

Job for IT generalist ...


I have to agree, project management. Probably one of the worst jobs in IT though (I am one!)

Uh oh! Here comes the first bug in the Windows 8.1 Update


Installed it, can't say I noticed the difference though... just the shutdown icon..

Virgin Media slides fat 10Gbps pipes into Murdoch's BSkyB


I'd rather they upgrade their own network so I get the speed I pay for...

Oracle reveals secret recipe for free DIY storage cloud


Not on my Virgin Media connection

3mbit down at peak hour (currently money laundering my bills through their accounts through monthly credits)

Samsung's new Galaxy S 4: iPhone assassin or Android also-ran?


Re: Sure it has a lot of sensors

Have you searched the app store? Auto Call Recorder perhaps....?

Which qualifications are worthwhile?


If you're doing any sort of operations job then ITIL is the one qual that will never go out of date.

BT to fibre up another 98 exchanges, puffs 'FTTP on demand' offer



As mentioned above, my exchange has been enabled but there isn't a cabinet in sight of where I live. I'm about 1 mile from the exchange. Once again it's just numbers and PR/paper release.

Thanks BT

BYOD sync 'n share


I don't mind so much if the Dropbox service is unavailable for a day

There are copies of every file on my 2 laptops, my NAS and Android phone anyway. All you really use is the automatic sync which just an inconvenience really.

I'm sure other users have more requirements than me, but I'm happy.

RIP: Peak Oil - we won't be running out any time soon



Plenty of oil to go around, it's just we need to use just as much to get it out of the ground now.

Lovefilm dumps Flash, BLINDS Linux fans with Silverlight


No one wants your low quality streams anyway LoveFilm

Streaming content looked worse than a DVD to me with massive compression artifacting, why bother?